Monday, October 3, 2016

Status update

Sadly, I can't show a lot for this week since I've spent tons of times on fixing and polishing origins + trait + effects systems. Basically, for now game has about 20 unique stories and about same number of unique traits(speaking of which, there's totally no limit to how many of those could be included). Both have related tags (like poor/rich/unusual for stories, physical/mental/sexual/etc for traits), so game will be able to pick specific parts and apply their effects on characters on demand. Traits also can have conflicting traits (like dominant/submissive or talkative/silent) and game will take into account those before applying. Since effects are in place, spells and items won't be too big of a problem as game can easily apply and remove all changes tied to effect. There's still some room for work, like tying trait rolls to backstories, but for now I feel like it's fairly decent, so I'll move back to building main screen and will try to produce some more screens in next days. 

On a side note, I haven't quite settled my mind on skills/levels/skillpoints yet so that part may take some time later on and change quite a bit. 


  1. Hey, just checking up on you. The game, based on what I've seen thus far, is receiving quite the improvement. I would offer to help, but I know next to nothing about coding (I'm a biologist, sue me). Tell me, do you have some ideas of the way you could handle skills/etc.? This is just a piece of advice, feel free to ignore it, but if you post those guidelines, perhaps one of us could offer suggestions that you may not have thought of?Maybe you will end up going a completely different way than what you originally planned. Or you may combine different ideas. Just my thoughts.

  2. I wish I could, but I'm not entirely sure if those piece I add (traits/backgrouds) will work as intended. It's kind of wild card which I plan to correct later on because it's pretty impossible to predict how major changes will play out. I don't mind taking any sorts of suggestions as long as they are reasonable, but without experiencing gameplay first-handedly, its pretty hard to say what should stick and what should go.