Friday, April 29, 2016


Fixed prisoner description, memory on girls from mystic grove, maybe something else. This post will be updated as new fixes are coming out.

Edit: Just realized I was giving wrong file without any fixes all that time.. please download this one!kQdAGKiJ!glZD_9TR1dBZnDJahl9ySEvibo8fPiIcZIFSG_78Cpg
Not feeding prisoners shouldn't break their stress stat anymore (and hopefully bug out future followers)
Fixed girls look shuffle (may require new game to completely fix)
Fixed girl sell to guild + added check if she's broken and according penalty.
Fixed resolution problem for 4x3 display users. 
Fixed some more bugged optional and main quests discovered on my own. Boosted gold generation by a bit. Fixed oviposition on farm. Judging by my own, almost everything is fixed and should work as intended, so if nothing else comes up in next days I will begin developing combat system.
fixed some disappearing and ghost slaves (hopefully).
Fixed bedding issue.
Added some clarity on encounters.

So while there's few bug reports I wanna get in some details on how combat and encounters gonna function. Or at least how I see it.

Needless to say, in current version combat is nonexistent, while encounters are pretty sketchy. Firstly encounters will be separated into two different groups, random and special (which are also randomly obtained anyway, so I'll add actual mention when you discover one). Random will scale from common to rare with aim to make rare harder and more valuable in terms of reward, and girls, naturally, will be harder to obtain than they are now.

0.0.1 Version

 So here we go. This is 0.0.1 version for reasons. Expect a lot of bugs and lot of bad text (although some is arguably good).

Whats new?
- Redone/updated many core systems (namely spells, stress management, items)
- Farm, as endgame (as of now) facility.
- Main quest is longer, there's also couple of sidequests of varying degree of obscurity.
- Fixed multiple bugs from old version (although I'm pretty sure this version will have just as many).

Whats still not here?
- Balance
- Stability (although I believe future fixes shouldn't affect saves)
- Combat system (will be next target)
- Library and laboratory are not in use

All in all I recommend this version if you are willing to deal with bugs and wait for me to fix them (I try my best to push out fixes as they are reported). Also sandbox mode may act iffy, as there's really ton of stuff to track to give access to on it.

Bugs and suggestions may go in the comment section as per usual!4YsXTDjR!vUK8Qrr7oAO7jj38x4KL4_bMHQ_L6gAXrCS68afL8Fk

By the way, if anyone knows their way around CCS and could add new window to axma to showcase stats, I would greatly appreciate it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Remember how I said, that if everything goes well, I'll release new version by the end of this week? Well, fuck me, because I got sick. But I gonna try to not slow progress down. Hopefully new version will still come out by the weekend, but since I had to skip some time, it will likely be less polished.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's quite fun to work on new branching events which add tons of flesh to world and characters. Kinda makes me realize how stuff like CoC came to the light. And how miserable I am. While some may offer decent art as their selling point, I can't do that, because my skill is so terrible, that would take years to get somewhere (and I don't have this much time to live lol).

Other can suffice with good writing... I can't do that, because my english is nowhere near good enough for engaging text which wouldn't make me puke when I spellcheck it. Theoretically I could write in russian, but it's bit too late to rewrite everything now. As it comes out, I can't really rely on somebody to do sex (and not) scenes from scratch, because every person has it's own way of wording things and I can't really expect my ideas to be conveyed by third party. The dream of finding a translator is still alive and maybe at some point I'll just snap, hire somebody and release two versions of game (that would be fun to manage...).

So in the end I'm stuck where I am. Coding, even though I never really coded in my life, not complaining though, since its way easier to pick up for me than drawing; and game design. Let's hope I won't fail too much on those at least.

Friday, April 22, 2016

When I realized, that my latest version came out like over 2 weeks ago, that made me feel like I didn't really do anything for so long time... Although that's not exactly true, and I redid like alchemy, spell, race, description and some other systems, but that still not justifying general lack of content.

So I get some ideas on fight system and I can tell, it gonna be pretty easy to grasp, probably turn based and won't involve tons of number crap like 'intuition' or 'accuracy'. That said, I won't be working on it before this release for obvious reasons. That will sink even more time into mechanics without giving out any reasonable content.

So I switched to main quest, developing it further and integrating farm system into it, so main quest purpose is to be like tutorial, which gonna teach player basic stuff slowly unlocking more and more, then maybe actual epic story, conclusion, etc.

