Saturday, December 31, 2016

More info and some in-depth babbling

Still working on combat 24/7. Basically, at this point I treat combat as half of the actual playable game, so there will be plenty of changes. Mainly, opponents will be presented in groups and you will be able to capture multiple enemies in same time with some additional rewards. I'm still balancing out how whole damage/energy/health system will be working, but most mechanics involving actual battle are there.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Status update

So, as I started implementing combat system (which I also spent quite some time planning beforehand), it became obvious there's lots of work. Basically I added 'group system', and some abilities to be learned. Also 'companion' will be removed and in places requiring it, there will be just 'select slave' window.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Semi-annually help seeking post.

For those who are not familiar enough with me: I suck at writing (in english). Even though about 80% of scenes and quests you've seen in old and new strive are done by me, I find writing both painful and poor in the end, hence why I tried to seek help with varying(low) degree of success.

This is another post, but now I gonna try to correct my old mistakes and provide as much information about whole thing as possible. Firstly, some important FAQ

Q. I really like your game and I wanna help with something I can proofread and probably write!!
A. I'm pleased to know you liked it, but if your obsession will be over in less than a few days, you'd just be wasting time. I'm not confident with either your or my skills to give you some random work and expect results of decent quality. If you want to write, you better pick parts you personally want to fill (be it sex, descriptions, quests or whatever). There's really not much to proofread as there's no contributions and my personal writing is about 1-2 pages per month of mostly technical stuff, but it might come in handy later if there's more contributors. Hit me up if you are some sort of professional russian-english translator though.

Q. I can draw/game could use some random art
A. Unless you are willing to provide over 80% illustrations of decent quality level, I would rather not accept your help. As I mentioned multiple times, I prefer no art over bad/inconsistent art and I also have some vague plans to fill these gaps eventually.

Now lets speak details and technicalities.

Sex related writing

There's 2 major areas which you should know difference. For quest writing, you either rewrite what currently there or include your own questlines with said scenes. Most important note to keep is that there's at least 2 genders with various bodyparts so you'd probably have to include two variations or make it as unisex as possible.

Generic scenes are way more tedious and I'll try to go into as many details here as possible. Firstly, keep in mind that both player and slave can be of either sex and one or both genitalia. I'll likely put list of scenes currently in the game with some notes on them later on, but for quick reference you are probably better at looking through the game.
There's consensual scenes, non-consensual scenes and prison non-consensual scenes. Plus, non-consensual scenes can be liked or disliked. The one thing they have in common is that they should be generic, as player gets to see them multiple times. They also shouldn't be very lengthy, as there's already lots of fetishized actions each could use some fluff in it. Plus many actions will lead to further sex offer.

For pronouns and some other character related texts you should address this sheet:
$name - returns character's name or nickname (if exists)
$surname - returns character's surname
$penis - returns either strap-on, or $his cock (if exists)
$child - returns boy or girl depending on gender
$sex - returns male, female or futa
$He, $he $His $his $him - returns He or She etc
$son - returns son or daughter depending on gender
$sibling - returns brother or sister
$sir - returns Sir or Ma'am
$race - returns race (lowercase)

For player character $He etc changes to you/your (if need to apply scene to player character for some reason) and $master returns Master or Mistress.

I can easily fit more stuff so if you have some suggestions, let me know.

Sex unrelated writing. 

There's a lot of place which could use better work: locations, item descriptions, spell descriptions, enemies, quests...
As descriptions generally are self-explanatory, I still very likely will try to adapt it to have more flavor/depth/something special about it, except for location descriptions.
For quests you should be prepared to compose quest entirely on your own with some guidelines on what goes where on what action. But before you decide to make something, let me know some basics please so I can tell you if it's going to fit into the game or not. Also expect lots of revisions since I'm very meticulous.


By sending me material you acknowledge and allow me to use your work for Strive game in any way I want.

If you are still interested, you can contact me here or at

Sunday, December 11, 2016

0.1.5 Release: slave guild service, trait polishment

0.1.511 More hotfix

  • Fixed some potion errors
  • Fixed laboratory and made notion on slave list about slaves located there
  • Potion usage list alphabetically sorted

0.1.51 Hotfix
  • Fixed sandbox mode crash
  • Fixed item usage on slave screen crash
0.1.5: Important: I gonna focus on combat in next version and saves won't likely be compatible!
  • Added slave service to the guild and disabled manual haircut
  • Added taurus race to possible starting races 
  • Quick start will assign random races from starting race pool instead of only human
  • Added new potion and sequence to get rid of 'Uncivilized' trait
  • Vocal related traits now functional
  • No masturbation rule and high lust will lead to 'Sex-crazed' trait
  • Fully randomized races option will only work in sandbox mode
  • Slaves giving birth will be away for 3 days (2 for goblins) going through recovery
  • Pregnancy may result in miscarriage due to slave's poor health
  • Fixed older saves compatibility
  • Fixed some bugs related to captured state
  • Rebuilt structure behind items and spells (slight performance boost)

  • Added Dolin's sidequest line
  • Added slave window status update on actions/punishments applied
  • Added detailed information on repeatable quests when you try to turn in wrong slaves
  • Added event with snails to mystic grove
  • Sligtly buffed character encounter rate for mystic grove
  • Every 'perverted' trait increases fucktoy income by 10%
  • 'Slutty' trait counts as 'perverted'.
  • Captured monster races will start with 'uncivilized' trait, which will induce severe penalites and disable multiple jobs.
  • Custom and starting characters start with no traits
  • Fixed companion sent on training still following you
  • Fixed bug occuring when giving away your current companion to repeatable quest
  • Fixed prisoners asking for more sex
  • Fixed an error happening after current last main quest
  • Fixed minorus potion

0.1.41 Hotfix
  • Fixed save/load issue
  • Fixed lab assist reassignement
  • Added repeatable quests at slavers guild
  • Restructured exploration and world map
  • Skill training cost decreased from 100 to 50 per level
  • Removed surnames for monster girl races
  • Fixed impregnation bug related to disabled futas
  • Fixed sexual actions being available when they shouldn't be
  • Fixed slime race related bug
  • Fixed beastkins not being able to work in brothel and gave pass to goblins/gnomes/fairies on it
  • Fixed wrong parents assigned to player on quick start
  • Fixed certain bugs related to main quest
  • Fixed bug causing punishment room in jail to be disabled
  • Adjusted damaged formula so Master in Combat won't negate all damage
  • Beauty potion effect is twice as effective on low beauty, but worse at high
  • Added fluid substance to the market

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Upcoming changes and some talk

I've been mostly working on the upcoming repeatable quests and exploration details recently, and at least quest engine is mostly finished. My main idea is to switch money making from passive stuff (jobs) to the more proactive ways. Not that I'm going to remove job income entirely, but my end goal is to make it far less subsustaining at least on initial game stages. It's just not quite feel right how you can assign couple of workers and spam 'end day' button forever. I also wanna make more job related small events (like getting more/less income, finding something unusual and so on) so jobs will be somewhat more interactive as well, but I do realize its not very fun to keep eye and maintain 20+ workers 1 by 1.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Future plans

Sincerely, I have left out the most dubious, since those require some hard planning. Firstly, I'll take care of mostly easy stuff: relatives screen (already in), repeatable quests,  threesomes/orgy (skipped because sex system is very different right now and I'm not exactly sure how I gonna work around this one), a lab (probably the hardest of the easy parts, as old lab was a nightmare already, now there's also gui involved) and small stuff like racial traits. Once I'm done with those, it will come down to the two worst parts: combat and exploration. I still have pretty vague ideas on combat, except that I want it to be interactive and proactive, with possibly making it so capture chance will be based on resource management and so on.

Exploration is a different story, though. What you can see now in game is a loose adaptation of the old system. And as I was working on it, it became obvious, that I don't like it enough and new engine can do so much better. So what I have on my mind, is a multiple hub-like areas, different towns perhaps, with different shops, quests, slave guilds and races around them. This will allow lots more of freedom, dungeons, quests, hunting for specific races and drops and so on. The problem, though, is that those areas need to be designed and balanced first, and by that I mean hell lot of writing. I'll probably start by adding 1-2 additional town-hubs and couple of areas near them as thankfully I have some ideas for those. 

