Monday, May 16, 2016

I thought it would be better to inform players, as in next version I decided that your companions will actually be able die during fights, instead of just being gravely wounded. Reasoning for that is pretty simple. At first I didn't want to let something, what you spend lots of time on, to be completely lost because of miscalculations and stuff, so I made fights non-lethal. Now as my sadistic nature took over, I realize this is a huge problem when considering how it strictly limits me from using all sort of cool(read depraved) stuff I would love to implement. I'm not big fan of guro, but death and similar irreversible occurrences like transformation, corruption, petrification and vore (actually love slow seriously taken vore, lethality is not mandatory) quite entice me. But you can't do that in combat if player either gets teleported back to base when girl is defeated or can just hit 'escape' button when such problem rises.

Anyway, fights will be more staked and dangerous. Ofc nobody will keep you from save-scumming, but overall couple of bad moves may easily cost your follower's life. I also gonna introduce concept of 'grabbing' as you won't be able to escape with your follower if she's held by enemy. If you find yourself in such situation though, new spell will break grasp. Anyway, I believe more dangerous combat will be more interesting and versatile.

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