Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's been about 2 weeks since I actively started rebuilding strive in godot (feels actually like 2 months to me...) so I wanna outline some progress and give bit of details on the upcoming changes (which are huge) i haven't mentioned yet.

Basically, basic slave generation (templates) are done and advanced slave generation (origins, traits and stats) are halfway done. More importantly, resident list, which i originally considered huge pain in the ass, is functional and it works with multiple residents just how I would expect. Originally I expected to do bit more including 'finish day' sequence (which honestly shouldn't be that hard) and sex actions screen, but rebuilding descriptions and optimizing character class for better text writing kinda took its time. And then there's also highly customizable character generation screen (which also was expanded quite a lot after that gif was made).

Speaking of which, I also implemented simple parser system which will allow me and any other contributors to write modular text really easy and instead of what in axma would be <<print $residentsname[$i]>> becomes just $name. I haven't really done much in terms of making code easily modable from the side yet, but it should be relatively easy to put stuff into separate text files for easy alterations once I get there.

Now there's still plenty of work to do, like build alchemy, spell and exploration system, not mentioning of combat (which i may omit in the earliest release to speed up earliest release people can actually play with), but so far I'm fairly satisfied with current progress and options.

Now onto changes which are related to slaves. As you may knew, characters will receive their 'backstories/origins' which will affect starting stats and mentals (courage, confidence, etc). So basically there's whole 'stat' group which will include both mental and other stats, while Willpower as arbitrary 'character coolness' scale is removed and mental stats will be acquired from normal activities besides just training. On the other side, many stats will have minimum and maximum values which may be altered by origins, traits, augmentations and so on. For example, girl with 'born in slavery' background will have minimum obedience capped at 40 so she would never be completely disobedient, but on the bad side her confidence and courage will be lower at start she won't be able to maximize them in the end.

Speaking of backstories, they are not going to be all 'get some buffs for some penalties'. Many backstories will be pretty bad and some will be really nice. Main idea is that first characters you may get, will be easier to train/seduce but will suffer from stat penalties, while more exquisite slaves will be harder to train, but in general provide higher quality.

Impregnation will work differently: girls will have certain chance to be impregnated from sex which will increase or decrease based on actions - more actions which would lead to impregnation will increase chance of it, while contraception will reduce it, but no entirely prevent it just from first day. Pregnancies will likely have bigger impact on physical and mental health but that is still to be decided.

As another small thing, 'rename' option is changed with 'nickname' which would be taken by other mentions if its not empty while preserving slave's original name.

These are some of details you should expect from remake. More on it when I get to other gameplay parts.


  1. Sounds awesome. Can't wait to test the new build. :)

  2. Can feel the hype from where i'm sitting. Keep up the good work, just dont work yourself to hard now

  3. The game thread at 8ch will hit the hard limit of 750 posts soon. Someone competent there is actually trying to debug the current build. You might consider voicing your opinion, Maverik.

    1. Was always pretty open about this kind of stuff. That's actually pretty nice someone skilled at js keeps old version on float as I killing myself with godot.

    2. Hi, that's me. I fixed the speed problem and have fixes for a few other bugs. Do you want to get it first or should I just post bugfixes directly in the thread?

    3. Do as you wish. I believe I can't use it anyway, since original is made in axma editor and I'd basically have to learn how to fix all that in every version. In any case I have my hands full with godot right now.