Saturday, May 7, 2016

Meaningful poll

There was a break at some point for month, when I redid half of the systems between 1 and 2 unnamed releases (or was is 2 and 0.0.1 version?). I'm always in the position, when I want to add more and more stuff, but if I keep going, we may not see any new versions at all for months. Anyway, help me out here. Which you prefer to see?
1. More often updates, less changes and new content between versions
2. Less often updates but more content in them and global reworks

Right now we are talking in terms of weeks. Like first would mean an update every few days up to week (even if its mostly bug fixes). Second would be up to a week to month, depending on how much stuff I wanna get done until next release. My general content is how satisfied are people with replaying small amounts of same content to ask for constant updates. Feel free to comment.

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