Thursday, May 12, 2016

Some info on progress and future of project

So as I was working on adding pregnancy and planning around offspring, I realized, that if I gonna anyhow work with turning offspring into your next slave generation, I would need to add some look to the main character (because ya know children inherit appearance of both parents etc), so I came up with little pregen menu one of the players also asked.

Now few words to clarify on what will happen (at least most likely). Pregnancy will last for about 15 days (i'd love to follow actual real life numbers but lets face it, nobody has time to watch their girls be pregnant for ~270 days). Child's stats will be generated on conceive and you will probably have some way to see what gender it will be. Now, after birth you will get brief screen. If child is a girl, you'll get option to sell/send her away and never see it again, or if you have specific equipment, you'll be able to accelerate her growth and upload all necessary information into her brain, so basically turning her into adult after some time. Yeah, that's pretty big stretch on suspension of disbelief (at least for me), but my original thought - sending her to another dimension with accelerated time, does not really make any sense in context of lore, at least yet. If child is a boy, you will get an option to either turn him into a girl, futa, or send away. Reasoning for that is pretty simple, akin to FC - game prefers to think, that everyone is a female and addresses them accordingly. And I don't have a good excuse, like FC has, to say, that males in universe are still females if they are slaves. I may do something about it later, but right now we are like this.

Next onto more specific stuff... I'm somewhat eager to switch from axma engine for multiple reasons, but main reason I still don't, is that I'd need to spend TONS of time to learning new engine and programming on it. Still yet, I'll be looking for people, who would be willing to help and stick around for coding, maybe art design, writing and stuff like that. Right now I'll keep working on axma so audience and potential to find right people will grow, but once I will be redoing game on better engine, expect lots of changes and idle time in-between releases.


  1. Hello, I've been enjoying your game so far and I'm looking forward to watch your game evolve. Sending your kids into another dimension is a great idea. It's simple building on the portal mechanic. Easily explained as manipulating your portal to send the kid to a pocket dimension run by a guild of long live people, magi that have become lich like beings, or bound sprits even. If you do go the dimension approach, a good excuse for males considered female could be that some boys grew up being fed doses of female hormones or plants / potions that slowly feminized them.

    1. Well, as I mentioned, currently it just does not fit into whole lore picture. Anyway lab approach is already mostly done, but I'll keep another option in mind if opportunity rises.