Anyway, if you have any ideas/reports/wishes regarding current build, hit me up. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Strive 2 Alpha

Update: Alpha 0.1.33!QBtkmYwT!X6D5V5FfPlwXpot0gZcQCzZTvuVKd50Ts3-A8zBnqQs

  • Fixed training bug introduced in 0.1.32
  • Fixed end day screen jailer related bug

  • Added racial traits
  • Added essence generation to group sex options
  • Added Jailer effects on the prisoners
  • Headgirl and Jailer will earn exp
  • Added few missing help entries from help section
  • Added more functions to the laboratory (including selfmodifcations)
  • Added missing mention of secondary required skills on skill training (namely combat and sexual proficiency)
  • Slightly rebalanced stress growth on brothel assignments
  • Slightly nerfed library exp rate
  • Going commando will increase lewdness up to 100, but until then reduces obedience 50% more
  • Youthing and Maturing potions will be unlocked after alchemy purchase instead of upgrade
  • Skilled jailer will also ease the captured state
  • Beating will affect captured state
  • Changed Lactation potion name to Nursing potion
  • Fixed starting management on every slave
  • Fixed encounters working wrong with high survival
  • Fixed gift option
  • Fixed stimulant and deterrent potions

  • Added food consumption by PC
  • Added sentence&changes for end of day when horny servant assigned to your bed has sex with you
  • Added option to reshow your last End Day log
  • Added beauty mixture to the market
  • Your headgirl will report findings and progression of pregnant slaves
  • Fixed popup message sending click to the buttons underneath it
  • Fixed cook's complains at the end of day to the right message
  • Fixed cook's influence on food consumption being negative
  • Fixed farm not producing stuff as intended
  • Fixed event for when servants want to continue but you have no energy
  • Fixed bug related to disabling futa gender from options
  • Fixed bug related to selling slaves with assigned companion
  • Fixed unlocked portals being unavailable on reload
  • Fixed mage order assistant assignment
  • Fixed courage and wit growth on combat and studying
  • Fixed farm assigned slaves showing disobedient behavior

  • Added threesome/slaveXslave option to the sex menu
  • Added 'open folder' button at save/load window.
  • Fixed 'Cast spell' button not opening correct tab in case you switched to sex tabs recently
  • Fixed broken children born from prostitution assignements
  • Fixed leveling 'end day' bug after 6+ level
  • Fixed fairy encounter bug not getting right origins and creating mess
  • Fixed 'Entrancement' spell
  • Fixed trait issue in sex checks

  • Added specialization for starting slave
  • Fixed chef assignment causing issues at the 'end day' function. 
  • Fixed bugs with emily and cali
  • Fixed bug with saving after sending your servant on training
  • Fixed some duplicating messages on end day screen
  • Fixed Sebastian ordered slaves being bugged

  • Fixed some sex related bugs introduced in 0.1.2

0.1.2 New save recommended (otherwise relatives screen and unborn babies will be bugged, you can try to get rid of those first if you want to use old save). Preferably install onto empty folder.

  • Added 'see relatives' button
  • Some typos fixed
  • Moved additional nipples and lactation description lines into sex features part (so you won't be able to see them on strangers)
  • Fixed jobs missing xp gain
  • Fixed guild mage services available before joining
  • Fixed negative skillspoints after training
  • Fixed mindread casting during encounters forcing them to reset
  • Fixed prison punishments and spells
  • Fixed fear spell
  • Fixed bug with end day function counting dying and escaping on same day wrong
  • Fixed occasional taurus bug
  • Fixed some areas random encounters
  • Fixed player defloration in female cases
  • Fixed childbirth menu not giving you right options

  • Fixed arachna race
  • Fixed cooking assignment
  • Fixed sedation spell raising stress instead of reducing it.
  • Fixed player character being reset on game start
  • Fixed possibility to endlessly recruit emily
  • Fixed bug re-randomizing slaves in customization screen on shown tooltip
  • Fixed brothel quest not taking away your elf
  • Fixed visual button bug with servants sleeping in your bed
  • Fixed bug with punishments of imprisoned slaves
  • Fixed resetting game state on leaving to main menu and starting game over

Things not implemented in this version:
  • balance
  • laboratory
  • threesomes/orgies
  • repeatable quests
  • combat
  • some minor things
I must remind you, that there have been many changes in slaves behaviour and sex. You should be able to find some things explained in the Help button (located on resource panel). For those, who are new to the game, try reference this image, although I believe most gui is pretty intuitive. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My current plan is to make alpha release until weekend. While I certainly would like to take some more time for further polishing and finishing stuff, I do feel that releasing something currently will benefit the game as people would be able to see how's it going and comment on it.

Monday, November 14, 2016

A word on origins and some thoughts on future platform

After some consideration I decided to change my approach to the backstories/origins for multiple reasons.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

So far things go pretty well (development wise at least) and I finally got out of mansion. It seems semi-playable version will actually be released by the end of month, but you probably shouldn't expect too much from it (it IS semi-playable and if anything, my early versions tend to be quite buggy).

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Self-building item list with descriptions, also basics for alchemy room laid out. I could really use someone who could draw set of icons though (possibly for a reward)... 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Thursday, October 27, 2016

My GPU had died.

Well, thats unfortunate turn of events as now I'm limited only to scripts. Replacement gonna take few days so this time no visuals...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Save system done

Nothing fancy in terms of design but still a lot better than what we were used to. Lets just say it was so much easier than what I had to do in axma.

Oh yeah, ingame menu sort of functional as well.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Been experimenting with some alternative GUI textures and fonts plus developed new 'popup' and 'dialogue' windows, but anyway here's everyone's favorite parts revamped.

Here you can see basis of new interaction system: lewdness, lust and obedience/loyalty being core stuff in unlocking more actions and variations. Speaking of which, lust plays somewhat different role now: it won't go away entirely but rather only decrease from some actions and increase from another. High lust will allow more consensual sex if obedience/loyalty is too low, so often you'll be able to 'drug your way through'. Speaking of various actions, I have bit of an idea to make them serve different purposes - some would give more lewdness or build up lust, some relieve stress (like massage kind of stuff) and some will build up loyalty for higher mana production perhaps, or allow to develop new traits. While I might have lots of enticing possibilities in mind, I plan to keep it simple for now (although there's already stat changes on every action + forced variants...) and refine it further after release.

After I finished basis for this system, an additional idea occurred to me: to make sex interactions flow entirely through dialogues so you'd only initiate it some way and get randomized options based on how much you've unlocked making it bit more of exploration kind as some options will unlock depending on anatomies and stats. But then that may be way too much work to take care of right now, so I decided to settle for current 'pick your action' system, as it shouldn't be hard to redo it into mostly dialogue-based system later on.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A month has passed

Well, as you can get from the title, it's been about a month since I went full on new engine, so here's the news. About over 3500 lines of code has been written (altho few of those include already existed descriptions) and I've been working on the 'finish day' logic and jobs for the last week. This time I'm not giving gif though, since it would be too much fine-tuning to show all the work done as lots of it related to minor bugs and behaviors produced by end-day sequence.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More stuff

I've been spending bit of time on developing custom ui (the dropdown menu, so it could reflect both small and big tooltips) so it went slightly slower than I expected, but otherwise this part is nearly done. As you can see, I've added underwear option, although there's not much there yet. I've also had some thoughts about how now we have male gender, so later I'll probably tag clothes as male/female/unisex and will work out penalties/bonuses accordingly so servants will be treating their outfit based on their preferences too (perhaps traits?).

Thursday, October 6, 2016

So this part of character screen is practically over. As you can see in the gif, it has custom tooltips, build lists from available information and shows plenty of data on quick glance. New text wasn't proofread yet (and probably could use more fluff, but sadly i'm out of writers).

