Friday, April 8, 2016

Future plans

So this is another post about future plans and my game design insights, tl;dr more stuff to do with girls, residence management etc.

Essentially SfP consists of two parts: management and exploration. While exploration is pretty easy to imagine and write, and only requires decent writing for most of it, management is what core gameplay actually is. Unsurprisingly it requires shitload of planning, testing and balance, while in same time fitting into whole game theme. Then there's another part, which makes me try to avoid copypasting from other games as much as possible but successful titles have reasons why they are successful.

Anyway we get girls, we get mansion, we get resources for our needs and dive into fantasy world. Whats then? Since there's going to be 3 key resources which will define everything else : food, gold and mana. By start you get pretty limited amount of each and it's challenging to acquire more. Early game options will generate either of those by tedious or slow pacing.

But then our residents pool grows and we would need better options to produce resources and utilize girls with their customizable features. Here in play comes facilities. Basically depending on race, age, preferences and sizes you will be able to assign residents on semi-automated system to satisfy your needs. Naturally this also promotes customization and body enhancements for those to yield better outcome.

Lastly as a penalty system I will be adding negative will parameter, which will basically occur when girl was abused so much that she basically lost any interest and motivation. Naturally working at human-cattle facilities will usually lead to such behavior. It will also impact multiple things like her ability to learn new skills, take parts in difficult activities and will lower her price drastically. There will probably be some way to revert this state, but it will come at significant price for sure.

Edit: forgot to mention, while it does sounds somewhat familiar to free cities, I'm not going to copy it over, this one will be far more customizable.

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