Saturday, July 16, 2016

Toxicity and mutations.

I genuinely enjoy making new fun mechanics... especially when they are actually necessary for balance reasons. 

So, while I was going for rework of main quest line, which will generally focus on getting player into game mechanics, I discovered that we need an actual penalty to overuse of fun stuff, like potions (and maybe spells, but that is to come). So now there's a toxicity. Stuffing your servant with potions or dubious medical procedures will result in magic toxicity build up. 

Toxicity will slowly dissipate as time passes, but with overuse it will cause negative effects, like health, stress issues, willpower damage and mutations. For mutations I wrote whole new script which I'll surely try to use in some other places. Basically it will roll the dice and depending on outcome will change one of the girl's aspects, be it something small, like hair color, or something big, like growing a cock, or few more tits. 

This will likely be main penalty (or reward, if you are into it) for various experiments and actions related to fooling with magic. As a side note, I do want to add more purely monstergirl-esque races in few next updates. Stuff like lamias, scyllas, insects, maybe even slimes. Although it's a bit of question how they gonna function, but probably mutation list will also expand. 


  1. Given how hard the game is already, is adding that mechanism a good idea ?

    (as a beginner, the slaves (including the custom assistant) go to a broken state without much of a fuss, thus making them quite un interesting..

    As to MonsterGirls, why not, more options is always good.

    1. They do? In next version there will be far more explanations done on mechanics so you probably won't be breaking many slaves by accident. And on the side note I think mechanic is pretty straightforward - use too much toxicity inducing stuff in a row - get punished. Unless there's some kind of abusable stuff which made people's life easier, it's unlikely to impact them with minimal planning.

  2. Well personally for me it takes too long now to make someone a fighter, and getting a good flow of money in the beginning. Mostly cause I never let any of my girls be prostitutes (What it's my personal harem). I'm not against mutations, but I wish it's easier to level girls at least. I'm not having any issue with them ending up broken, but then again i have been playing this for a while.
    Also I'm not sure if it's a bug, but I can't use items or potions on girls inside the jail.

    1. In next version library upgrades will provide more exp on girls studying there.

  3. This is a minor quibble-- is it possible to break up the Beastkin/Halfkin pictures into each race (wolf/cat/fox, etc)? I like to use custom pictures for some of the slaves (particularly those that will become waifus), and it mildly annoys me that all of the beastkin/halfkin races share the same image.

    1. Technically - sure. Practically... Well I guess I could make 3 copies of same picture for you to exchange. Or alternatively I can make an option to switch loading path to 3 different paths instead on user's demand.

  4. I've got a couple questions about alchemy and I hope this is an acceptable place to ask them. How can I acquire Magic Essence and Tainted Essence? The mage's guild guy mentioned magic essence coming from faeries but they don't drop it when defeated and I'd have guessed tainted essence would come from the tainted swamp but there are no drops from the slime monsters or spiders that I've seen.

    1. Magic and Nature Essence can come from sex with a Faerie or Dryad. But seems a bit rare.

      Not seen a tainted essence yet.

    2. Tainted Essence is from demon girls.

    3. From what I can tell, it depends on some aspects, like corruption, loyalty, obedience, etc

      Anyways, I think beating hostile plants also nets you a nature essence.

  5. Is it possible to look at the penalty for having gold stolen? I am losing about twice what a girl earns each time I get that event. And it is hard to punish the girl responsible, spank/whip and they go from Content to almost broken, and then steal more the next day.

    Also many jobs give Zero exp as near as I can tell, or more properly, the average girl is so bad at basic jobs they get Zero more often than not.

    1. I'd try to build loyalty first as it helps to keep obedience high with each day. Keeping her in prison should prevent from stealing/escaping.

      Exp is heavily depended on how much girl earns during her job. If money is not an issue, library assignment guarantees pretty decent exp at first levels. In the next version I'll raise exp received from library and fights.

    2. Hmm, with a larger stable, I try and keep a Cook for the food use reduction, but cooking seems to earn no exp. Nursing does the same.
      Fighting gives like 6-12, while a good day in the library is more like 20-25.

      The weird one is Foraging. Have three girls foraging and one hunting. Two of the foragers get almost no exp, but one girl is leveling like foraging in the woods, is the library.

    3. PPS, had a girl working in the brothel, each day she was puling in fair money, then without any warning, I wasn't checking her stats daily, she came back broken.
      Is that a normal thing, or just a random happening?

    4. Cooking and nursing currently only give 5 exp per day. Foraging and hunting give 1/3 and 1/5 of the food collected. Library only gives 20-25 at first levels. The higher girl's level, the less exp you'll get.

      Now I just noticed that working in brothel does not actually builds up stress at all which would explain sudden drop. Otherwise 'fucktoy' assignment will lower girl's confidence into the ground if her corruption is not very high.

  6. Firstly - thank for your game. I have played in and have several questions & noticed some flaws.

    1) When you found Undercity and try to come here, game give a message "* is too scared of this place to be of any use here."
    May be it's just me, but I decided that here required a girl with a lot of Bravery stat. And this was a mistake, in fact here required a girl with "Headstrong+" willpower. May be - change a bit description to make clear that we need Willpower and not Courage?

    2) Pregnancy work strange. Quite often it get stuck with 0 value (in debug value) and don't moving. For me (firefox 47) it's very often if girl not naturally found as adult, but occasional happens for adults too. And miscarrige potion don't help to remove such "ghostly" pregnancy.
    Also children may not receive parents if created by any incesteous+dickgirls acts. It's look like some code bug, because first such children (wolf*elf couple) receive no information of parents, but next children (hero*elf couple) - received instead parents from wolf*elf couple.

