Sunday, May 29, 2016

Current state

It's really curious thing how every time I think about what was done since last version, I discover how much wasn't done...

So yeah... currently obedience/willpower system is mostly set and working for the most of it. I also added small rules system tied to branding with some interface cleanup so it looks better and easier to follow. Of course there's no new content added and that slightly annoys me. Irene quest part of chain is removed since I added it when another will system was in place. Maybe it will be back as another sidequest though.

I wanna release new version asap so willpower system will be fleshed out and bug tracked quicker, but I wanna add some other stuff which may not end up in the next version though:
Ancestor tree (to see who is whose mom)
Custom starting girls (will try my best to fit at least 2-3 of those in)
Servant on servant action (with pregnancy)
Servant clothing options

Most reported bugs have or should've been fixed so there's few worries about it. That said, new version will be up in few days, thanks for your attention.


  1. Love what I have played, just found it yesterday. Still learning whats all accessible. Interested in the new stuff as well you're working on. I wish more text based games were around. Also on a random side note, does the game save on the actual file or go somewhere on my computer? (wish it'd save to file so I could put the save where I want)

    1. Thanks for the comment. Sadly, not really. Axma platform keep save file in cookies as of now. Either that will change or (more likely) you will have to wait until I move onto next engine with adequate save treatment.

    2. So if my cookies get cleared I lose all progress? That's definitely something that hopefully will get updated then. Although some of the engines I've encountered don't run on my old machine here. lol

    3. I should probably start collecting these comments to force engine developer to update save system lol

    4. I bet you'd get every single one who plays any game on this engine agreeing to give a comment. lol

    5. Would it be possible to make a "save code" that players can input to restore their game? Just as a temporary measure for people who have issues with cookies.

    6. I'm afraid this would take too much time to develop such system on my own.