Wednesday, May 25, 2016

So as 'obedience' rework' going on I wanna give some info on the future changes as they will involve most of the stuff involving servants.

Firstly, there's Will. New Will is basically a girl's rank. High Will indicates big potential, however it also makes obedience maintaining harder. Basic idea is that obedience is built by your actions, but reduced by will power of a girl. That means, that breaking her will would efficiently result in making girl easy to control. However with building obedience through many means you will also break her will, impact her personality and make her worse by comparison. At least this is what gonna happen at the start.

On the opposite side of scales lies loyalty. Building loyalty is considerably slower and harder but it will outweigh willpower and allow you to have constantly obedient girl with strong personality.

Next, there's introduction(or actually implementation) of 'corruption' stat. Corruption refers to girl's acceptance for deviant actions. If you force her to do something and corruption is not enough for her to accept it naturally, she takes penalty to Will and her corruption grows in the process. Corruption also plays another role: new mana-for-sex-system will either scale from girl's loyalty or from her corruption, depending on which one is higher.

This is the basic layout on what will be going on in the next version.


  1. \o/
    Corruption, praise the lord

  2. Can't wait for this version.

    I have a suggestion. I have trouble with the 6 servant limit because I like breeding them, so I am often forced to give up a lot of the babies since I need to keep a few servants around to work.

    My suggestion is add a nursery where the children can be kept. Then we can decide later if we want to replace another servant or not.

    1. You can increase servant limit in shaliq after certain point.

      I'm not planning on adding nursery of sorts any time soon as it would require whole lot amount of work. You don't get anything for babies because they don't really cost you anything in first place. Also it's debatable if they are good or bad thing depending on state of poverty.

  3. or alternatively implement the town orphanage so we can go back and buy our servant's children later.

    btw it doesn't seem to make much sense that we give them away for free. Wouldn't the babies have some value?