There's still need in some sort of custom gui (borders, panels, buttons etc), so I'll consider any offers if anyone willing to help with it. Next comes interactions and overall rules/jobs tabs.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Status update

Sadly, I can't show a lot for this week since I've spent tons of times on fixing and polishing origins + trait + effects systems. Basically, for now game has about 20 unique stories and about same number of unique traits(speaking of which, there's totally no limit to how many of those could be included). Both have related tags (like poor/rich/unusual for stories, physical/mental/sexual/etc for traits), so game will be able to pick specific parts and apply their effects on characters on demand. Traits also can have conflicting traits (like dominant/submissive or talkative/silent) and game will take into account those before applying. Since effects are in place, spells and items won't be too big of a problem as game can easily apply and remove all changes tied to effect. There's still some room for work, like tying trait rolls to backstories, but for now I feel like it's fairly decent, so I'll move back to building main screen and will try to produce some more screens in next days. 

On a side note, I haven't quite settled my mind on skills/levels/skillpoints yet so that part may take some time later on and change quite a bit. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's been about 2 weeks since I actively started rebuilding strive in godot (feels actually like 2 months to me...) so I wanna outline some progress and give bit of details on the upcoming changes (which are huge) i haven't mentioned yet.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Decisions decisions... So far resource, resident list and bit of personal screen was done. This is far from what will be in the end (in terms of overall template, half of screen is yet empty, because I keep considering my options in terms what to put where). As you can notice, performance is just crazy compared to how axma would handle this many slaves at once... 

Now, to be honest, I haven't implemented new origin/trait system which will be core in new stat system version, plus there will be additional options and tooltips so you can get more details whats going on. In either case, don't treat current layout options as final. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

So far "variables into character description" is somewhat complete, I've been working on some core gui and game start. Yeah, basically you can spot some new minor variables which will be part of the description (like height) and perhaps have more influence on gameplay. Speaking of which, player character will have same pattern as other characters so in case of anything it would be easy to affect them as well (or even maybe some new events like changing main player character into one of the slaves?)
As a small point, 'random' gender from previous gif is not just for show (or purely random), game will pick gender when its not specified depending on settings for 'randomness', which you can observe in option menu.

Next on the list is the mansion gui, which I want to make considerably more userfriendly and easily accessible and I already have some drafts (although gotta finish starting girl generation too, since it will have some changes).

Saturday, September 17, 2016

So slave generation is mostly done porting, and 'stats to strings' done half-way through. Obviously, its bit more work, than it was initially, as now we also take into account gender before generating pronouns. Good part, naturally, that once we are done here, it will be used in every other screen which need to list any person's appearance. Main menu and options also getting some job done, but that would be for next time.

Oh yeah... there's no name lists for males, so that is kinda like that now. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Status update

Hello there, haven't been doing many updates recently and hoping this would change back. Today I gonna make some important announcements regarding remake of game.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

So, unsurprisingly, after I got introduced to the new horizons, I realized new potential possibilities pretty soon. This time I wanna cover some of the future changes and stuff I have in plans.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Important update

So, there's some ongoing work with recreation of strive on new flexible engine, thanks to certain person providing much needed help on programming department. After few experimentation with new sex sentence building, I decided, that there just would be far more opportunity on the received offer, so if nothing changes, I'll be working together on Strive adaptation since there's plenty of stuff to implement and change.  It will likely still stay web/html/javascript application, but with many new assets which should make both performance better and easier to add more different features.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

So I wanna make few comments on the latest revamp of alchemy and few other stuff.

Monday, August 22, 2016 Update

I had my doubts making this release, as it's still 0.6.6 and has some bugfixes, it's not 100% compatible with ingame save system as you'll get some of your alchemy stuff named wrong, so I advise using string save if you transfer data from Anyway, I'll be going to add more stuff in next version, so I wanted to get these bugfixes out of my way, but new alchemy system made it here as well. I'll make another post on future plans in few days. (install over!gAU1gQIZ!Ptru3UebM8XTdN_ot86urpnpgdYaDNZLKNN05eLnC6o

  • Fixed elixirs not being brewable
  • Fixed sex related issue
  • Sebastian will provide ingredients for his quest!pVcEVAZD!Itx3HmCmvb_g9cOBOQd_T9N2za11QM_YeBwjXcr-0A0
  • Possible potion reward from clearing zone decreased from 1-3 to 1-2.
  • Alchemy revamp
  • Added Wisp encounter to ancient grove as a source of magic essence
  • Girls in lab shouldn't act disobediently while there
  • Mutation won't grow balls or penis if related options are turned off
  • Fixed current stats not displaying companion stats correctly
  • Fixed lab assistant not triggering elf's trait
  • Fixed few other pregnancy issues

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

0.6.6 Release

Important fixes and some quality of life additions.!sJN3GYhB!4tkPRSJyt5NTE_QIbikON33rBpheKcVpvXDXzDMOCSQ
  • Increased main window size to adjust for longer population screen
  • Added window to check on personal room/your bed occupants
  • Fixed some more threesome pregnancy related bugs
  • Fixed save related to personal rooms
  • Fixed navel/nipples piercing description
  • Fixed bug preventing you from getting any rare and special encounters at high survival skill
So I've noticed performance drop on the new image addition. This version tries to address some of those issues, but it seems, that axma is not very suited for multiple image usage... Also, slave piercing and some bugfixes.
  • Added option to switch population page to no image version and hide icons for specific residents there
  • Added option to add custom description to slaves
  • Added piercing options for slaves
  • Fixed Dolin's quest resolution
  • Fixed undefined races showing in some places
  • Fixed brandings when sent baby to the growth
  • Fixed slaves not actually getting pregnant on the prostitution assignments

Monday, August 15, 2016

In all honesty this version should've come out bit sooner, but I was kinda stuck with revamping population screen interface and adding option to boost girls' willpower stats. I was thinking to making it to 0.6.6 with bunch of other changes, but then decided I could get some actual response on new elements. Anyway, I'm still all in on balance and polishing. Alchemy system comes next.
Hotfix on prison issue.!8YFR2KRT!bN7h5jgRq0EUV-_12SwIKT_SSVLWJr0P-wR9I4oqdcY!MEciTL6I!Qz7NWj2Xp9hm7NthWkAhTkW5bs0BOqOa3Jbu0nOIacw

  • Threesome scenes will reflect if girls are relatives
  • Added cheat function to unlock all spells
  • Added servant's willpower stats to the training screen for easier reference
  • Added option to train willpower stats
  • Monster girls can't be released from jail before branding and can't be unbranded
  • Grove plant and Lis encounters moved to the grove screen, so they can be accessed with weak girls
  • Bears nerfed a bit
  • Fixed slavers with girl encounter not being capturable and not allowing to cast mindread
  • Fixed halfkin custom player images not showing
  • Fixed some incorrect and blank screen encounters
  • Added tooltip function
  • Made it impossible to put lab assistant onto modifications
  • Made population screen more user-friendly

Sunday, August 14, 2016

If we had an actual engine...

(also has tooltips)
Too bad it's really laggy with all small calculations javascript has to do on every girl's status. Will try smaller number of details on next update and see how people will react.

Humble reminder, that supporting me on patreon goes long way on helping me afford qualified assistance and make huge progress.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Truth is, I'd rather not spend time dealing with anything unrelated to pure game design, but in reality I have to deal with multiple obscure problems, like learning programming, working in graphical editors, advertising, managing resources and interacting with others, heck, even figuring out how to make this blog better. I mean, making up of a decent, working system is already pretty time consuming...


So I received plenty of interesting thoughts and opinions, and since I can't kinda answer everyone personally, I wanna make a post regarding some of the more usual requests/questions.

I'd prefer more homosexual content
Strive originally was made as purely M/F (and some side F/F action, not mentioning futa). I did add male slaves and option to be female PC only due to popular demand, but I'm not going to go heavily out of my way to focus on M/M content variations. If there will be more stuff provided from submitters, I might include it, but otherwise you shouldn't expect much.

