Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Little big update (game design is a bitch).

So I've been spending countless recent hours on thinking how stats actually fitting in whole picture and how do I focus on missions and uniqueness between girls so they feel somewhat special unlike, lets say FC where you can make girl into pretty much anything with little effort. At certain point I realized, that there's no need to hardlock girls onto something to make them unique. Instead I can limit on how many things they can perform in general so new system was born in my mind which also makes far more sense rather than str/agi/int which is not related to anything and just looks like orbital numbers.

Instead of Stats there will be Skills, ie Fighting, healing, gathering, household, 'bedding' etc. Most girls will start with no skills and training will be expensive and limited. There will be a hard cap on how many skills in total one girl can learn so customization comes into play. You can make a girl ideal hunter, or decent partner or great housewife and so on, but not everything in same time. Races will add starting bonuses to certain skills, like elves will get a racial plus to awareness skill and so on. Naturally 'harder to get' girls will also have more skills from start. And naturally I'll try to balance what skills are required for certain tasks so its not Super Obligatory to take skills to dominate.

Lastly, I believe there's gonna be 1 companion which you can assign to travel with you and who's stats will play role in events you may encounter.

Small progress log.

Added and adapted an option for residents to be unavailable due to being on missions and similar.
Added an option in slaver guild to subdue your prisoner in 1 day for bit of cash. Won't work for special npcs though and will take some adjustments later on.
Revamped stat->skill system
Redid (optimized) population screen a bit.

Next on the list: more content hopefully.

Thank you for your interest.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Feature of 'combat' system (aka mid to lategame gameplay)

So I've been crackling my head for past few days to figure out what do I want in gameplay besides basic mansion management and exploration and finally got somewhat valid idea. Now, I'm really trying not to rip off ideas from any other developer but occasionally I do feel like I'm getting into that territory.

Anyway, right now there's 3 'physical stats' for any girl, which are strength agility and intelligence. Those affect income and outcome of few tasks and can grow. There's also limit for each girl on how high it can get based on race and age or preemptive generation. That's very sandboxy system which does not really work with game progress is what I realize now.

Firstly stat growth will be heavily limited to special tasks and training while still influencing income of standard tasks and will be way more restricted based on where you acquire certain girl. What I'm saying - stronger girl = greater stats to work with. And for stronger girls obviously you'll need to work harder (progress further).

Now what do we do with those cool grills which we payed our time? Well, firstly there'll be ranks/jobs/professions, like 'warrior rank 3' or 'cleric rank 5'. To have girls make it to there you'll need to pay and have necessary stats for her (I'm still in doubts about what stats will be added or removed though). Once she gets the rank, she can be assigned on a mission of various degree, like helping a town with bandits, or working as a nurse or roam into dungeon, that kind of stuff. Then, based on ranking and stats you'll see the outcome of her mission. The greater she is, the more positive it is. Naturally different missions will require different ranks to be optimized, and if your girl does not fit, disastrous and naughty events might occur.

Missions will reward you (and girls) with exp, money and loot, which is used for crafting and occasionally even new girls.

Now that's a lot to wrap my mind around and I have to consider how normal tasks will affect all that + what should be a good amount of servants to keep, although technically I'm limitless on how many of those can be there. The biggest part, naturally, make up that many missions, but that is for later, for now I have to replan and rewrite stat system.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Proofreader/writer wanted.

So as many should realize, my writing is sub-par at best given I'm not a native english speaker. At the very least I need a proofreader(s) but dream would be to find someone for rewriting my crap. As an option I believe I can write pretty juicy in russian, but literal translation is not something which works great when text is your main tool for player influence.

Anyway feel free to take a look at current script and help out with proofreading or contact me otherwise.

Meanwhile: adding more stuff to main quest line with promotions and stuff.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Feature list

So this is to summarize what I have in mind and what can still be suggested.

In there in some way:
- Prison/discipline/servants management. I'm relatively happy with system right now, although some adjustments will be needed.

- Random girl generation, features tied to races, traits, stats and so on.

- Day cycling making time progress, executing jobs, counting income etc.

- Spells to learn. There's few but I want to keep them intuitive and sandboxy to be used whenever you feel like.

- Different areas. Currently there's not much to talk about, besides Town and one location, but its easy to add more.


- More flavor text. Basically I want even minor item/spell uses to be followed with fluff text. For a text game, naturally this is the centerpiece, so work probably will never stop on it.

- Combat system. I want something, what can be achieved with just text, yet be exciting. Maybe group combat with recruiting your servants. Unless I think of something genius, this stays as low priority.

- Progression in gameplay sense. Basically, main quest and new areas will be unlocked and better girls will require harder approach and so on. I will most likely allow sandbox mode where everything is unlocked so you can just fool around.

- Crafting system. Well, comes somewhat natural that mage will brew his own special concoctions for his needs.

- Starting options. Certain options so you get to unlock a spell, equipment or girl.

- Pregnancy and consequences.

First release

This is a text game about you, who decides to dabble magics and inherit a lone mansion all by himself. You will have to populate it by capturing girls and make them work for you. For that you have a portal room allowing you to travel to far places and explore them for potential rewards. 

So after about 3 weeks since I started, I managed to get here. This version is far from what I aim at but it has some play-ability.
Whats in it so far? 
- Basic slave/prisoner management and interactions
- 1 main quest for mage guild
- Slaver guild to buy/sell already tamed girls
- Laboratory and items for nearly full alteration with no consequences
- 1 small area to travel where you can capture girls
- Basic spell system

I'll try to assemble some sort of check list on what I'm planning to implement. Also all feedback is welcome.
Please, keep in mind that I'm not a native english speaker and this hasn't been proofread at any point. In fact I do need proofreaders or maybe even writers/russian-english translators.