Monday, August 1, 2016

End of the month, New races and changes

So, firstly, this was my second month on patreon and I want to thank everyone for support, you are amazing and I'm really grateful to you, to those, offering help and to those who are interested in my work.

Originally, I was slightly hesitant on adding whole lot of different races as they would be hard to manage and may not fit into general picture, but after I see how they perform, I changed my mind and will probably try to fit as many monstergirls, as I could. Basically, I want to go more sandbox/pokemon style where you can just find many different things which may or may not suit your taste, but choice will be available to you. It adds more diversity, more depth without huge investment so seems good in my book.

So, for races, coming out next update we gonna have: goblins, slimes, harpies, lamia, arachna, centaur, bunny, nereid, scylla and tanuki. Those will be less 'civil' and more unpractical or wild races, so you won't be able to start game with one and finding them to capture will be on you. Now, old races will require some adjustments, which will likely make old saves somewhat incompatible. I could spend some time sorting stuff out with save/load, but really this would be considerable time investment for temporal minor reason and I already have lots of stuff on my hands to do until next release.

Basically, body shapes and halfkin girls will be broken, as body shapes didn't exist prior this update, and halfkin girls used wacky system to assign their race integer. Another thing - I'm going to alter existing racial perks to trim them more in line. I don't want to remove racial perks at all, but I can't really make up tons of new complex perks for every existing race, so they will be fairly minor, like bonus when working on certain job, or better pregnancies, stuff like that.

I also gonna add option for players to customize their image folder to put whatever pictures for their races they want ingame (currently all beastkin/halfkin share similar image). Besides that I hope to add more areas (to put new girls into mostly) and, perhaps few quests (there's some work on one pretty complex quest, but not gonna guarantee it will come out on next update).

And that's about it. Will try to post in next days/week with more information on next release as work goes on.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful work. Sounds like like SFP is almost a full time job, and I for one, appreciate it.

  2. Thank you for the effort you're putting into this game. Happy to hear about the decision to add monster girls to the mix. The halfkin races seems unnecessarily complicated and selective since they didn't change anything perk or appearance wise and didn't apply to all races.

    1) If using force on a non-virgin slave the first paragraph has a broken conditional as the last sentence is incomplete.
    2) If using the plant to turn a slave into a dryad the slave no longer produces fluid and essence from most intimacy actions. The only way to get an orgasm would be to use the caress action. Normal dryads do not have this problem.
    3) Children are VASTLY inferior to their parents and do not inherit any traits except for race. Regardless of mother each child I kept was ugly with the lowest stats and level cap possible.
    3) Seraphs are either broken or mislabeled with their racial. Racial 'purity' states that loyalty is inverse to corruption. With 0 corruption, currently loyalty would always fall to 0 and obedience would soon follow.
    4) Several help entries use probably old/outdated stat references. Example, in the 'Food' help they mention Harvesting, Education, Awareness, Tracking, Endurance, and Household skills. None of which are in game. Lab help mentions Magic and Service instead of Magic and Management.
    5) Clothing type. Chainmain bikini ^_^
    6) Main quest misleading. Mentions 'multibreasted' but taurus girls with 1-2 extra pair not accepted as requires 3 extra pair.
    7) Farm typo. 'assignement' instead of 'assignment'

    1. Thank you for your detailed posts. Halfkin are essentially there to 1. satisfy 'kemomimi' fetish, 2. retain races in case player disabled 'furry'.
      Regarding bugs
      1. should be fixed (hopefully)
      2. a curious bug, I'll look into it.
      3. I believe there's been a bug for some time which hindered child's stats at least in terms of looks. Should've been fixed in latest patch tho, I think.
      4. I believe those help entries were disabled in latest version.
      5. Fixed.
      6. Fixed.
      7. Fixed

    2. Oops. Didn't notice I listed two #3's.

      Noticed the clothing bit when I saw it listed in the storage. I'd advise against going that way unless it's a 'buy to unlock the option' sort of upgrade to the mansion (expanded wardrobe?). Having to buy sets of clothing for each slave and then swapping and finding the clothes when you want to reuse it would get tediously in micromanaging. These sorts of games already get very tedious the further you go with them and the more slaves you have because you can't spend so much time on a single one.

      On a related note. Another suggestion would be the option to collapse all similar messages at the end of the day. Things like clothing bonuses of personal room bonuses we already know we're getting and having it repeat 25 times that maid clothes improve obedience is a bit droll.