Add more pictures/images/illustrations to girls/events/scenes
I can't really do that, because I'm not an artist. The small amounts of stuff you see in game are what come mostly free/really generic. When I decided to make this game, I knew it can't depend on art, because then I simply won't be able to sustain its production on my own. On the other hand, I can't really use random art on the internet and expect to get far with it (copyrights), plus I want to retain overall consistancy in style. Ideally, I'd be able to switch engine, implement dynamic image for characters and hire a full-time artist. But currently that's simply not an option, as project is very young.

How do I raise girl's willpower stats? 
There's a few minor ways to boost them slightly, and I plan to add a bit more, but I don't really wanna make it easily accessible. The point where you can easily turn every girl into 'all green' superwoman, they also lose any individuality. It also makes pointless to capture and train high willpower girls, because you can simply train weak girl and then boost her willpower (and it's harder to build obedience and loyalty with stronger girls).

I want more niche details for characters/Free Cities have something I want here
Let me say first, Strive is not a fantasy themed Free Cities. It may look like one, but if I liked free cities, I'd settle with couple of fantasy themed mods for it. My inspiration from free cities stopped at the point where I took multiple pregenerated slaves and made it so you can assign them to various jobs.
With details, I'll only say, that tattoo/piercing will make it into the game, but you shouldn't expect much of everything else. I prefer not to know how many freckles on the girl's face, her accent or areola diameter. You can fill it with your imagination, or maybe i'll add a function to enter whatever custom description you would want to fit there.

I want to upgrade my mansion/more slaves/prisoners
You have to advance through main quest for now. Once you get to meet Sebastian, follow his sidequest to unlock shop in the Shaliq. (will probably ease it in next versions)

I will likely add more stuff to this list later on, but for now I also gonna make another post addressing some specific requests and my next goal.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Survey.

So here it is. Basically looking for any sort of feedback you are willing to provide. What you do, how you play (although comment section or image boards are probably better choice). Anyway, this is sort of a prelude for balance and perhaps focus changes, also gonna help me track down weak parts.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

So wanna talk a bit about current release. There's stuff being worked on which didn't quite made it there and I have relatively small idea on when it actually will, such as Cali's quest line. Then I kinda wanted to push bit more of alchemy and spells in it, but both require quite some work and this update took plenty of time already.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

0.6.5 Release (grab for images first)!0dd23LrB!9HU1iH-L7uLYqldYfwQKTczKSqZSpqpQA_fpzl0pri4

You should use this version with save to string function if you are planning to keep your saves, after loading it from inbuilt function, as it will transfer your spells correctly.
  • Added option to buy food in bulks and raised its price
  • Added numbers on the training list
  • Fixed bunch of typos and misspells
  • Repeatable quest reward buffed
  • Chef will purchase food for mansion during work day if it gets bellow 200
  • Fixed children getting no body shape and some other pregnancy related bugs
  • Fixed save to string not saving known spells
  • Added option to select prisoners for laboratory modification
  • Fixed undercity progression
  • Fixed slavers encounter
  • Fixed afterfight rape (this time for sure)
  • Fixed laboratory confinements affecting other residents and progressing in various deeds
  • Fixed slaver guild giving bugged quests and added few more races which they can ask for
  • Fixed Dolin's quest alchemy part

  • Fixed afterfight escapes 
  • Fixed afterfight rapes
  • Fixed bug where you'd get stuck on screen after losing energy


  • Added new races, body shapes and features
  • Dolin's quest line expanded.
  • Changed many old race traits
  • Using portal costs energy. Advancing through zones will take energy once for numerous encounters.
  • Encounters work differently, added couple new areas
  • Laboratory subjects can be selected now
  • Removed hunting bows from the game
  • Capturing prisoners now is a chance and based on your companion's body control and willpower of capturee
  • Lab assistant will receive exp from residents stationed there
  • Added 3 new spells and buffed some of the others
  • Nerfed fucktoy job income
  • Fixed couple of threesome pregnancy bugs

Monday, August 1, 2016

End of the month, New races and changes

So, firstly, this was my second month on patreon and I want to thank everyone for support, you are amazing and I'm really grateful to you, to those, offering help and to those who are interested in my work.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Firstly, I wanna make a bit of disclaimer. It seems, that many people adopted 'save to string' option, but it's actually far from stable. Many bugs I've been reported are really caused by this function's imperfect, so, please keep in mind it is only there to transfer your data to incompatible version or if you can't store cookies/need to change device. If there's no such problem, use gear icon on top right of the screen or right click inbuilt save function. This function is far from being reliable and you just increase likelihood of getting random bug. I'll make specific mention in next version, but just so we are clear.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Some may have noticed only 1 dynamically generated made it into the game (namely pussy rape, which was mainly planned and done by me and then rewritten). Sadly, one of the writers got ill so... to be honest, anything related to writing has been a train wreck from my point of view so far.

Friday, July 22, 2016 Release (download for pictures)!dMd1iTQR!q7O0UwMwVdjMPmuuD354ghpF_SPsxZdAvfLyHYSux1o

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Toxicity and mutations.

I genuinely enjoy making new fun mechanics... especially when they are actually necessary for balance reasons. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Now, that you know what game is over...

Breeding season. That's pretty funny and sad in same moment. Some people make really dumb decisions, many many other suffer of consequences. It's pretty bad, that there's literally no chance to see any game of that sorts come out anymore(maybe someone should go for that niche, hah), unless miraculously those two would make up, which I'd really consider best possible outcome for them, since right now their project and reputation hopelessly ruined.

That is a considerable hit to crowdfunding projects of the same crowdfunding nature, especially when you consider that they were one of the biggest patreon projects. It kinda opens more spot for other similar games, but I don't really think there's much of competition here in first place. It's not like player has to select which project to support unless he's really low on money, which would probably make correct not to support either. Arguably, average user does not risk all that much, as his funding is not very significant on bigger scale, but I do know exactly its the expectations what really suffer, and when reality crushes it, it causes huge discomfort.

Personally though, I take few notes on the stuff I really shouldn't do. Not that I tend to trust other people at all.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

State of things

So far, the biggest news to report are: more tutorial/gameplay info option on many important screens explaining many mechanics and addition of few modular generic scenes (really few), which are gonna account for residents' looks, mental condition and so on.

I've also added few more description/parts pieces on main character and penis types for all residents (although not quite sure how actual change will make it to the game). Really trying to focus on the main quest line for now.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 and some notes

Here's new version:!5B8iEToY!-Dq8eaVLycyrN7ttwXWQoBSahN2QONEslswiRlM3Y5A
Don't forget for pictures!hccihByK!8qFKAx0pGsPQvqwzxytkkA7Mdtd-ePmbcHzCXqJn-IE

Monday, July 4, 2016

Patreon milestone! Also: Next on the list.

So, firstly, we've achieved first goal with 25 patrons which is amazing given it's been only about a month and I'm grateful to everyone involved. I'll run there first poll regarding future development, which I was planning for quite a while, but I'll talk about it bit later.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

0.6.2 Release!VB0l2SyS!nDpHX7sARPLZau9haXGoULKd19OI1nAjJVwOuSZI3mE
(grab for pictures)
Fixed prisoners escapes
Added old starting girl constructor to sandbox mode
Increased pregnancy duration to 30 days
Fixed farm assignments
Cali's stats nerfed
Clothes have actual effect on servants.
Fixed broken health issue with Nurse assignment
Trimmed second 'finish day' screen a bit
Fixed undercity's last room
Fixed sex option not checking for energy
Repeatable quest allows to select servant, instead of brining it as companion
Fixed some potions not being consumed on use.
Fixed Reservoirs disapperaing from mage's order if you upgraded your laboratory too much<<br>>
Fixed wrong child races
Fixed integer problems with loading from string
Added laboratory to things being saved
Fixed apiary assigning wrong person

Spent whole damn day making this thing work, lets hope it was worth it... Keep in mind I only tested it couple of times, it's not failsafe.!hccihByK!8qFKAx0pGsPQvqwzxytkkA7Mdtd-ePmbcHzCXqJn-IE
Fixed prison bug
Fixed leveling up bug
Added 'Save to string' and 'load from string' options (use ctrl+c - ctrl+v).

