Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New races!

So spent last time on slight alteration of character generation mechanics and added new races.
Fairies - smaller sized humanoids with wings and long ears
Dryads - nothing, but green skin comes to mind for them right now
Dragonkin - rare race with mix of dragon blood. Scales, horns and tails included
Gnomes - not much to say besides size and probably bonus to mental skills
Tauruses - artificial race with horns, tails and larger tits

Some other things
I think I'll be focusing on writing(and world building) so proofreaders will have something to do and that aspect of the game will be less absent.

Now I should also mention, that PC version of dark souls 3 comes out in less than a week so expect me to disappear for a week or two at least. If things go spectacularly well I'll release something in a day or two prior to that, but that is more of a wishful thinking.

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