Monday, June 6, 2016

My main target for last updates, unsurprisingly was stability and bugfixes. But I also took some time on planning out future plots and setting. Basically in next version I'm planning to expand on areas, main quest and sidequests. Admittedly I should work through balance bit more, but I believe content is more important.

As for the story, I decided to go with sandbox (yeah, multiraces/genders for PC eventually) approach for now as it was my original intent - I just didn't want story to suck so I had that on my mind. However there's two different options - settle for the bunch of sidequests to explore story/lore or go with enforced main quest in separate playmode. Second option does not seems very efficient to me, but maybe I'll come up with something amazing to use it for. 

I'll be adding some more setting details regarding whole slavery/humanity thing in few days, and as some may notice from new girl encounter, mage guild will be retconned into government establishment (still mages though). Naturally it won't impact gameplay in any bad way (at least yet), but I do need layout for story which makes more sense than 'you got pimp ring, you are the boss' as unrealistic premises is what generally makes me lose any suspension of disbelief I could have for plot and in general it is very frustrating to me.
On the other hand I'll mention that I won't be very active next few days as I got my hands busy with small sidestuff. 

Thanks to those, who paid visit to my patreon as I'll also be duplicating messages there and probably will move polls over there eventually too.


  1. all to often in a mage society in an fantasy story those that dont have magic become playthings of those that do. soo.. it makes sense in some way

    1. Not quite like that actually. Magic is universally accessible to everyone (to some extent) and is actually more of a question of resources, rather than 'gift'.