0.6.1 Release!oEMxXAwI!2pcpoLM1f7J_bxGDZBUpB6ZQx7i8kdS2Uns1J_IJEPE

Added changelog to the game
Added headgirl assignment (can be accessed at 8+ maximum residents)
Added sex button in population screen and shortcut with cumming inside\outside
Added races, futa gender and surname to player character
Added new starting girl generation sequence
Added Apiary for passive mana generation (requires lab and assistant)
Added option to remove surnames on Rename button
Added experience system (exp rewarded for any tasks and fights and allows to learn skills)
Added couple more options for cheat menu
Renamed Oblivion Potion to Amnesia Potion and added Oblivion Potion to reset resident's skills

I'll try to make version with cross-version save system in this build, but not entirely sure if it will work out.  Anyway, enjoy.
Edit: won't actually happen. Next version will feature 'save to string' option tho and won't be save compatible with this one.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

A word on optimization

I'm really looking into optimizing gameplay experience in any way I can, and I'm somewhat glad to announce that I found a workaround on 'bring companion to assign anything' thing. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

So while I'm working on next version and text being written and proofread, I wanna tell what I'm planning to insert into new patch, as every time I get to work on something big, there's bunch of other small things raise up I wish to include...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

There's a lot of stuff I still want to do with the game, but I always have to make choice what will get to the next version and what will be left for later. I'll say, that side quests won't really go far until some time. Reason for that is, that they need considerable amount of work, and I don't really have time to spare until more standard content is there. Plus I really planning get more out of them than 'take thing A to place B', which may not seem like much in terms of gameplay though, but idea is what matters to me.

Monday, June 20, 2016

0.6.0 Release!oB1hnahY!9J14EKZvjToACaTMhm0ZHy9VkG92gjoKen2dptBPX2E
Fixes Magic Arts training (again).
Sending companion to training
Marsh encounters using elven forest tables
Magic Arts training ignoring requirements (patch).
Added extra number (not on file name) to reflect that that is a patch yet should be save compatible with previous version (so 0.6.1 wouldn't be save compatible, but would).
Fixed 'date' option when girl is rebellious.
Loyalty from 'date' option grows considerably faster.
Fixed crossroad encounter
Fixed help for laboratory.

0.6.0 version!pIEV3BwJ!AJoEAuiMFXf837RG72Ht15ARyVU2FNwAJ89hgKSYqwY

New stuff:
-Skill system redone. Skills now learned in personal screen.
-World structure redone. More encounters, more walking, special encounters easier to spot.
-Added more names and surnames into the pool. Elfs have different pool (more to come later).
-Prototype of new date system implemented (just bones really)
-Added clothes selection (for now purely cosmetic)
-Obedience/loyalty is bit harder to train and easier to lose
-Repeatable quest requirements and rewards adjusted
-Added credits tab (hurr)

This should also fix old version firefox bug.

Edit: forgot to mention, patreon is there, so, please support.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I haven't really done much of a 'what I think about when designing Strive'  posts recently, so for a change, lets talk about psychology. Basically this is another post which is purely my thoughts, which may or may not be helpful to those, who consider succeeding in erotic game design...

Monday, June 13, 2016

Been strangely quiet recently on anywhere I am staying at. No help offers in sight regards writing either... that's pretty depressing.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Upcoming changes

So before I finally move onto expanding setting (adding new areas and stuff), I decided to indulge into my favorite thing.. redo what was done some time ago and does not quite fit now. Namely, skill system.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lore parts - Humanity and slavery

As I figured out, I don't really have enough details 'in the ground' about game universe so currently I'm working on fleshing out main setting of the actual game, so I won't have to face situations like 'it happens because plot needs it to happen', which I deeply loath in modern media. This is a setting explanation.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

0.5.7 release and few ideas

This version came out bit earlier than I expected, and mostly due to first mentioned feature - ability to copy text.

Monday, June 6, 2016

My main target for last updates, unsurprisingly was stability and bugfixes. But I also took some time on planning out future plots and setting. Basically in next version I'm planning to expand on areas, main quest and sidequests. Admittedly I should work through balance bit more, but I believe content is more important.

Saturday, June 4, 2016


Finally got here... Actually spent lots of time to polish what has been done. Anyway, now I have a page there so if you feel like supporting me(hah as if), here you go. Can't really offer you much in terms of rewards yet, mainly because I have no idea what I could possibly offer besides mention in game.

Now I plan on indulge into bit more shameless self-advertising in attempt to find writer. And if patreon booms, then hire one (and probably an artist as well). As for my next direction - I'll be considering what to focus on from now, probably will make another post with poll (although previous poll wasn't that successful).

Thursday, June 2, 2016

0.5.0 release

Latest version with pictures!lIlwwSwb!CrLNeHvpif8d8l9D0tn_SAKCm-3NN1JGlAB-QFmaMyU
Made text selectable for players
Added option to disable illustration change (for phone/tablet users)
Added option to build additional personal rooms (shaliq)
Fixed stress breakage (including farm assignements) causing will stat bug
Fixed laboratory augmentations applied to top servant instead of follower
Fixed 'your current action' not showing proper description.
Minor bug fixes here and there.
Added prevention for mana/food/gold going NaN and breaking your file. Instead they would be rolled back by the start of next day
Added new event - obtainable girl as a template for future sidequest.
Added ability to see girl's willpower on mindread.
Fixed obedience values for random girls.
Fixed couple of things regarding childbirth, sex actions and intimacy. Caress won't make girl orgasm automatically anymore.
Slightly nerfed sex related gold generations.
Increased training cost for skills.
More bug fixes: gold to buy food at market, laboratory augments and sexual modifications, mirrein potion removed, undercity encounter going to crossroads, probably other stuff.
Added pictures for all race descriptions.
Fixed multiple things regarding stat breakage
Fixed threesome so now companion can impregnate successfully
Redone algorithm on adding new residents so it should be far more stable if one of the girls get bugged.
Fixed willpower bug with prisoners
Fixed willpower bug causing lots of shit around
Fixed some threesome pregnancy options (like companion on servant)
Removed option for companion to sex herself
Moved energy restoration on top of actions so it won't as likely to get bugged if something goes wrong to make game unplayable
Fixed intimacy bug!9IkFCbTJ!dWqfxBoloQescixyJtp8_shEz2UONycmWSL0upBqaPM

New stuff:
Threesome with prisoner/servant and your companion
Girl on girl impregnation (assuming one of them has a dick)
Advanced starting girl generation involves money
Many major bugs fixed (hopefully)
Notable changes:
Babies moved from laboratory to guild dimension (no lore/story yet). Requires journeyman or higher rank and 500 gold per 1. Won't require lab assistant present and food anymore.

Btw changing version names, so third number will mean patch version (as I had no idea when I would move from 0.0.x to 0.x.x).

Upcoming sex mechanic changes... again

While working on companion+someone else + possibly you, it appeared current system is not very convenient. Right now game takes girl's lust, then counts how much she gets from action, then if she reaches certain point, girl orgasms. The problem is - it's overly complex mechanic and not very intuitive to players. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


If you are writer, programmer or artist, wish to work on the game, and have considerable confidence that you won't change your mind in couple of days, I'd be glad to take your help if you contact me.

