Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Barely playable release!

So what it was.. nearly 2 weeks? I feel like I've been working on this project for about a month now.

So this is still very early alpha/demo version with no balance and low content. It still shows how most things are and will proceed.

Whats new:

Skills and stats revamped, companion position added
Naughty system makes some sense.
Few quests including one repeatable
Alchemical system
Better starting stuff, options and free girl
1 new portal destination

Whats you shouldn't expect:

Good or any writing
Laboratory is out of order
Content is low
Any sort of balance in numbers other than lust/loyalty

It will probably still have some bugs in it so please report what you find.

And yeah... I haven't worked much on content for same reason as before, I need a reliant proofreader/writer/translator. Please contact me if you are interested.


If there's no major problems I'll spread this version around in order to find bigger audience and increase my chances of getting help with writing.

Yeah, I don't get what the hell is wrong with text format on blogger either.

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