Wednesday, May 4, 2016

0.0.2 is out!NA0x2I4Z!SK0PkfXv6sFwyGszzNL_Dx0QVZ6UpzSvjiFSJgUi420

Combat system comes out
Prisoner break system revamp
Multiple bug fixes

One word to note, don't take whatever happens in combat system too serious as it is more of a proof of concept and showcase. Enemies and rewards will vary later on.


  1. Tried this game out for the 1st time, seems relatively bug free except no option to continue talking to the girl by the stream.

    Otherwise, really like the look of the game so far, seems you have a good framework in place to add more content. Is it just me or are AXMA story maker games slightly more responsive (lagwise) than Twine games? I played JoNT and Free Cities to death and am excited to see what you where you take this game

  2. Lis does not have more talking options yet, but hopefully more will come out.

    Won't really say much on axma's performance as I don't think I've been working (and stressing it) enough to judge.

  3. It looks like the Mystic Grove is pretty messed up in this version. Exploring takes no energy for me and I keep running into fairies. I don't think I ever saw a single fairy in 0.0.1. Did the other encounters get relocated?

    I was also unable to get the beggar girl by the brothel to do her job. I spent several weeks buttering her up and she just refused to work. Might be a bug. Or I just suck.

    The sentence "Normal pussy can be observed between her legs." should start with an "A".

    Will we be able to learn spells to fight on our own? I'd like to be able to fight my own battles. Or maybe give us some sort of golem we can have fight for us. With a monthly mana cost or something along those lines. Just a though.

    If the olive skin tone is rare then why does every other girl have it?

    Why do rebellious residents have such different reacts to intimacy and rape? They should be one and the same if they hate you. I hope slaves will be able to deny your advances in future update. Similar to Jack.

    The ability to sell a slaves virginity would be cool. Have that as an option instead of the grayed out brothel occupation.

    Casting the Mind Read spell on people beyond the portal is pointless because it forces you to leave them.

    Would you consider making combat encounters like wolfs and plants the color red instead of green? It would make it easier to spot the good encounters.

    The last sentence on the page you learn the "Entrancement" spell needs and "A" and the start too.

    Having a description of the spells on the "Known Spells" page would be useful.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback.
      All encounters are reworked in last version. I'm a bit dubious on what will cost energy, hopefully will figure out in next version. Mystic grove now only gives fairies and sometimes dryads.

      Emily's stats are slightly bugged. Basically she starts 100% rebellious.

      Some text is still being proofread.

      Fighting golem may be an interesting idea, but I'm not planning on making PC fighting as he is. He's just not trained for it and offensive magic is not present for the most of it.

      Most skin tones have same chance to occur, so blame rng.. and my choice of words.

      Residents are not strictly rebellious. If they are residents, basically they already agreed to accept whatever you ask them to. I may deepen whole interaction though. Rape reaction can be changed if girl has submissive trait.

      I may add ability to sell slave's virginity, although it would probably be in a different place, as 'occupation' screen is there exactly for that, full time occupation.

      I will consider what to do with mindread casts prior fight. That part is basically left of the old encounter system.

      Encounter colors and keywords will be replaced at some point, naturally.

      Spell description eventually will go to the library as with most other descriptions(well, maybe very small description will be at 'known spell').

      Anyway thanks for the input and bug report!

  4. A tip about skills: Make it more obvious about what skills do what. For example: Track. Does it help when tracking, or only when sending someone out to hunt? Endurance. Is it only useful for physical work and the cathouse, or is it also useful to increase how much you can take in a fight? Is 'sexual skill' useful in the cathouse, or also what happens vis a vis the protagonist?

    It would be nice with either a little 'extra information' available at the training facilities, or a little information about what skills are actually used during actions.

    1. I will do that eventually when will work on occupations. Right now some info can be found in 'help' I believe.