Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's quite fun to work on new branching events which add tons of flesh to world and characters. Kinda makes me realize how stuff like CoC came to the light. And how miserable I am. While some may offer decent art as their selling point, I can't do that, because my skill is so terrible, that would take years to get somewhere (and I don't have this much time to live lol).

Other can suffice with good writing... I can't do that, because my english is nowhere near good enough for engaging text which wouldn't make me puke when I spellcheck it. Theoretically I could write in russian, but it's bit too late to rewrite everything now. As it comes out, I can't really rely on somebody to do sex (and not) scenes from scratch, because every person has it's own way of wording things and I can't really expect my ideas to be conveyed by third party. The dream of finding a translator is still alive and maybe at some point I'll just snap, hire somebody and release two versions of game (that would be fun to manage...).

So in the end I'm stuck where I am. Coding, even though I never really coded in my life, not complaining though, since its way easier to pick up for me than drawing; and game design. Let's hope I won't fail too much on those at least.


  1. Very few people- game/d/evs -code their entire game, draw the art themselves, and do the writing too. Many /d/ games, in fact, have little-to-no art, and the ones that do tend to use generic /h/ or /d/ pictures. I, at least, wouldn't count it against you if your game fell into either of those camps.

    As for the writing: if you're not happy with your own work/flavor text, leave it as a placeholder, but ask for volunteers to re-write it, or at least an editor to change it up.

    Regardless, I'm excited to see what you've come up with next week, or whenever you feel ready to put out your first version.

    Also, consider posting pictures alongside your updates; not necessarily of the code, or of your progress, just pictures relevant to your current project. Cowgirls if you're working on the dairy, growth-porn if you're working on transformation magic, or hypnotism-pics if you're working on mind-control/manipulation.

    1. Thanks, but as I discovered, it's pretty hard to leave text to someone, who is on even slightly different wave about the game. It's just I often don't see what other may try to input as a part of a game, as it gives completely different feeling.

      Thanks for the suggestion about pictures, but in truth I nearly never save any pictures I come across on the internet bar for very few, generally cutesy. I'll consider it though.