Friday, January 27, 2017

Future plans

Since previous poll is essentially over(thanks for voting), I wanna go through the quick summary of ideas I have on my mind and will be implementing in near time.

Relatives generations.
Shouldn't be huge of a problem, although I'm not sure if I'd want to simulate parents every time I'd need to create, say, a sister to someone. Family tasks have been a long suggested thing and it should be fun to implement.

Starting sequence.
Basically there's some ideas to revamp game start and add some step-by-step tutorial. Current starting screens are pretty lackluster and I also have some ideas regarding the very first slave (basically take it away and give a new opportunity to meet one early on). But the first thing is to make game easier to pick up.

My procrastination on the Cali's quest is miserable (perhaps would make it longest 'to be implemented feature so far?), so I will start implementing it right away. The other sidequest might as well come from new optional characters from starting sequence, but that might not come soon (as I'd need to make the sequence first). I also felt like removing/revamping Emily event for very long time, as her purpose was purely testing out event structure.

Visuals and audio.
Lack of any sounds bothers me but I didn't get enough time to search through free stuff to work on it. That might change soon enough though, or at the very least its in the check list. Visuals, though, is a bit of a different issue as there's always tons of work related to them. Basically, I'd want to expand accessibility of player added images, which could also land foundation for generic images (new slave tab revamp partly influenced by it since I want to add more space to the inspection tab which might eventually need to hold full body picture). However it raises the usual problems of other people's contributions: not many stick around even in terms of writing and I'd imagine artists/designers are even harder to keep. Hopefully one day I'll get to the point of being able to sustain some with support from you-know-what.

Other small stuff.
Apiary (passive mana generation), balancing issues, main story and more encounters of various kinds, specific empowering modifications at the lab, 'end of day' events for job assignments, dating, more various responses from 'talk' option and many other details I still keep in my mind, and wish to eventually add. Sadly, being one person crew makes it not conveniently quick.

Anyway, month is ending, and thank you everyone for watching over me.

Monday, January 23, 2017

It's been a tough time recently: combat system was introduced, many game aspects has been changed, more mechanics and visuals has been added and so on. Now, that most thing are in place, it's time to expand what's there. My biggest problem right now is actually how sparse focus group became. Originally strive supposed to be pretty generic man fulfillment - you are a guy surrounded by girls (focus on girls and their features, obviously), and that was it. However due to various pushes I ended up adding female MC and male slaves to the possible options. For those, who would be new here, I just wanna make a disclaimer: I'm not planning to focus on those options, even though they are in the game. If i get submissions related to them, I can use it, otherwise you shouldn't expect major progresses in this area.

Friday, January 13, 2017

0.4.0c Release

You can find latest versions on Patreon 
0.4.0c patch (requires 0.3.32 or any other version of your system)
Installation: replace data.pck in your game folder with new one.

  1. Remove or rename data.pck from your game's folder
  2. Unpack from downloaded archive
  3. Put into your game's folder where data.pck was
  4. Start the game

0.4.0c patch:!gAlUmJ7a!BDPB1BPCI3YQo_tPd3T4_VjPM9wzxN2UDmL96jHO4OM


  • Added option to add custom descriptions to the slaves
  • Fixed missing genitals from slave's description
  • Fixed game not correctly applying version to saves
  • Fixed main quest fairy issue (again)
  • Made music load into memory on startup so there should be less stress on rar version
  • Fixed main quest part with fairy
  • Fixed mansion's state affecting slaves not in the mansion
  • Fixed Cali's scene triggering while she's away
  • Added continutation to the main quest
  • Added new backgrounds for: Mansion, Wimborn
  • Added new sprites and portraits for: Cali, Emily after recruitment.
  • Added few new scenes to existing quests
  • Added option to remove slave's portrait after assignment
  • Added warning to starting game with female main character
  • Elixir of regression now must be purchased in Gorn after progressing main story
  • Race descriptions now shown in dialogue window
  • Changed log message fading sequence (now fades quickly after 4 seconds)
  • Fixed some errors with branding
  • Fixed mental stats rounding up on the stat screen sometimes causing missunderstanding about real value
  • Fixed some instances not accounting for sex-crazed trait when they actually should
  • Fixed some minor quest errors
  • Fixed slaves with regressed trait still being able to work on social jobs
  • Fixed disappearing sidequests from the questlog on reload
  • Fixed laboratory not working on web/when fade to black disabled


  • Fixed removing fade to black option for slave tab
  • Hopefully fixed disappearing slave list


  • Added option to disable screen fading animation
  • Added side log panel for better info
  • Library assignment gives bonus exp dependant on Wit
  • Updated traits descriptions
  • Rape actions will cause stress in most cases
  • Prude trait will cause stress on uncommon sex
  • Same-sex actions will cause stress if slave has no bisexual trait
  • Undeserved sex punishments will also affect loyalty
  • Greatly increased effectiveness of punishments towards obedience
  • Frequency of daily events reduced
  • Fixed low obedience having no impact on consesual sex (no more forced sex unlocks with no consequences)
  • Fixed wearing no underwear to cause loyalty growth instead of lust
  • Fixed some issues related to main menu, music and hotkeys
  • Fixed hollowed nipples upgrade causing errors


  • Added new slave tab with bunch of technical info
  • Threesomes can only be done once a day now
  • Prisoners can be accessed from slave list now (click on the Prison label)
  • Cleaning mansion job now provides exp
  • Devoted trait now acquired on 90 affection points instead of 75 loyalty
  • Undeserved beating will also cause loyalty to drop
  • Added refresh button to the portrait section and disabled automatic refresh on every opening
  • Fixed hotkeys triggering when entering nicknames and searches and some other input errors
  • Fixed events about two different slaves using same slave for both places
  • Fixed praising and gifting resetting affection points

  • Slaves won't ask for degrading actions if they don't have Deviant trait to prevent stress hits
  • Slaves won't ask for sex requiring body parts you lacking
  • Monster girl type enemies has been buffed
  • Fixed Tisha's quest ending


  • Main quest storyline now provides gold rewards for delivering slaves
  • Repeatable quest rewards increased
  • Some repeatable quest requirements lowered
  • Buffed praising and gifting to provide more loyalty on right usage
  • Defeated slaves from player party will be sent to bed for 3 days instead of dying
  • Fixed sex action list in jail giving wrong options
  • Fixed footjob not being unlocked from fetish unlocks
  • Fixed couple of bugs related to Tisha's quest completion

0.3.32 version


Sadly, I can't make web version to have more than 64mb ram for some reason, so performance on bigger mansion will still be an issue. But, anyway, it's here.

Usermade portrait pack

Monday, January 9, 2017

Just realized I haven't posted anything for nearly 10 days so... I'm alive had to reinstall my OS due to some weird circumstances so had to spent about 2 days without any progress. The good news, though, release this week (probably will happen near weekend as per usual). Most of the combat stuff is finished and fairly functional and currently I'm wrapping stuff responsible for leveling/obtaining abilities and enemy pools. Sadly, Gui is not quite finished yet, so it will only feature some elements changed. See you in next few days.