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  4. Suggestions/Optimizations:
    1) Toxicity is a good balance to over using the lab and potions, but there needs to be a way to counter it aside for time. Perhaps a good nurse and rest will lower it faster. Cleansing potions and spells would work as well, but that's just treating a drug addiction with more drugs. As it stands it is a barrier to sculpting slaves as we wish.
    2) Clothes could be fleshed out a little. Some clothes have direct benefits (Sundress reduces stress, maid increases obedience, bedlah increases corruption, chainmail increases corruption, pet suit increases obedience while stress increases) while others do not (Kimono, ninja suit, miko outfit) or at least the effects are not mentioned. Perhaps making function follow form a bit more like chainmail bikini providing bonus damage resistance with ninja suit providing bonus dodge. Perhaps bonuses to jobs as well like a Bedlah improving income from prostitution and performer jobs, but penalties to mage assistance and store jobs. Penalties to foraging and combat for wearing loose clothes. Etc etc etc.
    3) Combat needs improvements or probably a rework entirely. Currently success is entirely subsidized on your mana and spells. With high skills there is some use to defending special attacks as well, but otherwise you're keeping your slave propped up with heals and sedation spells and adventuring past the portal is only viable late game. Adding offensive spells to speed up combat or equipment to boost your slaves would be a plus. Probably a technical limitation, but taking a party instead of a single companion may be better as well. Otherwise the damage and stress is far to taxing to make it a profitable venture.
    4) Lab needs some optimizations in function and use. We can grow extra breasts, but we can't change breast size? We can add horns and change skin color, but we can't make someone less ugly? Furthermore targeting only your companion is clunky. It would be easier if you could assign someone as the lab subject and work on them. The ability to queue up multiple changes and have the slave out for the entire change would be preferable to going back and making changes 1 by 1. Additionally toxicity from lab use it too high and seems somewhat silly since the change is taking place over 5+ days. You can also assign someone a procedure that does effectively nothing. Example: deflower a non-virgin. Add dragon wings to a dragonkin with dragon wings. Give a pure female a canine penis when they have no penis. Etc Etc Etc.

    1. 1. Good point, I'll consider changes to toxicity management.
      2. In plans. Basically I want clothes to be unlockable, not sure on effect depth for now though.
      3. Combat is kinda on a list for rework, but it will take some time to get here, as making decent combat for text game is a challenge on its own.
      4. Will work on it. Lab needs some rework honestly. Not sure if I want to add functions shared by potions to the lab though.

  5. 5) The farm is misnamed and could be expanded on. In it's current state it isn't a 'farm' and is instead a 'dairy' as the only two roles are farm manager and milking. Interface is also clunky as you have to attempt to assign a slave as the manager before assigning them to be milked instead of just selecting slaves to be milked. There is also a mention of a 'farmer' role to grow food, but either not implemented or cut. Adding a farmer role would be an interesting alternative to forage/hunting for food. Perhaps food output is determined by a counter that is incremented based on slaves assigned to the task and their suitability and pays out food every X number of days. Example: Slave 1 has okay stats so counter gains 10 every day of work. After 3 days counter is at 30 so pays Y food. Slave 2 is added and is exactly the same so counter goes up 10x2 for 60 after 3 days. Slave 3 is added and they have a small bonus to farming and add 15 so counter is 10x2+15 for 105 over 3 days. Etc etc etc. Modifiers can be racial, clothing, loyalty/obedience, stats, and skills. Counter starts on first day work as farmer is done and is paid out after X days before resetting to 0.
    6) Slaves and beneficial spells are a bit wonky. I can understand if a high willpower, low loyalty slave resists fear, but why would a high loyalty slave resist sedation in the mansion, but not in combat? Fear is also a bad spell as it permanently reduces the courage stat.
    7) Rooms and slave space doesn't make sense. You can have a max of 5 personal rooms, 8 jail cells, and 25 slave rooms. However, personal rooms are also counted as communal servant rooms as you can have either 25 slaves in the communal room with 5 empty personal rooms or 20 slaves in the communal room with 5 in personal rooms which makes no sense. Instead may want to start with 5 common rooms and 1 personal room for starting max of 6. Rooms added can either be personal rooms or common rooms and common rooms can be upgraded to personal rooms. In total there can be only 25 total rooms with 0-24 being common and 1-25 being personal rooms.
    8) Get rid of bows and instead have rooms and upgrades for the mansion that impact certain jobs. This is done in game with the library and lab upgrades purchased with the mage guild already. Library upgrades increase xp gain per day and lab upgrades first unlocks the lab and then unlocks additional options. Examples of expanding this would be purchasing an armory to unlock adventuring and hunting. Purchasing traps to improve hunting. Purchasing gathering baskets to improve foraging. Renovating the kitchen to improve the chef impact on food consumption. Buying kitchen equipment for added benefits like improved health and stress regen if chef has certain skill level. Renovating a clinic to improve nurse impact on health/stress regen. Buying alchemy tools to improve nurse impact and unlock alchemy room. Buying specialized tools to reduce toxicity impact on potions and further increase nurse efficiency. Etc Etc Etc.

    1. 5. Farm also have another assignment. No real plans on actual farming though.
      6. Spells will get their rework/altering eventually.
      7. They don't but currently its the way game counts your residents. Not sure if I want/would change it.
      8. Really curious ideas, will think about it.