Friday, May 6, 2016

A minor disclaimer

So as I working on new zone, I decided, that actually I have to work out lore a bit. As some other questions regarding main quest line raises, I just wanna remind to everyone, especially those, who tries to follow the story, that most things you currently see are not canonically solid or anything. Most of the stuff was done (and still somewhat influenced by) to see what sort of stuff I can do with engine, and to give overall idea what to expect of future game.

So, said that, don't be surprised if main quest line will receive major changes in next version. Thank you.


  1. Alright, so this one is of topic, but how many options exist for the UI in the engine you use?
    At least for me, it's super small and almost tedious to micromanage everything that way :(
    Or can we set that stuff locally somehow?

    1. It's somewhat customizable, but it requires css knowledge which I heavily lack. You can change text size in game though. What parts are too small for you?

    2. I guess i'll have to check for the text size first. Dunno, most menues are fairly small, the menue on the right, where you choose were to go cones to mind, and also the menue where you save. But, well, i guess ill really have to see with the bigger text size first.