You can comment here or send email

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

0.0.4 release!EI1jTDiC!10m1d3sriEYwhfy6Yb-LlHAO-3Ov_SANwPb4rDjl_ZA

Hotfixes(take normal version for illustrations)
Fixed couple of bugs related prisoners-servants movement and made few things clearer.
Also please after save-load go to the main mansion screen (or just save there) to avoid possible gamebreaking bugs.
Fixed refined brand saying it's someone else's brand
Fixed dragon race skin coverage
Fixed illustrations for locations not showing them
Added traits and cleaned up a bit starting girl screen
Added more options for first girl generation
Fixed something... I think
Fixed shop assignement money gain
Removed Irene shaliq
Fixed all events related to servants removal
Fixed shop assignement
Fixed max skillpoints bug
Energy restoration fixed!9YEkSY5Q!em80j4ONpjCPQpBD8x9k-OceLbUEW_7ZucRj55rb28Q

- Obedience/willpower system completely redone. You can put servants into prison or release them but keep in mind they can run away
- Ancestral screen to see relatives
- New occupations in brothel and some changes
- Branding and rules system

Notable changes
- Tons of bugfixes
- Irene main quest part replaced with small quest of different kind to fit into willpower system.
- Overstress causes significant stat drop instead of a complete breakdown

Btw I also holding a poll regarding future of story/PC customization in previous thread. vote here

Monday, May 30, 2016

So I just realized custom starting servants is a pretty bad idea...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Current state

It's really curious thing how every time I think about what was done since last version, I discover how much wasn't done...

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

So as 'obedience' rework' going on I wanna give some info on the future changes as they will involve most of the stuff involving servants.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Magical Branding - lore piece.

So lots of stuff happening and changing.  As you may know, at first prisoners and servants were 2 completely separate entities. Reasoning behind that was pretty vague and mostly related to how residents would mostly do anything you tell them, and prisoners would have to be disciplined first. Now, with new 'disciplining' system I don't feel like this is necessary and I redid most of it. You would be able to put residents into prison and vice-versa, and residents will be able to try escaping or refuse to work, so you will have to pay attention to their behavior.

Now it's reasonable to raise a question, how exactly slavery holds in the fairly open world? With this I introduce new concept and mechanic : Magical branding.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

0.0.3 Hotfixes!IAtS3aIb!lhoObU6Ow6vRC65HkgiRwv6HbpRaWXZ07j75kVbDvmg

0.0.3d  I wont likely release any more bugfixes for this version as I gonna start revamping obedience system.
- Fixed spell usage in combat (except for naming)
- Added notification when you need lab assistant on progress
- Added quest note to return after your capture Irene.
- Maybe something else
- Werebeast special attack should work as intended
- Prison expansion should work as intended
- Minor interface changes
- Tracking solo finally fixed
- Age alteration potions added to alchemy room
- Offspring can be assigned to following
- Tracking won't give blackscreen when there's no companion
- Plant encounter leading to forest instead of grove
- Fixed irene quest bug

So lets talk speculatively here... because really at best only half what I say actually ends up to be completely true. I guess my thoughts pretty often differ from my words and then they also tend to change when I actually start to work on something... Well whatever, words can't convey truth anyway.

0.0.3 version release

New stuff:
- Basis of PC customization
- Pregnancy system (currently only for you and your prisoners/residents) 
- Undercity as a new dangerous zone further fleshing out future combat system. 
- Laboratory to change and enhance your residents to your taste. 
Notable changes:
- Shaliq is unlocked by progression of main quest
- Fights will end with companion's death upon defeat by normal damage. 
- Sandbox mode should be bit stable-er!xMEmBYpI!I5269l16rSg4hDt_BhDVqgYmh9bLOoQAu5kXc1YmGz4

Please note, that lore/plot-wise things are very discontinued to me and new zone is pretty context-less right now(well its not like other ares are any better though...). I will be getting to it probably around 0.0.5 version though. 
I kinda wanted to push this version slightly earlier, because my next plan is to redo old prisoner->resident system to make it more coherent and meaningful. That will also allow me to focus on combat balance and gameplay balance while letting player to have more fun with actual training... Anyway I will give more information on it in next post. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

I thought it would be better to inform players, as in next version I decided that your companions will actually be able die during fights, instead of just being gravely wounded. Reasoning for that is pretty simple. At first I didn't want to let something, what you spend lots of time on, to be completely lost because of miscalculations and stuff, so I made fights non-lethal. Now as my sadistic nature took over, I realize this is a huge problem when considering how it strictly limits me from using all sort of cool(read depraved) stuff I would love to implement. I'm not big fan of guro, but death and similar irreversible occurrences like transformation, corruption, petrification and vore (actually love slow seriously taken vore, lethality is not mandatory) quite entice me. But you can't do that in combat if player either gets teleported back to base when girl is defeated or can just hit 'escape' button when such problem rises.

Anyway, fights will be more staked and dangerous. Ofc nobody will keep you from save-scumming, but overall couple of bad moves may easily cost your follower's life. I also gonna introduce concept of 'grabbing' as you won't be able to escape with your follower if she's held by enemy. If you find yourself in such situation though, new spell will break grasp. Anyway, I believe more dangerous combat will be more interesting and versatile.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

I've mentioned multiple times how I'm not exactly satisfied with current 'prisoner to servant' mechanic right now. Whole will break thing been my pain in the ass for quite some time now. As a side idea, I considered making 'half-servants' which would act like a pets or cattle for the most of it, requiring no actual break but that idea, while attractive as a objective, does not really solve any of the current problems.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Some info on progress and future of project

So as I was working on adding pregnancy and planning around offspring, I realized, that if I gonna anyhow work with turning offspring into your next slave generation, I would need to add some look to the main character (because ya know children inherit appearance of both parents etc), so I came up with little pregen menu one of the players also asked.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I didn't actually expected full laboratory setting to become such a clusterfuck it's going to be... I guess not a very good idea to fit everything in very few passages, but anyway...

Yeah, this is somewhat slows me down and full race alteration won't probably happen in next version, as I also would want some fluff with it. Another terrible thing, is that decent amount of time goes into considering game design, like what would give player a pass on this kind of researches, whats the price and so on. In same way I want to redo many of old things related to main quest line, but I still haven't decided on most of those.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll start working on preg system, and boy do I love adding more variables to characters on axma... not.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

0.0.2a and some plan for next weeks.!EMUAkJba!2PsQxTuRRyjF9XK-uzskKePW438VTBGHzYvr58Q7usE
(get 0.0.2 version for pictures)
Fixed slave sell screen
Fixed slave sell price for rare races
When recruiting prisoners their stats will be checked instead of your servants
'Search for tracks' not taking energy everywhere
Fixed healing and added sedation spell in fights
Emily shouldn't refuse to work after her recruitment
'Mind read' cast in the forest won't prevent you from starting a fight.

Meaningful poll

There was a break at some point for month, when I redid half of the systems between 1 and 2 unnamed releases (or was is 2 and 0.0.1 version?). I'm always in the position, when I want to add more and more stuff, but if I keep going, we may not see any new versions at all for months. Anyway, help me out here. Which you prefer to see?
1. More often updates, less changes and new content between versions
2. Less often updates but more content in them and global reworks

Right now we are talking in terms of weeks. Like first would mean an update every few days up to week (even if its mostly bug fixes). Second would be up to a week to month, depending on how much stuff I wanna get done until next release. My general content is how satisfied are people with replaying small amounts of same content to ask for constant updates. Feel free to comment.

Friday, May 6, 2016

A minor disclaimer

So as I working on new zone, I decided, that actually I have to work out lore a bit. As some other questions regarding main quest line raises, I just wanna remind to everyone, especially those, who tries to follow the story, that most things you currently see are not canonically solid or anything. Most of the stuff was done (and still somewhat influenced by) to see what sort of stuff I can do with engine, and to give overall idea what to expect of future game.

So, said that, don't be surprised if main quest line will receive major changes in next version. Thank you.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Future plans

Sooo we got great mechanical upgrade (or at least I hope it's great). Truth be told, I'm very unhappy that I can't quite think of a great way to improve breaking system, as 'will' looks clunky to me, but I'll leave it for later.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

0.0.2 is out!NA0x2I4Z!SK0PkfXv6sFwyGszzNL_Dx0QVZ6UpzSvjiFSJgUi420

Combat system comes out
Prisoner break system revamp
Multiple bug fixes

One word to note, don't take whatever happens in combat system too serious as it is more of a proof of concept and showcase. Enemies and rewards will vary later on.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Next update coming soon. Perhaps tomorrow. Now, there's not going to be tons of new content (if any at all), it will make game very different (at least to me). To core mechanics involved will probably become face of the game. I already explained my view on combat in few posts, so that shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Second one though is a prisoner breaking.  To put it simply, you will have to think about your prisoners and take risks, or you will be facing lots of mental breakdowns. It's not that bad actually, as you can slowly grind their resistance, but most of fun stuff will build up stress really quickly.

