Monday, May 30, 2016

So I just realized custom starting servants is a pretty bad idea...

Well, it first it was intriguing - I could add whatever I want and pour some backstory into it. And add even more later on with no limitations. Maybe even accept characters as contributions. But when I started working on it, it became clear; this is a pretty terrible idea for couple of reasons

1. I don't really have that many good character ideas in mind
2. They would require custom content in order to make them good and that content would be hard to get as you can only choose 1 girl per play-through
3. There's plenty of inconsistency plot-wise if I keep adding characters with obscure backgrounds.
4. It's very likely people don't really want more personality but customization instead
5. Finally, if I want more personality, I should just add them in-game as special encounters/events (like Emily is right now).

So yeah, I'll address current starting girl generation, it will either become slightly more customizable or I may just give you a custom girl depending on how plot will be planned out.

Speaking of which, there's minor question concerning PC customization options which I would like to address in this post. I have 2 distinctive directions and I'm not entirely sure which one I actually wanna take
1. Go for shitty generalized plot with no impact and allow to play whatever player want (think of TES games, or pretty much nearly any game which lets you play whatever race maybe save for dragon age 1)
2. Keep race/age/gender choices for PC fairly limited but make story tighter and reasonable.

So yeah.. let's vote.


  1. I think you should go with #2 as a human male, for the following reasons:

    - easiest to write for a male age 18-whatever.
    - Humans seem easiest to write for given the world you are cooking up. other races seem exotic, so keep em that way.
    - opportunities for a focused, singular story that branches without many variants because of rage, age, sex - just goals. GOALS are important.

  2. I voted story/ plot but either way I'll be itnerested, would be nice to have a bit of both but story will be engaging though gameplay/mechanics will be the most important over plot or pc customization to keep people coming back.~Anonymaus

  3. well you can be without affecting the plot. the pc is (adopted) nephew of (old) mage.

    as far as starting girl, she should be more easily customized. hitting reroll 20 times to get a girl that is close to what you want is obnoxious.

    1. That still raises tons of problems. Mainly, races are not treated equally, so plot would have to be shoehorned into something unrelated to main character so neither its gender nor race plays any role in it.

    2. Oh and starting girl customization comes next patch