Thursday, July 28, 2016

Firstly, I wanna make a bit of disclaimer. It seems, that many people adopted 'save to string' option, but it's actually far from stable. Many bugs I've been reported are really caused by this function's imperfect, so, please keep in mind it is only there to transfer your data to incompatible version or if you can't store cookies/need to change device. If there's no such problem, use gear icon on top right of the screen or right click inbuilt save function. This function is far from being reliable and you just increase likelihood of getting random bug. I'll make specific mention in next version, but just so we are clear.

So I've been talking about how I wanna bring more fun races, and mentioned body structure so I wanna talk a bit about it. Current girls will fall into 3 body types: humanoid, anthropomorphs and short stacks (midgets?). Anthro (furry) is mostly humanoid but also partly animal. Short stacks will involve gnomes, fairies, goblins (to be added) and possibly there will also be function to 'fun-size' other race. Naturally, short stacks will be main subject of size play options which should be noticeably different at least in some instances. On the gameplay side though, short stacks will receive current gnome's penalty (combat, survival and service limited).

Out of what is still not implemented, I can somewhat surely name two: Slimes - gelatin, which would not allow any standard lab modifications; and harpies. Harpies actually open whole chapter of girls which I'm not quite sure how to put hand on, except they are least troublesome, as still of somewhat humanoid shape. Other possibilities - lamias, arachnas, mermaids, centaurs etc... They all have one thing in common - I have no idea how to present them in sex interactions. Even if I assume they would be of average human's size and have some clue what vanilla interaction could look like, threesomes would be a logistics nightmare. Like what can mermaid on centaur action look like? I'm not sure I've ever seen anal with snake girls either. Maybe scylla would do relatively fine though... Perhaps I shall either play it safe and put them into 'zoo', or deny any 'companion interactions' and maybe few others...

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