It's not going to be the end of both systems development, and likely I will return to prisoner break some day, since 'will' stat looks bit weird to me still, but the basics will likely stay same. All in all expect game to get much harder. Also will come new 'Help' info, reflecting actual gameplay better.

Btw, fuck me, since I just discovered Math.min function...

Monday, May 2, 2016

Working on new aspect is like trying to follow one of your thoughts.You start trying and after sometime you have no idea where the hell you are. So after combat system got mostly figured out (that is also some fun stuff as I also had to consider stuff like effects/spells/order/etc) I figured, that I have to redo most of the stress/health recovery system... well, that's nice, but then I have to start with prison, as stress mostly accommodates there. And now I understand, that will breaking system has to be revamped...

Sunday, May 1, 2016

So, the basics of new combat system are set and going. As per usual I wasn't exactly accurate with my previous statements... That's a funny thing, because I theorize about something going one way, but when I work on it, I realize, that it won't be exactly like that. Or like that at all.

Friday, April 29, 2016


Fixed prisoner description, memory on girls from mystic grove, maybe something else. This post will be updated as new fixes are coming out.

Edit: Just realized I was giving wrong file without any fixes all that time.. please download this one!kQdAGKiJ!glZD_9TR1dBZnDJahl9ySEvibo8fPiIcZIFSG_78Cpg
Not feeding prisoners shouldn't break their stress stat anymore (and hopefully bug out future followers)
Fixed girls look shuffle (may require new game to completely fix)
Fixed girl sell to guild + added check if she's broken and according penalty.
Fixed resolution problem for 4x3 display users. 
Fixed some more bugged optional and main quests discovered on my own. Boosted gold generation by a bit. Fixed oviposition on farm. Judging by my own, almost everything is fixed and should work as intended, so if nothing else comes up in next days I will begin developing combat system.
fixed some disappearing and ghost slaves (hopefully).
Fixed bedding issue.
Added some clarity on encounters.

So while there's few bug reports I wanna get in some details on how combat and encounters gonna function. Or at least how I see it.

Needless to say, in current version combat is nonexistent, while encounters are pretty sketchy. Firstly encounters will be separated into two different groups, random and special (which are also randomly obtained anyway, so I'll add actual mention when you discover one). Random will scale from common to rare with aim to make rare harder and more valuable in terms of reward, and girls, naturally, will be harder to obtain than they are now.

0.0.1 Version

 So here we go. This is 0.0.1 version for reasons. Expect a lot of bugs and lot of bad text (although some is arguably good).

Whats new?
- Redone/updated many core systems (namely spells, stress management, items)
- Farm, as endgame (as of now) facility.
- Main quest is longer, there's also couple of sidequests of varying degree of obscurity.
- Fixed multiple bugs from old version (although I'm pretty sure this version will have just as many).

Whats still not here?
- Balance
- Stability (although I believe future fixes shouldn't affect saves)
- Combat system (will be next target)
- Library and laboratory are not in use

All in all I recommend this version if you are willing to deal with bugs and wait for me to fix them (I try my best to push out fixes as they are reported). Also sandbox mode may act iffy, as there's really ton of stuff to track to give access to on it.

Bugs and suggestions may go in the comment section as per usual!4YsXTDjR!vUK8Qrr7oAO7jj38x4KL4_bMHQ_L6gAXrCS68afL8Fk

By the way, if anyone knows their way around CCS and could add new window to axma to showcase stats, I would greatly appreciate it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Remember how I said, that if everything goes well, I'll release new version by the end of this week? Well, fuck me, because I got sick. But I gonna try to not slow progress down. Hopefully new version will still come out by the weekend, but since I had to skip some time, it will likely be less polished.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's quite fun to work on new branching events which add tons of flesh to world and characters. Kinda makes me realize how stuff like CoC came to the light. And how miserable I am. While some may offer decent art as their selling point, I can't do that, because my skill is so terrible, that would take years to get somewhere (and I don't have this much time to live lol).

Other can suffice with good writing... I can't do that, because my english is nowhere near good enough for engaging text which wouldn't make me puke when I spellcheck it. Theoretically I could write in russian, but it's bit too late to rewrite everything now. As it comes out, I can't really rely on somebody to do sex (and not) scenes from scratch, because every person has it's own way of wording things and I can't really expect my ideas to be conveyed by third party. The dream of finding a translator is still alive and maybe at some point I'll just snap, hire somebody and release two versions of game (that would be fun to manage...).

So in the end I'm stuck where I am. Coding, even though I never really coded in my life, not complaining though, since its way easier to pick up for me than drawing; and game design. Let's hope I won't fail too much on those at least.

Friday, April 22, 2016

When I realized, that my latest version came out like over 2 weeks ago, that made me feel like I didn't really do anything for so long time... Although that's not exactly true, and I redid like alchemy, spell, race, description and some other systems, but that still not justifying general lack of content.

So I get some ideas on fight system and I can tell, it gonna be pretty easy to grasp, probably turn based and won't involve tons of number crap like 'intuition' or 'accuracy'. That said, I won't be working on it before this release for obvious reasons. That will sink even more time into mechanics without giving out any reasonable content.

So I switched to main quest, developing it further and integrating farm system into it, so main quest purpose is to be like tutorial, which gonna teach player basic stuff slowly unlocking more and more, then maybe actual epic story, conclusion, etc.

I should probably also mention, that I found really a lot of bugs in previous version nobody reported (basically half of the optional stuff wasn't working at all) so that also got fixed.

I guess I'll be planning release on the next weekend, as it also takes most attention at that time, when most people check for new stuff for entertainment. Anyway, thanks for your attention.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

So new axma came out. Sadly nothing important what I was waiting for was added or fixed, so I'm pretty sad. 

On the other hand I redid spell system so its not random halfarsed effects anymore although they are only done for residents. I realize that I need to reconsider my alchemy system as now every race produce unique ingredients and I doubt that is healthy idea... 

My current main problem (aside that I got nothing from next engine version), is that I just have so much stuff I want to do before next release and some literally has no ETA, like getting fitting illustrations for certain parts or amount of custom areas I gonna have to write...

Saying that I realize that I need some sort of deadline at the very least, so lets call it 'by the end of month'. At the very worst by the end of month I'll release something, what I can not be shamed about.

Friday, April 15, 2016

I'm not dead

Well, DS3 is beaten (or was beaten in fact for about a day or two by this time) and now my interest to it is pretty tame, so I got back to SfP.

Bad news are Axma's new version is not released yet, so I'm kinda still working with what I currently have.

Taking a break actually gave me few insights. Right now I'm working on a memory/past system which will give some more personality to characters which I believe is never a bad thing, as long as its consistent.

Besides that description in profiles (and possibly character generation) will be redesigned to fit with an idea of girl's transformation. Also since I made a point about adding stress system and breakdown of girls I also wanna alter narration to reflect such occurrences. From far this looks like lots of work, but thankfully content is not that far.

Lastly, I want to figure out what I need to do in approximate time to pack a new playable version even if axma won't come out by the next week.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stress and new stuff

As I started to implement dairy (sorry everyone who i ripped that off) I quickly realized, that I should add multiple breasts since we can do magic stuff and more tits = more milk = more cash. This is how I got sidetracked for a whole day of work on how multiple breasts are function.

Dairy was implemented though so then I got sidetracked by another feature I mentioned earlier which I gonna just call 'stress' and 'spirit break' (or perpetual depression or w/e, I suck at english and don't know more fitting name). I want to talk about it, since this is gonna become a core mechanic since day 1. I generally prefer not to introduce players with unneeded complexity but right now training parts are lacking a lot.

