Saturday, May 7, 2016

0.0.2a and some plan for next weeks.!EMUAkJba!2PsQxTuRRyjF9XK-uzskKePW438VTBGHzYvr58Q7usE
(get 0.0.2 version for pictures)
Fixed slave sell screen
Fixed slave sell price for rare races
When recruiting prisoners their stats will be checked instead of your servants
'Search for tracks' not taking energy everywhere
Fixed healing and added sedation spell in fights
Emily shouldn't refuse to work after her recruitment
'Mind read' cast in the forest won't prevent you from starting a fight.

Now, as it seems people don't mind waiting for not so often updates, I'll make a quick disclosure on what comes next. 
Firstly, I make new high level zone, which will involve lots of dirty stuff happening with your bodyguards. With that, I realize, that I actually have to make work out of lab, so your ventures there will be useful in terms of transformations on demand. My plan right now is to make 'research tree', which will consume points(ingredients or w/e) from defeating enemies to unlock certain modifications. Defeat werewolves and you'll be able to enhance your girl with fur, tail, ears etc. Actual modifications will take some time and will require another occupation - lab assistant, who will affect your laboratory performance. Lastly, pregnancy system. It is pretty important in regards to both laboratory and new zone and will require some considerations.

Now, on the less fun side, I'll have to redo main quest line. Can't tell how much gonna change or stay, but right now it's a mere excuse to unlock stuff and force player into progression. 

There's also lots of other stuff I want to work on, like prisoner breaking, side jobs, custom events and interactions, but right now I can't tell how much it will take to get there and what will be next. At the very worst expect next release by the end of this month. 


  1. Tested it a bit, and I did find some things that you might want to look into.

    - Residents/Inspect/Choose living condition. As long as you keep everyone at the mansion, this works as it should. But if anyone assigned to your bed or guest rooms are sent away for training - they still occupy those slots. Perhaps a solution where the slots open, and when the girl comes back from training it checks 'if a room or spot in the bed is open, take it, otherwise 'communal servant room'?

    - Very unclear what, exactly, awareness skill does. I could guess (avoid being mauled when gathering, spotting people when searching for tracks, maybe even dodge bonuses), but do I know? No.

    1. This is a bit problematic topic, but I believe it should stay as it is right now as other options are considerably worse in my opinion. I could move resident to communal if she's assigned somewhere, but naturally it would take me to add lines every time assignment shows up, plus I feel like if you want to give girl a special place, you would want her to stay there even after she's back. Don't really think assigning someone who you sent away automatically to your bed is a good idea either.

      I promise, I'll add more clarification on what skills do once I actually get more assignments and uses for them. Right now many of those don't really do much because lots of stuff is not implemented yet.

    2. Nice to see attribute descriptions haven't been forgotten; when things are less "in progress" it'll be nice to see exactly which attributes affect which jobs etc (ie: I would assume endurance affects the Manual Labour job).

      On a similar note: I have absolutely no idea how to give slaves traits like nympho or submissive etc.

      I tend to use "sleep in my bed" as a breaking tool, pushing them back to the communal room once they're fully devoted. One thing I would like to see added to "sleep in my bed" though, is maybe 1 point (2 if nympho or similar?) of mana added per night. The low amount and limited bed slots should prevent this from being too powerful.

      Misc. thoughts:
      -Is it possible to increase the players maximum energy?
      -Will we ever get the option to customise the player character? Even if it's just cosmetic (only shows up on the "check stats" screen), things like race, gender, skin/hair colour would go a long way to helping solidify the image of my character in my mind.

      I'm enjoying what's I've seen of the game already and can see the potential in where it's headed.

    3. Endurance actually also affects prostitution a bit.

      Submissive and masochist traits can be obtained if girl climaxes after rape or torture. Nympho and frigid are tied to stimulant and deterrent potions right now.

      'sleep in my bed' actually forges loyalty, as slaves are considered subjugated after they leave your prison. I don't think I gonna add any mana generation on that aspect, as there will be other ways to passively generate mana.

      Player energy balance right now is in the air, so I will need to plan it for real before I can say anything on it.
      I may add purely cosmetic choices for PC generation if its nothing extensive and probably will at some point.

  2. Bug found: Once you have the farm, extra breasts only works for non-beast races. If they have extra nipples naturally, they cannot be expanded upon for some reason.

    1. That's not a bug. 3 extra rows is the limit, beast races just have them already.

    2. Ah, I see I was not clear. The problem is that for the beast races, those extra rows that are already there can not be gotten to work.

    3. It works for me. Whats the exact case?

    4. This happens in both game modes, but only under very specific circumstances.

      1: Go train a fighter.
      2: Take said fighter to Ancient Forest, then Move to nearby roads.
      3: Look at bandits until you see a beastkin. (This test I found a Beastkin Cat.)
      4: Save game 1
      5: Break via 'Have a talk' only. (May not be needed, but it's what I did.)
      6: Save game 2
      6: Throw into the Farm, try Ripe first. Fail, never works.

      However... If you reload a savegame 2, it works. If you reload savegame 1, and do 'chat chat, pass day, chat, break, throw into farm', it fails again.

      I hope this helps?

    5. Yes. Looks like my old time favorite java bug taking numbers for strings unless reloaded. Just use save/load for now, in next version farm won't have this options and i'll try to make it so they won't bug in lab

  3. Suggestion: Saves: Add day # and energy left to its description. "Day 63, 2 energy" for example would make it rather much easier to see what saves contain.
    Suggestion: Save to file/Load from file at some point, but perhaps not yet.

    1. Sadly, I'm not responsible for saves, as it is purely engine's feature. If we get lucky it will be changed, but I'm not sure if we can expect it.

  4. I just started playing 0.0.2b and it looks like neither of the "look for tracks" option use energy now.

    Other than that, I think your really low version numbers might scare people off. I started playing Free Cities at version number .3 and it really wasn't much more developed than this. At least from what I remember.

    1. Energy costs are intended, as they are not in the ground right now. As follower's health and well-being consumed on encounters I don't see much need in using energy for that right now.

      I don't think I have enough content to show up to give it significantly bigger version, so it's fine.

  5. bumped into your game on a 4chan site. I stopped by just to say how awseome it is and keep up the good work. I cant wait till you get a breeding mechanism in place that would be cool. I like how you keep the text short and simple and not too much reading. I've been looking for a breeding season alternative for quite some time.

    1. Don't really consider myself any close to breeding season without any kind of animation going, but thanks nonetheless.