Monday, October 31, 2016

Thursday, October 27, 2016

My GPU had died.

Well, thats unfortunate turn of events as now I'm limited only to scripts. Replacement gonna take few days so this time no visuals...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Save system done

Nothing fancy in terms of design but still a lot better than what we were used to. Lets just say it was so much easier than what I had to do in axma.

Oh yeah, ingame menu sort of functional as well.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Been experimenting with some alternative GUI textures and fonts plus developed new 'popup' and 'dialogue' windows, but anyway here's everyone's favorite parts revamped.

Here you can see basis of new interaction system: lewdness, lust and obedience/loyalty being core stuff in unlocking more actions and variations. Speaking of which, lust plays somewhat different role now: it won't go away entirely but rather only decrease from some actions and increase from another. High lust will allow more consensual sex if obedience/loyalty is too low, so often you'll be able to 'drug your way through'. Speaking of various actions, I have bit of an idea to make them serve different purposes - some would give more lewdness or build up lust, some relieve stress (like massage kind of stuff) and some will build up loyalty for higher mana production perhaps, or allow to develop new traits. While I might have lots of enticing possibilities in mind, I plan to keep it simple for now (although there's already stat changes on every action + forced variants...) and refine it further after release.

After I finished basis for this system, an additional idea occurred to me: to make sex interactions flow entirely through dialogues so you'd only initiate it some way and get randomized options based on how much you've unlocked making it bit more of exploration kind as some options will unlock depending on anatomies and stats. But then that may be way too much work to take care of right now, so I decided to settle for current 'pick your action' system, as it shouldn't be hard to redo it into mostly dialogue-based system later on.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A month has passed

Well, as you can get from the title, it's been about a month since I went full on new engine, so here's the news. About over 3500 lines of code has been written (altho few of those include already existed descriptions) and I've been working on the 'finish day' logic and jobs for the last week. This time I'm not giving gif though, since it would be too much fine-tuning to show all the work done as lots of it related to minor bugs and behaviors produced by end-day sequence.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More stuff

I've been spending bit of time on developing custom ui (the dropdown menu, so it could reflect both small and big tooltips) so it went slightly slower than I expected, but otherwise this part is nearly done. As you can see, I've added underwear option, although there's not much there yet. I've also had some thoughts about how now we have male gender, so later I'll probably tag clothes as male/female/unisex and will work out penalties/bonuses accordingly so servants will be treating their outfit based on their preferences too (perhaps traits?).

Thursday, October 6, 2016

So this part of character screen is practically over. As you can see in the gif, it has custom tooltips, build lists from available information and shows plenty of data on quick glance. New text wasn't proofread yet (and probably could use more fluff, but sadly i'm out of writers).

There's still need in some sort of custom gui (borders, panels, buttons etc), so I'll consider any offers if anyone willing to help with it. Next comes interactions and overall rules/jobs tabs.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Status update

Sadly, I can't show a lot for this week since I've spent tons of times on fixing and polishing origins + trait + effects systems. Basically, for now game has about 20 unique stories and about same number of unique traits(speaking of which, there's totally no limit to how many of those could be included). Both have related tags (like poor/rich/unusual for stories, physical/mental/sexual/etc for traits), so game will be able to pick specific parts and apply their effects on characters on demand. Traits also can have conflicting traits (like dominant/submissive or talkative/silent) and game will take into account those before applying. Since effects are in place, spells and items won't be too big of a problem as game can easily apply and remove all changes tied to effect. There's still some room for work, like tying trait rolls to backstories, but for now I feel like it's fairly decent, so I'll move back to building main screen and will try to produce some more screens in next days. 

On a side note, I haven't quite settled my mind on skills/levels/skillpoints yet so that part may take some time later on and change quite a bit.