    3) Question : did any stats (except visuals) inherent from mother? Beauty? Or all stats for children (except visuals) are pure randomly rolled?

    4) Question : tentacle spell is just a easter-egg like fun thing? Because it's very strange when it generate back only 2 mana even from deviant girl.

    5) Question : Is any source of drow/orc/gnome girls in game (except guild sells and bandits in crossroads)?

    6) And please-please, give a descriptions (at least very basic like "+1 stat -1 stat") to spells, especially - event founded. It's take a loooot of time to found that Entrancement have unique effect after Amnesia potion

    1. 1. Fair enough, I'll change description a bit
      2. Actually 0 value means girl is not pregnant. Not sure why you'd think otherwise.
      3. Overall willpower level directly inherited from mother, except individual stats are re-rolled.
      4. Kinda. It may have more use later in game (combat?) but right now its mostly there for fun.
      5. Cellar in the undercity probably won't count, as its hard to get there. Drows can be found in the second area of undercity though.
      6. Wow, bit surprised somebody actually found this one out. Don't worry, next version has all spells and pots description added.

    2. Thank for your answers.

      1) About pregnancy bugs (?) here a google drive link with archive, containing 2 files with data from debug mode and save data:

      Both girls are marked as pregnant in game, but even after 30 day passed - nothing changing.
      girl1 - have been changed a lot of works while was pregnant and even end as my bodyguard so i don't surprised that somehow it's broken.
      girl2 - recently gained in Undercity, doing nothing except library work and appear broken pregnancy too.

      Currently for me (latest Firefox) broken pregnancy for girl with Heroic willpower is 100% repeatable after reload either save from menu, either from string.

      May be this is something broken in my browser, so i want to ask - what is your main browser for game testing?

      2) Is elven bonus (Confidence growth while in managing jobs (capped by willpower)) working?
      I have used same girl with Heroic willpower both to Head Girl and Mage Order assistant for 20-30 turns and confidence still "Indecisive". If it's working only with farm manager - this bonus almost unusable, because farm manager already ask for a high-level confidence.

      3) Very interesting and important that willpower is inheritable. Actually may be it's worth to create something like FAQ.

      4) I found this special events:
      - In ancient forest (wilds around village) : one event, gnome & spell reward
      - In eerie grove : one event, plant side-quest + continue with girl
      - In Tainted Marsh : one event, found a way in Undercity
      - In Undercity : one event after a looot of fight, found girl + tentacles spell
      - found 0 events in Elven woods and Crossroads.

      You already mention that Undercity have a second part, so i need to found it, but at least i know where to search :)

      Question : Is that all events in current version (still use public release) and Elven Woods / Crossroads have no special events now?

      5) Micro-bug : if maid uniform worn by already submissive girl it's still write at end of day "Cali's maid's uniform forges her submissiveness. "

      6) Micro-bug : when work damage girl stats (mostly easy to notice with "fucktoy" assign) we receive no information about it.

    3. 1. Found the pregnancy bug (and bit more on top)
      2. It does work for farm manager and jailer (maybe headgirl? Should probably add it there)
      4. By second part of undercity I mean when you move from ruins into temple
      5. It means it just increases obedience (description actually changed already)
      6. I'll add note I guess, although it will be pretty hard to get girl for fucktoy which won't suffer from its effect.

    4. Glad to help and thank you for your work - that game look pretty promising and unique.

      2. Maybe it's just me, but I was sure that Headgirl role (especially with description in Headgirl settings) actually IS your harem management, aka harem mistress. So was a bit confused when it's don't growth my girl stats.
      But of course - it's only suggestion.

      5. Lol, that mean I'd wasted a several decades stupidly when pursuing idea of creating personal harem of girl with submissive trait.

      6. Yes, currently it's request 70 corruption (it actually may request a bit lower value, but I'm too lazy to check increments less then 10 ^_^).

      But I asked about some information of stats decrease because myself placed girl for that role to bring some gold and actually never expecting any backlash. And was really surprised much later :)

      Again - it's only suggestion, so it's to you to decide.

    5. 5. You can actually do this. Girls can acquire submissive trait by being raped and having orgasm from it. Entrancement spell guarantees it iirc.
      6. I think its 80 corruption is the cap.

    6. 6. Rechecked it's - yes, for girl without traits required 80 corruption.
      I had nymphomania trait on girl when trying to check corruption thresholds. My mistake that don't cleared girl traits before experimenting, but thanks to your answer, now I at least know what nymphomaniac trait do - reducing corruption thresholds for acts by 10 :)

    7. No, it actually does not. Nymphomania just guarantees orgasm in most scenes.

  7. Hey Maverik, don't know if this the right place. But how do you increase girls' stats?

    Like, I'm having a hard time finding a good candidate for "leader" roles like Jailer and Headgirl.

    1. If you mean willpower stats - generally you don't. You work with what you get.

    2. I see, what about things like courage?

    3. courage is a willpower stat. Very few things can raise it so I wouldn't depend on it.

  8. Her Maverik, where do I get Magic Essence?

  9. Can someone tell me where/if I may find snails?

    1. There was a Mystic Forest event that sends you down a river to a girl. She trades food for a snail.

    2. Sorry, I'm kinda new to this game. I take it that Mystic Forest and Mystic Grove are the same?