Friday, November 25, 2016

Future plans

Sincerely, I have left out the most dubious, since those require some hard planning. Firstly, I'll take care of mostly easy stuff: relatives screen (already in), repeatable quests,  threesomes/orgy (skipped because sex system is very different right now and I'm not exactly sure how I gonna work around this one), a lab (probably the hardest of the easy parts, as old lab was a nightmare already, now there's also gui involved) and small stuff like racial traits. Once I'm done with those, it will come down to the two worst parts: combat and exploration. I still have pretty vague ideas on combat, except that I want it to be interactive and proactive, with possibly making it so capture chance will be based on resource management and so on.

Exploration is a different story, though. What you can see now in game is a loose adaptation of the old system. And as I was working on it, it became obvious, that I don't like it enough and new engine can do so much better. So what I have on my mind, is a multiple hub-like areas, different towns perhaps, with different shops, quests, slave guilds and races around them. This will allow lots more of freedom, dungeons, quests, hunting for specific races and drops and so on. The problem, though, is that those areas need to be designed and balanced first, and by that I mean hell lot of writing. I'll probably start by adding 1-2 additional town-hubs and couple of areas near them as thankfully I have some ideas for those. 

Anyway, if you have any ideas/reports/wishes regarding current build, hit me up. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Strive 2 Alpha

Update: Alpha 0.1.33!QBtkmYwT!X6D5V5FfPlwXpot0gZcQCzZTvuVKd50Ts3-A8zBnqQs

  • Fixed training bug introduced in 0.1.32
  • Fixed end day screen jailer related bug

  • Added racial traits
  • Added essence generation to group sex options
  • Added Jailer effects on the prisoners
  • Headgirl and Jailer will earn exp
  • Added few missing help entries from help section
  • Added more functions to the laboratory (including selfmodifcations)
  • Added missing mention of secondary required skills on skill training (namely combat and sexual proficiency)
  • Slightly rebalanced stress growth on brothel assignments
  • Slightly nerfed library exp rate
  • Going commando will increase lewdness up to 100, but until then reduces obedience 50% more
  • Youthing and Maturing potions will be unlocked after alchemy purchase instead of upgrade
  • Skilled jailer will also ease the captured state
  • Beating will affect captured state
  • Changed Lactation potion name to Nursing potion
  • Fixed starting management on every slave
  • Fixed encounters working wrong with high survival
  • Fixed gift option
  • Fixed stimulant and deterrent potions

  • Added food consumption by PC
  • Added sentence&changes for end of day when horny servant assigned to your bed has sex with you
  • Added option to reshow your last End Day log
  • Added beauty mixture to the market
  • Your headgirl will report findings and progression of pregnant slaves
  • Fixed popup message sending click to the buttons underneath it
  • Fixed cook's complains at the end of day to the right message
  • Fixed cook's influence on food consumption being negative
  • Fixed farm not producing stuff as intended
  • Fixed event for when servants want to continue but you have no energy
  • Fixed bug related to disabling futa gender from options
  • Fixed bug related to selling slaves with assigned companion
  • Fixed unlocked portals being unavailable on reload
  • Fixed mage order assistant assignment
  • Fixed courage and wit growth on combat and studying
  • Fixed farm assigned slaves showing disobedient behavior

  • Added threesome/slaveXslave option to the sex menu
  • Added 'open folder' button at save/load window.
  • Fixed 'Cast spell' button not opening correct tab in case you switched to sex tabs recently
  • Fixed broken children born from prostitution assignements
  • Fixed leveling 'end day' bug after 6+ level
  • Fixed fairy encounter bug not getting right origins and creating mess
  • Fixed 'Entrancement' spell
  • Fixed trait issue in sex checks

  • Added specialization for starting slave
  • Fixed chef assignment causing issues at the 'end day' function. 
  • Fixed bugs with emily and cali
  • Fixed bug with saving after sending your servant on training
  • Fixed some duplicating messages on end day screen
  • Fixed Sebastian ordered slaves being bugged

  • Fixed some sex related bugs introduced in 0.1.2

0.1.2 New save recommended (otherwise relatives screen and unborn babies will be bugged, you can try to get rid of those first if you want to use old save). Preferably install onto empty folder.

  • Added 'see relatives' button
  • Some typos fixed
  • Moved additional nipples and lactation description lines into sex features part (so you won't be able to see them on strangers)
  • Fixed jobs missing xp gain
  • Fixed guild mage services available before joining
  • Fixed negative skillspoints after training
  • Fixed mindread casting during encounters forcing them to reset
  • Fixed prison punishments and spells
  • Fixed fear spell
  • Fixed bug with end day function counting dying and escaping on same day wrong
  • Fixed occasional taurus bug
  • Fixed some areas random encounters
  • Fixed player defloration in female cases
  • Fixed childbirth menu not giving you right options

  • Fixed arachna race
  • Fixed cooking assignment
  • Fixed sedation spell raising stress instead of reducing it.
  • Fixed player character being reset on game start
  • Fixed possibility to endlessly recruit emily
  • Fixed bug re-randomizing slaves in customization screen on shown tooltip
  • Fixed brothel quest not taking away your elf
  • Fixed visual button bug with servants sleeping in your bed
  • Fixed bug with punishments of imprisoned slaves
  • Fixed resetting game state on leaving to main menu and starting game over

Things not implemented in this version:
  • balance
  • laboratory
  • threesomes/orgies
  • repeatable quests
  • combat
  • some minor things
I must remind you, that there have been many changes in slaves behaviour and sex. You should be able to find some things explained in the Help button (located on resource panel). For those, who are new to the game, try reference this image, although I believe most gui is pretty intuitive. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My current plan is to make alpha release until weekend. While I certainly would like to take some more time for further polishing and finishing stuff, I do feel that releasing something currently will benefit the game as people would be able to see how's it going and comment on it.

Monday, November 14, 2016

A word on origins and some thoughts on future platform

After some consideration I decided to change my approach to the backstories/origins for multiple reasons.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

So far things go pretty well (development wise at least) and I finally got out of mansion. It seems semi-playable version will actually be released by the end of month, but you probably shouldn't expect too much from it (it IS semi-playable and if anything, my early versions tend to be quite buggy).

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Self-building item list with descriptions, also basics for alchemy room laid out. I could really use someone who could draw set of icons though (possibly for a reward)...