Basically we had resistance/loyalty system previously. Resistance shows how much girl despise you, and loyalty shows opposite. They are not opposite though, and girl may despise your actions yet stay loyal. You'd want to think about loyalty as a long term built relationship while resistance is easily correctable (spells and pots may come in hand too). Now, with introduction of tasks, which may lead to (seemingly)permanent changes to bad side in girl's behavior, I needed a parameter to track how bad girl's feeling and resistance is not fitting there. For example tortures supposed to reduce resistance since its a punishment, while rape would increase.

To put it shortly, I made new stat called 'stress', which would act as a preventive punishing mechanism against players who will abuse slaves way too hard and still expect them to endure everything. After certain threshold girl will flip and will acquire 'broken' state, after which many activities will cause penalties or will be completely unavailable. This is also a generic state on which girls on various farms will function.

All in all I think this gonna make pretty balanced early game experience as breaking girl in submit may become an actual challenge instead of 'poor shit on her until she complies'.

Now, few words on next version: I hope, that Axma creator will release new version which I look forward very much because of some obnoxious bugs not allowing me to optimize some parts of a code + probably better interface. Naturally that will happen by the time I'm done with DS3. I may just realize new slightly optimized version with new features prior to that though. Anyway, thanks for your attention.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Future plans

So this is another post about future plans and my game design insights, tl;dr more stuff to do with girls, residence management etc.

Essentially SfP consists of two parts: management and exploration. While exploration is pretty easy to imagine and write, and only requires decent writing for most of it, management is what core gameplay actually is. Unsurprisingly it requires shitload of planning, testing and balance, while in same time fitting into whole game theme. Then there's another part, which makes me try to avoid copypasting from other games as much as possible but successful titles have reasons why they are successful.

Anyway we get girls, we get mansion, we get resources for our needs and dive into fantasy world. Whats then? Since there's going to be 3 key resources which will define everything else : food, gold and mana. By start you get pretty limited amount of each and it's challenging to acquire more. Early game options will generate either of those by tedious or slow pacing.

But then our residents pool grows and we would need better options to produce resources and utilize girls with their customizable features. Here in play comes facilities. Basically depending on race, age, preferences and sizes you will be able to assign residents on semi-automated system to satisfy your needs. Naturally this also promotes customization and body enhancements for those to yield better outcome.

Lastly as a penalty system I will be adding negative will parameter, which will basically occur when girl was abused so much that she basically lost any interest and motivation. Naturally working at human-cattle facilities will usually lead to such behavior. It will also impact multiple things like her ability to learn new skills, take parts in difficult activities and will lower her price drastically. There will probably be some way to revert this state, but it will come at significant price for sure.

Edit: forgot to mention, while it does sounds somewhat familiar to free cities, I'm not going to copy it over, this one will be far more customizable.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New races!

So spent last time on slight alteration of character generation mechanics and added new races.
Fairies - smaller sized humanoids with wings and long ears
Dryads - nothing, but green skin comes to mind for them right now
Dragonkin - rare race with mix of dragon blood. Scales, horns and tails included
Gnomes - not much to say besides size and probably bonus to mental skills
Tauruses - artificial race with horns, tails and larger tits

Some other things
I think I'll be focusing on writing(and world building) so proofreaders will have something to do and that aspect of the game will be less absent.

Now I should also mention, that PC version of dark souls 3 comes out in less than a week so expect me to disappear for a week or two at least. If things go spectacularly well I'll release something in a day or two prior to that, but that is more of a wishful thinking.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Warcraft races?

So I've been thinking about this for a while. I was actually planning to add few 'weird' races (ie dryads and fairies), but there's also a huge pool of WC races I know many would like to see. Namely: draenei, trolls, goblins, maybe worgens. Question is, should I blatantly ripoff from blizzard or nah. So I made a pool. Feel free to participate and comment.


(hopefully)Fixed most reported bugs and fixed some text.
Edit: new link
Edit2:new new link
Edit3: new new new link (fix irene quest)!dE1CHQwY!LqAKCKcxlmJLJ8XbOqarg5wbfm2cAijeIQpEg2QVpFo
Saves won't transfer btw.

Barely playable release!

So what it was.. nearly 2 weeks? I feel like I've been working on this project for about a month now.

So this is still very early alpha/demo version with no balance and low content. It still shows how most things are and will proceed.

Whats new:

Skills and stats revamped, companion position added
Naughty system makes some sense.
Few quests including one repeatable
Alchemical system
Better starting stuff, options and free girl
1 new portal destination

Whats you shouldn't expect:

Good or any writing
Laboratory is out of order
Content is low
Any sort of balance in numbers other than lust/loyalty

It will probably still have some bugs in it so please report what you find.

And yeah... I haven't worked much on content for same reason as before, I need a reliant proofreader/writer/translator. Please contact me if you are interested.!IclynbKK

If there's no major problems I'll spread this version around in order to find bigger audience and increase my chances of getting help with writing.

Yeah, I don't get what the hell is wrong with text format on blogger either.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Current progress

I know, I said I gonna work on content, but that's kinda not what happens most of the time, since I get sidetracked into mechanics every so often and content is a bit of a bitch to write when your english is far from great.
Anyway, for past days I somewhat fleshed out sex system so it works better with repeatable quests made previously and you can actually alter sexual traits. Now moving onto next part of main quest (and partly in regards with said system) I decided that I need to work out alchemist system and so I did that so now we have potions and effects in place with occasional brewing and ingredients. Balance is very out of reach so far but I believe this brings me pretty close to releasing something playable (and likely buggy).

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Repeatable quests!

For last two days I laid a base for randomized repeatable quests which will be probably other main source of income. You will be able to take them or reject if you don't think you can manage them and they will reset in few days. Now regarding sexual traits I can tell that there's going to be few ways to change girl's preferences (i.e. if she orgasms from rape, there will be a chance to acquire 'submissive' trait).

On a side note I still looking for proofreader/writer. Pls contact me...

Friday, April 1, 2016

I hate myself...

So.. if it wasn't obvious I've never been doing coding in my life. Yesterday I discovered how += works. Today I discovered there's Math.random...
On a positive side: skill and companion system is now in place and events required you to pick character now check your companion instead which also opens large possible future interactions.
Added a small sidequest which allows you to send your residents to work in brothel.
Most 'end of the day' executions has been redone with the new skill system.

I'll try to include few more functions and assemble working version in next few days in another desperate attempt to find proofreader/writer.

Edit: Oh yeah, now you start with somewhat customizable girl!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Little big update (game design is a bitch).

So I've been spending countless recent hours on thinking how stats actually fitting in whole picture and how do I focus on missions and uniqueness between girls so they feel somewhat special unlike, lets say FC where you can make girl into pretty much anything with little effort. At certain point I realized, that there's no need to hardlock girls onto something to make them unique. Instead I can limit on how many things they can perform in general so new system was born in my mind which also makes far more sense rather than str/agi/int which is not related to anything and just looks like orbital numbers.

Instead of Stats there will be Skills, ie Fighting, healing, gathering, household, 'bedding' etc. Most girls will start with no skills and training will be expensive and limited. There will be a hard cap on how many skills in total one girl can learn so customization comes into play. You can make a girl ideal hunter, or decent partner or great housewife and so on, but not everything in same time. Races will add starting bonuses to certain skills, like elves will get a racial plus to awareness skill and so on. Naturally 'harder to get' girls will also have more skills from start. And naturally I'll try to balance what skills are required for certain tasks so its not Super Obligatory to take skills to dominate.

Lastly, I believe there's gonna be 1 companion which you can assign to travel with you and who's stats will play role in events you may encounter.

Small progress log.

Added and adapted an option for residents to be unavailable due to being on missions and similar.
Added an option in slaver guild to subdue your prisoner in 1 day for bit of cash. Won't work for special npcs though and will take some adjustments later on.
Revamped stat->skill system
Redid (optimized) population screen a bit.

Next on the list: more content hopefully.

Thank you for your interest.