Monday, May 2, 2016

Working on new aspect is like trying to follow one of your thoughts.You start trying and after sometime you have no idea where the hell you are. So after combat system got mostly figured out (that is also some fun stuff as I also had to consider stuff like effects/spells/order/etc) I figured, that I have to redo most of the stress/health recovery system... well, that's nice, but then I have to start with prison, as stress mostly accommodates there. And now I understand, that will breaking system has to be revamped...

Well, old system was mostly crap. It was like 3/5 chance that after a certain action prisoner breaks. It was also the only place which checked girl's temperament so you could break her only with some actions. Sadly it was better on paper: you'd have to figure best way to break girl, then actually carefully enjoy slow process. In reality it took bit of guess and then RNG played it role.

So yeah.. This have to go. Now I have a choice: stick to the dream and make breaking girls 'fun and interactive', requiring specific approach or just make mechanic slightly more consistent and straightforward. Second option is really tempting as it requires far less thinking...

Now then comes ANOTHER revamp which I will have to apply to next version. Energy revamp. As fights will be handled by your companions, I guess there's no point for you to pay energy for those searches, although I may consider some arbitrary stat to keep stuff in check. I think all travels should be energy free. So with fighting and traveling leaving from energy cost we have only 1 interaction, which will take primal spot of energy costs - residents interaction. Which kinda makes sense to me, since now I can limit prisoner interaction to, say, 1 a day, and you won't be able to recruit someone next day after capture.

On a side note, I DO plan to make a jailer occupation, which will take care of prisoners, feed them and eventually persuade or break them at faster rate.

Ah, decisions decisions.

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