Friday, September 29, 2017 Public Release and some thoughts

Also, check out latest post about upcoming features

  • Fixed random start player beauty
  • Fixed couple guild related bugs
  • Fixed a bug with tattoo panel

  • Fixed xp bug
  • 0.5.0
  • New reputation features:
  • On low reputation you will be hunted by local patrols. Chance is based on your reputation and is reduced with scout's awareness
  • Low reputation will cause slaver guilds slaves to cost more
  • New criminal Hub - Umbra
  • Access can be purchased from Sebastian
  • Can now sell untamed slaves to Sebastian and Umbra for quick upgrade points and reputation penalty
  • Refined Brand will prevent slaves from stealing and agitating others

  • Numerous GUI improvements
  • Numerous code improvements
  • New minor sidequest
  • Sprite for Ayda
  • Slave end of day health regeneration nerfed
  • Daily events will feature character portrait (if exists)
  • Redone most weight random chances including slave race and origin generation including both encounters and guilds
  • Research Subject occupation revamped to be less safe and belongs to Umbra now
  • Fucktoy occupation renamed into Exotic Whore
  • New Fucktoy occupation now available in Umbra - emphasis on subjugation and abuse
  • Reputation now can't drop below -50 and raise above 50
  • Minimum amount of xp received by character is set to 1
  • Handcuff price increased to 250 and prevents escape completely
  • Frail Trait reduces max strength by 2 and agility by 1 instead of 3/3
  • Modified attributes are now colorcoded in slave's tab
  • Fixed a couple of gear related bugs
  • Fixed slaves with locked relationship asking for them for levelups
  • Fixed tattoo effect disappearing if you apply same tattoo to too many bodyparts
  • Fixed leveling request of gear item
  • Saturday, August 26, 2017

    Patreon Poll results and upcoming changes

    The last post had votes somewhat evenly spread which was curious to me. Most people asked for focusing on existing parts, but it seems that what parts we should focus on are not quite synchronized among patrons. In all honesty, 4th option was added more of a filler, but anyway, I wanna talk what shall be our main plan for next weeks.

    Thursday, August 3, 2017

    Q&A and progress info

    Q: Is Tisha going to have a sprite?
    A: Definitely. For last week our artist had minor health issues, so there were no progress to report about, but Tisha's sprite will make it to the next week. Besides that we have some plans to provide naked sprites for existing characters which you'd be able to see in their personal tab (since it should take little time with sources we have left). After that I have a bit of trouble telling what the next focus will be, since there's still plenty of potential work.

    Sunday, July 30, 2017

    I'm sorry for not updating this blog very frequently. There's been couple of things I posted at patreon (many are viewable by everyone) so for latest news it's better to check there.

    Friday, July 14, 2017

    Next public release date: July 21.
     It seems latest versions has been pretty stable with few real issues requiring quick patching, but let's not rush too much.

    For the next update I wish to get my hands back on the main story. We will working on Frostford and you might be able to temporarily get to human capital. I partly want to fit bit more into this, but we have to stay focused and finish main plot line, so there's this kind of balance I have to achieve before I can announce any more details.

    The vote went surprisingly favourable to smaller amount of characters, so I might add another scene or two for existing characters if I get time for that, but overall main plot goes first. I will also take a look on the existing portals and resource system and probably adapt it a bit (make portals unlockable by purchasing items, provide bit more depth to resources and so on).

    Another patch or two might come before that, but in terms of patron release I'll try to estimate it in next week. Until then, thank you for the attention!