Thursday, June 2, 2016

Upcoming sex mechanic changes... again

While working on companion+someone else + possibly you, it appeared current system is not very convenient. Right now game takes girl's lust, then counts how much she gets from action, then if she reaches certain point, girl orgasms. The problem is - it's overly complex mechanic and not very intuitive to players. 

So i'll just go for simplified version. Orgasm occur if any of the conditions met (assuming it is possible to orgasm from the action) - girl loyal enough or corrupted enough, or has certain trait, or aroused enough. For example, girl on girl action would result in orgasm for one if she has bisexuality trait. Mana generation will still hold onto loyalty/corruption stats and boosted by traits. With two other participants its quite hard to keep track on things though, and somewhat nightmarish for threesome but I mostly sorted out what happens when.

On a side note there may be a solution to firefox problem in few weeks and in next version I'll try to help with stat drop to red when moving residents.

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