I should probably also mention, that I found really a lot of bugs in previous version nobody reported (basically half of the optional stuff wasn't working at all) so that also got fixed.

I guess I'll be planning release on the next weekend, as it also takes most attention at that time, when most people check for new stuff for entertainment. Anyway, thanks for your attention.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

So new axma came out. Sadly nothing important what I was waiting for was added or fixed, so I'm pretty sad. 

On the other hand I redid spell system so its not random halfarsed effects anymore although they are only done for residents. I realize that I need to reconsider my alchemy system as now every race produce unique ingredients and I doubt that is healthy idea... 

My current main problem (aside that I got nothing from next engine version), is that I just have so much stuff I want to do before next release and some literally has no ETA, like getting fitting illustrations for certain parts or amount of custom areas I gonna have to write...

Saying that I realize that I need some sort of deadline at the very least, so lets call it 'by the end of month'. At the very worst by the end of month I'll release something, what I can not be shamed about.

Friday, April 15, 2016

I'm not dead

Well, DS3 is beaten (or was beaten in fact for about a day or two by this time) and now my interest to it is pretty tame, so I got back to SfP.

Bad news are Axma's new version is not released yet, so I'm kinda still working with what I currently have.

Taking a break actually gave me few insights. Right now I'm working on a memory/past system which will give some more personality to characters which I believe is never a bad thing, as long as its consistent.

Besides that description in profiles (and possibly character generation) will be redesigned to fit with an idea of girl's transformation. Also since I made a point about adding stress system and breakdown of girls I also wanna alter narration to reflect such occurrences. From far this looks like lots of work, but thankfully content is not that far.

Lastly, I want to figure out what I need to do in approximate time to pack a new playable version even if axma won't come out by the next week.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stress and new stuff

As I started to implement dairy (sorry everyone who i ripped that off) I quickly realized, that I should add multiple breasts since we can do magic stuff and more tits = more milk = more cash. This is how I got sidetracked for a whole day of work on how multiple breasts are function.

Dairy was implemented though so then I got sidetracked by another feature I mentioned earlier which I gonna just call 'stress' and 'spirit break' (or perpetual depression or w/e, I suck at english and don't know more fitting name). I want to talk about it, since this is gonna become a core mechanic since day 1. I generally prefer not to introduce players with unneeded complexity but right now training parts are lacking a lot.

Basically we had resistance/loyalty system previously. Resistance shows how much girl despise you, and loyalty shows opposite. They are not opposite though, and girl may despise your actions yet stay loyal. You'd want to think about loyalty as a long term built relationship while resistance is easily correctable (spells and pots may come in hand too). Now, with introduction of tasks, which may lead to (seemingly)permanent changes to bad side in girl's behavior, I needed a parameter to track how bad girl's feeling and resistance is not fitting there. For example tortures supposed to reduce resistance since its a punishment, while rape would increase.

To put it shortly, I made new stat called 'stress', which would act as a preventive punishing mechanism against players who will abuse slaves way too hard and still expect them to endure everything. After certain threshold girl will flip and will acquire 'broken' state, after which many activities will cause penalties or will be completely unavailable. This is also a generic state on which girls on various farms will function.

All in all I think this gonna make pretty balanced early game experience as breaking girl in submit may become an actual challenge instead of 'poor shit on her until she complies'.

Now, few words on next version: I hope, that Axma creator will release new version which I look forward very much because of some obnoxious bugs not allowing me to optimize some parts of a code + probably better interface. Naturally that will happen by the time I'm done with DS3. I may just realize new slightly optimized version with new features prior to that though. Anyway, thanks for your attention.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Future plans

So this is another post about future plans and my game design insights, tl;dr more stuff to do with girls, residence management etc.

Essentially SfP consists of two parts: management and exploration. While exploration is pretty easy to imagine and write, and only requires decent writing for most of it, management is what core gameplay actually is. Unsurprisingly it requires shitload of planning, testing and balance, while in same time fitting into whole game theme. Then there's another part, which makes me try to avoid copypasting from other games as much as possible but successful titles have reasons why they are successful.

Anyway we get girls, we get mansion, we get resources for our needs and dive into fantasy world. Whats then? Since there's going to be 3 key resources which will define everything else : food, gold and mana. By start you get pretty limited amount of each and it's challenging to acquire more. Early game options will generate either of those by tedious or slow pacing.

