Wednesday, August 10, 2016

So wanna talk a bit about current release. There's stuff being worked on which didn't quite made it there and I have relatively small idea on when it actually will, such as Cali's quest line. Then I kinda wanted to push bit more of alchemy and spells in it, but both require quite some work and this update took plenty of time already.

Main issue with gameplay I feel there is right now is the combat system. To address that I added couple new spells for combat use, but I feel like this is a crutch at best. Combat system will eventually have to be redone, but in the same time I don't feel like attempting it on the Axma. I would really rather do it on the new engine, but switching is nowhere near around corner either... So to not waste my time for now I just will ignore it until either engine will be switched, or there's some other great solution comes up.

Alchemy needs some more attention and planning though. It's likely willpower boosting pots will make it there, although I can't quite decide yet how to make them hard to get, yet not a grindfest.

I like new area/encounter system but I'm yet to get any feedback on those. I could've probably done it better code wise, but it's working right now and it has lots of potential for stuff like non-combat encounters, treasures and so on. There's also been an interesting idea on the randomized combat quest, which would pick area, enemy and reward on random which I kinda really would like to try making, but I think we'd need a better combat system in first place to make it enjoyable.

That said, I wanna somewhat focus on making more quests, including main quest, as it's a stuff which will get transferred with least amount of effort onto any engine (even though there's no valid time for this sort of thing and I'm yet to find any programmer's help). And I also will need some more feedbacks to understand what people feel and how they are playing, so I'll be making a large poll on that in a few days.


  1. Will you impliment any new ways of increasing stats other than willpower? Just personally it's a lot more satisfying to me to be able to train up my existing servants, rather than just go out and search for a better one

    1. By 'willpower' I always mean 'willpower related stats', as willpower is not actually a self-sufficient stat in any way. So yeah, although it will likely be very costly.

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