Monday, October 31, 2016

Month has ended and I feel obliged to make some reports...

Currently I'm half-way finishing jail plus has some item lists ready. I've spent some time trying to organically increase size of active tab to fill area over servants' list, but it didn't quite worked out, so I left it for unknown period of time. I also wanted to make more visible gauges on stress/obedience/etc but lack of decent assets made me return to the text lines for now. Skill training calculation was a real pain though, since there's tons of math and awkward conversions involved.

For the rest of it, I believe most things related to bases are in place and as I finish with jail, items and spells, I'll be able to move outside of mansion. With that, I wanna give some actual date we can look forward to (well, not exactly a date, but orientation). At the middle of November I'll try my best to give estimated release date. Maybe it will be right away, maybe in a few weeks, but at least I feel semi-confident in my ability to make a call when it will get to the playable state.

Thank you everyone for bearing with me for all this time.


  1. Looking good, I for one check back every day or so and can't wait to give it a play.

  2. Hooray for tiddies

  3. Could you be more specific as to the asset you need (design, format etc).

    These days, they are a lot of content online, so it could be possible either for someone interest to create, or to find it somewhere already made.

    Guess Ive already posted about that, but one of the main 2.0 is the option to go community based, meaning that the asset are posted online (think wiki/gecko depend of the specifics) then, when there is something missing, let it be know (tasks).

    Of course, it is quite a change as to a solo project, knowing it his still over the original develloper as long as he want it (of course, once all is made public, there no reason for someone(s) to start an new fork (if not common, it happen quite often these days as far I can see (Free Cities > Open Cities for example).
    (a bad one, since Open Cities has moved to another engine/code, still, it was at first a serie of modders for Free cities (which has a quite heavy release rate) who decided to go for a quite open full project instead.

    In any case, if something is missing/difficult, do remember your not alone.

    1. Well, the main problem I'm still faced with is actually consistency. Yes, there's been side help with writing here and there and I even made some assets myself, not mentioning stuff I randomly find. The thing why I didn't fill everything with random free stuff from the web is because its quality and style tend to differ at lot. Ideally I'd have someone who would design at least whole ui and/or illustrations (I still feel like area images are important). Then its pretty hard to describe what exactly I need without going 'everything', plus its not exactly easy to ask someone to design just one button or corner and expect it to fit perfectly from first try.

      I don't strictly mind using other people's one-time help, but it just feels like I'll end up denying 90% of it.