Tuesday, April 19, 2016

So new axma came out. Sadly nothing important what I was waiting for was added or fixed, so I'm pretty sad. 

On the other hand I redid spell system so its not random halfarsed effects anymore although they are only done for residents. I realize that I need to reconsider my alchemy system as now every race produce unique ingredients and I doubt that is healthy idea... 

My current main problem (aside that I got nothing from next engine version), is that I just have so much stuff I want to do before next release and some literally has no ETA, like getting fitting illustrations for certain parts or amount of custom areas I gonna have to write...

Saying that I realize that I need some sort of deadline at the very least, so lets call it 'by the end of month'. At the very worst by the end of month I'll release something, what I can not be shamed about.

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