Sunday, May 15, 2016

I've mentioned multiple times how I'm not exactly satisfied with current 'prisoner to servant' mechanic right now. Whole will break thing been my pain in the ass for quite some time now. As a side idea, I considered making 'half-servants' which would act like a pets or cattle for the most of it, requiring no actual break but that idea, while attractive as a objective, does not really solve any of the current problems.

Now, I believe, that current prisoner break lacks complexity necessary to make it interesting. On the other hand I don't want to add complexity for the sake of complexity to needlessly stretch gameplay and learning curve. The main problem with JONT (and to lesser extent with FC) to me, is how straightforward it is. You get girl, you make her obey, you can do anything you want after some time, ultimately making all girls same save for minor details. While this is easy to grasp, I believe this also makes games very same once you learned mechanics.

Now I believe JONT's stats are way more entertaining, so bear with me when I'll be somewhat copying them over. My current idea is to provide numerous attributes, like 'fear', 'submission', 'acceptance' etc etc etc and then decide what girl would or would not be able to do. Fear too high? She will refuse to fight. Low acceptance of her position as a slave? You won't be putting her into any leading roles then.

Now that style is not perfect on its own, because it still goes same way "after X time they become ideal for anything", so in manner of JONT there must be positive attributes, which will inevitably reduce when you deny girl of free will and won't be growing just as easily. Stuff like confidence, assertiveness and so on which would be important for better performance on complicated roles.

Now all of this will likely require skill alteration as well, or it may take it over completely. Biggest problem with this, is that such system will require major planing and reworking of nearly whole prisoner system, so this won't be happening this update at least. I may even put it onto time when I finally will change engine, so I won't be redoing stuff I already did.

For the current update: pregnancy is mostly functioning and lab is half-set. I'll be finishing new zone so it will likely come out next week. On a side note though, pregnancy will only involve main character, but I left enough space for future girl-on-girl pregnancy and threesome actions, so rejoice.


  1. The game 'Long live the Queen' uses stats live the way you describe how you want yours to work. over the game the activities you do changes your 'Mood'. Which changes what you can do in the game. The link is to an image of the game's stats page. Maybe it'll give you some ideas, maybe not. I do agree that the girls in FC have little to no personality.

    1. I've been briefly playing LLTQ, but can't really say much about their choice of progression, besides that it feels very 'trial-and-error-y'. Plus I don't think giving direct numbers to player will work at all for my model as it makes game feel lot less personal. But anyway thanks for suggestion, I may be able to extract something out of it.