Friday, April 29, 2016

So while there's few bug reports I wanna get in some details on how combat and encounters gonna function. Or at least how I see it.

Needless to say, in current version combat is nonexistent, while encounters are pretty sketchy. Firstly encounters will be separated into two different groups, random and special (which are also randomly obtained anyway, so I'll add actual mention when you discover one). Random will scale from common to rare with aim to make rare harder and more valuable in terms of reward, and girls, naturally, will be harder to obtain than they are now.

Special encounters are mini-events which will open sidequests or just give some new options. In case you miss special encounter when you rolled one or did not met the criteria, there's still going to be more scenarios when you can redo it as I don't like to cut off game content based on chance. As of now there's about 2 special encounters and 1 rare encounter (which does not offer much though). Encounters will be mostly affected by your companion tracking skill.

Speaking of which, companion will play major role in your adventures and main role in combat. And you can only have one at a time, so you will want to get most out of it.

Now combat is everyone's most something topic, so naturally that took me huge chunk of time and consideration on what I want and what I don't want.

So there's few central guidelines I'm focusing on:

It must start simple - no spreadsheets, and I try to keep most important numbers single digit. There's nothing wrong with hard combat systems, but I believe adult game's should be really easy to pick up.

RNG is a minor factor - Can't really play without RNG at all, but game, which is just unwinnable until you roll in a very specific way does not promote anything but save-scumming. Neither I appreciate when you just get instantly destroyed when you roll something specific, like doomsayer out of shredder...

Violence \ne  Sex - sorry for those who like it that way, but fighting won't be done hand in hand with rape (most of the time). While violence is viewed by me as somewhat arousing quite often, I just do not believe that life and death situation goes well with sexual arousal.

Anyway, you are The Mage, so all fighting for you will be done by your faithful servant. You will be on a supporting/commanding side. Spells will likely play some role but for now I see only healing. As you don't control fight directly, your main idea will be again a resource management - fight is not a challenge, preparing to fight correctly is. With fighting your girl will be injured and stressed (or possibly worse) and will require a decent rest. Some enemies may be way more dangerous than others and basic combat training won't be enough to resolve fight easily and may require specific potions, spells or even augmentations. Those enemies may also use special attacks which will have chance to affect your companion in very different ways if not countered properly.

I will get in a bit more details for those, who are interested in what combat system with no digits will look like and have some idea on how algorithms work.

So I went back and forth on how to implement such thing, and my current idea is to give a fight number of rounds, depending on difficulty of enemy. So every round you see damage done to your companion and options to continue, run away or do something else. Enemy would also have a varied damage stat.

So lets say we encounter wolf. Fight will take 3 turns after which wolf loses, so your companion needs to survive that long to win. Wolf will have 10 attack per turn, which is reduced by X*combat skill or some similar formula. So every turn you continue, your companion loses 10 health. Ofc if its different enemy, it gonna take more turns to kill and will do more or less damage, but this is the central idea. Skills and spells may reduce or increase number of turns, and finally, opponents will try to use some skills with special effects, which will be notorious to you, so you may decide on your around it.

This is a very basic view and system will very likely get far more complicated when I start working on it.

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  1. I know this was posted a couple of weeks ago now, but reading this part "fight is not a challenge, preparing to fight correctly is." made me think of the Witcher series. While you could go out and just try and sword that group of boglings dead, you were much better off doing a bit of research first. Finding out what they were weak to and prepearing oils (ie: self buff potions) before hand would make the fight go much easier.

    While it wouldn't translate directly to this game, I could see research in the library being important for learning how to defeat certain monsters and races more efficiently.