Thursday, July 28, 2016

Firstly, I wanna make a bit of disclaimer. It seems, that many people adopted 'save to string' option, but it's actually far from stable. Many bugs I've been reported are really caused by this function's imperfect, so, please keep in mind it is only there to transfer your data to incompatible version or if you can't store cookies/need to change device. If there's no such problem, use gear icon on top right of the screen or right click inbuilt save function. This function is far from being reliable and you just increase likelihood of getting random bug. I'll make specific mention in next version, but just so we are clear.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Some may have noticed only 1 dynamically generated made it into the game (namely pussy rape, which was mainly planned and done by me and then rewritten). Sadly, one of the writers got ill so... to be honest, anything related to writing has been a train wreck from my point of view so far.

Friday, July 22, 2016 Release (download for pictures)!dMd1iTQR!q7O0UwMwVdjMPmuuD354ghpF_SPsxZdAvfLyHYSux1o

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Toxicity and mutations.

I genuinely enjoy making new fun mechanics... especially when they are actually necessary for balance reasons. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Now, that you know what game is over...

Breeding season. That's pretty funny and sad in same moment. Some people make really dumb decisions, many many other suffer of consequences. It's pretty bad, that there's literally no chance to see any game of that sorts come out anymore(maybe someone should go for that niche, hah), unless miraculously those two would make up, which I'd really consider best possible outcome for them, since right now their project and reputation hopelessly ruined.

That is a considerable hit to crowdfunding projects of the same crowdfunding nature, especially when you consider that they were one of the biggest patreon projects. It kinda opens more spot for other similar games, but I don't really think there's much of competition here in first place. It's not like player has to select which project to support unless he's really low on money, which would probably make correct not to support either. Arguably, average user does not risk all that much, as his funding is not very significant on bigger scale, but I do know exactly its the expectations what really suffer, and when reality crushes it, it causes huge discomfort.

Personally though, I take few notes on the stuff I really shouldn't do. Not that I tend to trust other people at all.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

State of things

So far, the biggest news to report are: more tutorial/gameplay info option on many important screens explaining many mechanics and addition of few modular generic scenes (really few), which are gonna account for residents' looks, mental condition and so on.

I've also added few more description/parts pieces on main character and penis types for all residents (although not quite sure how actual change will make it to the game). Really trying to focus on the main quest line for now.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 and some notes

Here's new version:!5B8iEToY!-Dq8eaVLycyrN7ttwXWQoBSahN2QONEslswiRlM3Y5A
Don't forget for pictures!hccihByK!8qFKAx0pGsPQvqwzxytkkA7Mdtd-ePmbcHzCXqJn-IE

Monday, July 4, 2016

Patreon milestone! Also: Next on the list.

So, firstly, we've achieved first goal with 25 patrons which is amazing given it's been only about a month and I'm grateful to everyone involved. I'll run there first poll regarding future development, which I was planning for quite a while, but I'll talk about it bit later.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

0.6.2 Release!VB0l2SyS!nDpHX7sARPLZau9haXGoULKd19OI1nAjJVwOuSZI3mE
(grab for pictures)
Fixed prisoners escapes
Added old starting girl constructor to sandbox mode
Increased pregnancy duration to 30 days
Fixed farm assignments
Cali's stats nerfed
Clothes have actual effect on servants.
Fixed broken health issue with Nurse assignment
Trimmed second 'finish day' screen a bit
Fixed undercity's last room
Fixed sex option not checking for energy
Repeatable quest allows to select servant, instead of brining it as companion
Fixed some potions not being consumed on use.
Fixed Reservoirs disapperaing from mage's order if you upgraded your laboratory too much<<br>>
Fixed wrong child races
Fixed integer problems with loading from string
Added laboratory to things being saved
Fixed apiary assigning wrong person

Spent whole damn day making this thing work, lets hope it was worth it... Keep in mind I only tested it couple of times, it's not failsafe.!hccihByK!8qFKAx0pGsPQvqwzxytkkA7Mdtd-ePmbcHzCXqJn-IE
Fixed prison bug
Fixed leveling up bug
Added 'Save to string' and 'load from string' options (use ctrl+c - ctrl+v).

0.6.1 Release!oEMxXAwI!2pcpoLM1f7J_bxGDZBUpB6ZQx7i8kdS2Uns1J_IJEPE

Added changelog to the game
Added headgirl assignment (can be accessed at 8+ maximum residents)
Added sex button in population screen and shortcut with cumming inside\outside
Added races, futa gender and surname to player character
Added new starting girl generation sequence
Added Apiary for passive mana generation (requires lab and assistant)
Added option to remove surnames on Rename button
Added experience system (exp rewarded for any tasks and fights and allows to learn skills)
Added couple more options for cheat menu
Renamed Oblivion Potion to Amnesia Potion and added Oblivion Potion to reset resident's skills

I'll try to make version with cross-version save system in this build, but not entirely sure if it will work out.  Anyway, enjoy.
Edit: won't actually happen. Next version will feature 'save to string' option tho and won't be save compatible with this one.