But then our residents pool grows and we would need better options to produce resources and utilize girls with their customizable features. Here in play comes facilities. Basically depending on race, age, preferences and sizes you will be able to assign residents on semi-automated system to satisfy your needs. Naturally this also promotes customization and body enhancements for those to yield better outcome.

Lastly as a penalty system I will be adding negative will parameter, which will basically occur when girl was abused so much that she basically lost any interest and motivation. Naturally working at human-cattle facilities will usually lead to such behavior. It will also impact multiple things like her ability to learn new skills, take parts in difficult activities and will lower her price drastically. There will probably be some way to revert this state, but it will come at significant price for sure.

Edit: forgot to mention, while it does sounds somewhat familiar to free cities, I'm not going to copy it over, this one will be far more customizable.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New races!

So spent last time on slight alteration of character generation mechanics and added new races.
Fairies - smaller sized humanoids with wings and long ears
Dryads - nothing, but green skin comes to mind for them right now
Dragonkin - rare race with mix of dragon blood. Scales, horns and tails included
Gnomes - not much to say besides size and probably bonus to mental skills
Tauruses - artificial race with horns, tails and larger tits

Some other things
I think I'll be focusing on writing(and world building) so proofreaders will have something to do and that aspect of the game will be less absent.

Now I should also mention, that PC version of dark souls 3 comes out in less than a week so expect me to disappear for a week or two at least. If things go spectacularly well I'll release something in a day or two prior to that, but that is more of a wishful thinking.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Warcraft races?

So I've been thinking about this for a while. I was actually planning to add few 'weird' races (ie dryads and fairies), but there's also a huge pool of WC races I know many would like to see. Namely: draenei, trolls, goblins, maybe worgens. Question is, should I blatantly ripoff from blizzard or nah. So I made a pool. Feel free to participate and comment.


(hopefully)Fixed most reported bugs and fixed some text.
Edit: new link
Edit2:new new link
Edit3: new new new link (fix irene quest)!dE1CHQwY!LqAKCKcxlmJLJ8XbOqarg5wbfm2cAijeIQpEg2QVpFo
Saves won't transfer btw.

Barely playable release!

So what it was.. nearly 2 weeks? I feel like I've been working on this project for about a month now.

So this is still very early alpha/demo version with no balance and low content. It still shows how most things are and will proceed.

Whats new:

Skills and stats revamped, companion position added
Naughty system makes some sense.
Few quests including one repeatable
Alchemical system
Better starting stuff, options and free girl
1 new portal destination

Whats you shouldn't expect:

Good or any writing
Laboratory is out of order
Content is low
Any sort of balance in numbers other than lust/loyalty

It will probably still have some bugs in it so please report what you find.

And yeah... I haven't worked much on content for same reason as before, I need a reliant proofreader/writer/translator. Please contact me if you are interested.!IclynbKK

If there's no major problems I'll spread this version around in order to find bigger audience and increase my chances of getting help with writing.

Yeah, I don't get what the hell is wrong with text format on blogger either.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Current progress

I know, I said I gonna work on content, but that's kinda not what happens most of the time, since I get sidetracked into mechanics every so often and content is a bit of a bitch to write when your english is far from great.
Anyway, for past days I somewhat fleshed out sex system so it works better with repeatable quests made previously and you can actually alter sexual traits. Now moving onto next part of main quest (and partly in regards with said system) I decided that I need to work out alchemist system and so I did that so now we have potions and effects in place with occasional brewing and ingredients. Balance is very out of reach so far but I believe this brings me pretty close to releasing something playable (and likely buggy).

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Repeatable quests!

For last two days I laid a base for randomized repeatable quests which will be probably other main source of income. You will be able to take them or reject if you don't think you can manage them and they will reset in few days. Now regarding sexual traits I can tell that there's going to be few ways to change girl's preferences (i.e. if she orgasms from rape, there will be a chance to acquire 'submissive' trait).

On a side note I still looking for proofreader/writer. Pls contact me...

Friday, April 1, 2016

I hate myself...

So.. if it wasn't obvious I've never been doing coding in my life. Yesterday I discovered how += works. Today I discovered there's Math.random...
On a positive side: skill and companion system is now in place and events required you to pick character now check your companion instead which also opens large possible future interactions.
Added a small sidequest which allows you to send your residents to work in brothel.
Most 'end of the day' executions has been redone with the new skill system.

I'll try to include few more functions and assemble working version in next few days in another desperate attempt to find proofreader/writer.

Edit: Oh yeah, now you start with somewhat customizable girl!