Thursday, August 3, 2017

Q&A and progress info

Q: Is Tisha going to have a sprite?
A: Definitely. For last week our artist had minor health issues, so there were no progress to report about, but Tisha's sprite will make it to the next week. Besides that we have some plans to provide naked sprites for existing characters which you'd be able to see in their personal tab (since it should take little time with sources we have left). After that I have a bit of trouble telling what the next focus will be, since there's still plenty of potential work.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

I'm sorry for not updating this blog very frequently. There's been couple of things I posted at patreon (many are viewable by everyone) so for latest news it's better to check there.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Next public release date: July 21.
 It seems latest versions has been pretty stable with few real issues requiring quick patching, but let's not rush too much.

For the next update I wish to get my hands back on the main story. We will working on Frostford and you might be able to temporarily get to human capital. I partly want to fit bit more into this, but we have to stay focused and finish main plot line, so there's this kind of balance I have to achieve before I can announce any more details.

The vote went surprisingly favourable to smaller amount of characters, so I might add another scene or two for existing characters if I get time for that, but overall main plot goes first. I will also take a look on the existing portals and resource system and probably adapt it a bit (make portals unlockable by purchasing items, provide bit more depth to resources and so on).

Another patch or two might come before that, but in terms of patron release I'll try to estimate it in next week. Until then, thank you for the attention!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I'm currently having minor hardships so progress regularity is not on the level I'd actually be happy with, but nonetheless, with release of 43a I want to give couple of thoughts.

 Next public release date: 8th July.

 Next patron release date: more likely, next week, but if miracle happens, I will push next version on the weekend.

 Next release focus: I'll be polishing more stuff and I wanna add better way to monitor your roster (new slave list with some additional functionality, like selection occupation). I also wanna finally do another minor sidequest I originally planned for previous release but main plot related stuff and dungeon took too much time. I'll also hold a vote on next focus and see if people want more main quest done or side quest stuff, since pretty huge part of main quest has been done recently (gorn and amberguard), we might take a small break for some more flavor.

 With that, see you soon.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hopefully, last v42 patch is released and it's time to declare next public release date and try to estimate next Patreon release.

v42 will be released to public on 27th, unless I find out, that next version might come up sooner.

Now, I've spent quite lot of time considering on next main plot events and finally I can say few more words on it. Originally, I considered to do sort of arcs (or rather stages, since they are pretty short) based on main towns: 1st tutorialish arc happens at Wimborn, for second Arc you are sent to Gorn. I expected Frostford to hold 3rd arc, but instead we gonna get there later. Next arc will introduce elven town which will be connected to Wimborn and nearby dungeon/ruins, so for next update we gonna get new settlement, which will have different kind of atmosphere and a new dungeon to explore. I will also be dropping some plot points for later use. If anything, my main aim will be to present something vastly different in tone from what we already got, as until now plot has been very laid back (and i'm fine with it for tutorial part at least).

It's also a reason why 3 arc will be held at elven city: due to historical events elves are fairly hostile to humans and Mage's Order specifically, however you'll have to get through it and find access to the sealed ruins and claim long-lost documents from there.

I have a reasonable idea on how the rest of plot stuff will unfold, and it will take about 1-2 additional updates after that to be done with it, so maybe I'll do it in row. In any case, next update seems to be fairly big, so it might not appear until next month. However, I'll probably hold few votes and more exposition until then and mention next release date once things will start getting together. Thank you for the attention.