Saturday, December 31, 2016

More info and some in-depth babbling

Still working on combat 24/7. Basically, at this point I treat combat as half of the actual playable game, so there will be plenty of changes. Mainly, opponents will be presented in groups and you will be able to capture multiple enemies in same time with some additional rewards. I'm still balancing out how whole damage/energy/health system will be working, but most mechanics involving actual battle are there.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Status update

So, as I started implementing combat system (which I also spent quite some time planning beforehand), it became obvious there's lots of work. Basically I added 'group system', and some abilities to be learned. Also 'companion' will be removed and in places requiring it, there will be just 'select slave' window.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Semi-annually help seeking post.

For those who are not familiar enough with me: I suck at writing (in english). Even though about 80% of scenes and quests you've seen in old and new strive are done by me, I find writing both painful and poor in the end, hence why I tried to seek help with varying(low) degree of success.

This is another post, but now I gonna try to correct my old mistakes and provide as much information about whole thing as possible. Firstly, some important FAQ

Q. I really like your game and I wanna help with something I can proofread and probably write!!
A. I'm pleased to know you liked it, but if your obsession will be over in less than a few days, you'd just be wasting time. I'm not confident with either your or my skills to give you some random work and expect results of decent quality. If you want to write, you better pick parts you personally want to fill (be it sex, descriptions, quests or whatever). There's really not much to proofread as there's no contributions and my personal writing is about 1-2 pages per month of mostly technical stuff, but it might come in handy later if there's more contributors. Hit me up if you are some sort of professional russian-english translator though.

Q. I can draw/game could use some random art
A. Unless you are willing to provide over 80% illustrations of decent quality level, I would rather not accept your help. As I mentioned multiple times, I prefer no art over bad/inconsistent art and I also have some vague plans to fill these gaps eventually.

Now lets speak details and technicalities.

Sex related writing

There's 2 major areas which you should know difference. For quest writing, you either rewrite what currently there or include your own questlines with said scenes. Most important note to keep is that there's at least 2 genders with various bodyparts so you'd probably have to include two variations or make it as unisex as possible.

Generic scenes are way more tedious and I'll try to go into as many details here as possible. Firstly, keep in mind that both player and slave can be of either sex and one or both genitalia. I'll likely put list of scenes currently in the game with some notes on them later on, but for quick reference you are probably better at looking through the game.
There's consensual scenes, non-consensual scenes and prison non-consensual scenes. Plus, non-consensual scenes can be liked or disliked. The one thing they have in common is that they should be generic, as player gets to see them multiple times. They also shouldn't be very lengthy, as there's already lots of fetishized actions each could use some fluff in it. Plus many actions will lead to further sex offer.

For pronouns and some other character related texts you should address this sheet:
$name - returns character's name or nickname (if exists)
$surname - returns character's surname
$penis - returns either strap-on, or $his cock (if exists)
$child - returns boy or girl depending on gender
$sex - returns male, female or futa
$He, $he $His $his $him - returns He or She etc
$son - returns son or daughter depending on gender
$sibling - returns brother or sister
$sir - returns Sir or Ma'am
$race - returns race (lowercase)

For player character $He etc changes to you/your (if need to apply scene to player character for some reason) and $master returns Master or Mistress.

I can easily fit more stuff so if you have some suggestions, let me know.

Sex unrelated writing. 

There's a lot of place which could use better work: locations, item descriptions, spell descriptions, enemies, quests...
As descriptions generally are self-explanatory, I still very likely will try to adapt it to have more flavor/depth/something special about it, except for location descriptions.
For quests you should be prepared to compose quest entirely on your own with some guidelines on what goes where on what action. But before you decide to make something, let me know some basics please so I can tell you if it's going to fit into the game or not. Also expect lots of revisions since I'm very meticulous.


By sending me material you acknowledge and allow me to use your work for Strive game in any way I want.

If you are still interested, you can contact me here or at

Sunday, December 11, 2016

0.1.5 Release: slave guild service, trait polishment

0.1.511 More hotfix

  • Fixed some potion errors
  • Fixed laboratory and made notion on slave list about slaves located there
  • Potion usage list alphabetically sorted

0.1.51 Hotfix
  • Fixed sandbox mode crash
  • Fixed item usage on slave screen crash
0.1.5: Important: I gonna focus on combat in next version and saves won't likely be compatible!
  • Added slave service to the guild and disabled manual haircut
  • Added taurus race to possible starting races 
  • Quick start will assign random races from starting race pool instead of only human
  • Added new potion and sequence to get rid of 'Uncivilized' trait
  • Vocal related traits now functional
  • No masturbation rule and high lust will lead to 'Sex-crazed' trait
  • Fully randomized races option will only work in sandbox mode
  • Slaves giving birth will be away for 3 days (2 for goblins) going through recovery
  • Pregnancy may result in miscarriage due to slave's poor health
  • Fixed older saves compatibility
  • Fixed some bugs related to captured state
  • Rebuilt structure behind items and spells (slight performance boost)

  • Added Dolin's sidequest line
  • Added slave window status update on actions/punishments applied
  • Added detailed information on repeatable quests when you try to turn in wrong slaves
  • Added event with snails to mystic grove
  • Sligtly buffed character encounter rate for mystic grove
  • Every 'perverted' trait increases fucktoy income by 10%
  • 'Slutty' trait counts as 'perverted'.
  • Captured monster races will start with 'uncivilized' trait, which will induce severe penalites and disable multiple jobs.
  • Custom and starting characters start with no traits
  • Fixed companion sent on training still following you
  • Fixed bug occuring when giving away your current companion to repeatable quest
  • Fixed prisoners asking for more sex
  • Fixed an error happening after current last main quest
  • Fixed minorus potion

0.1.41 Hotfix
  • Fixed save/load issue
  • Fixed lab assist reassignement
  • Added repeatable quests at slavers guild
  • Restructured exploration and world map
  • Skill training cost decreased from 100 to 50 per level
  • Removed surnames for monster girl races
  • Fixed impregnation bug related to disabled futas
  • Fixed sexual actions being available when they shouldn't be
  • Fixed slime race related bug
  • Fixed beastkins not being able to work in brothel and gave pass to goblins/gnomes/fairies on it
  • Fixed wrong parents assigned to player on quick start
  • Fixed certain bugs related to main quest
  • Fixed bug causing punishment room in jail to be disabled
  • Adjusted damaged formula so Master in Combat won't negate all damage
  • Beauty potion effect is twice as effective on low beauty, but worse at high
  • Added fluid substance to the market

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Upcoming changes and some talk

I've been mostly working on the upcoming repeatable quests and exploration details recently, and at least quest engine is mostly finished. My main idea is to switch money making from passive stuff (jobs) to the more proactive ways. Not that I'm going to remove job income entirely, but my end goal is to make it far less subsustaining at least on initial game stages. It's just not quite feel right how you can assign couple of workers and spam 'end day' button forever. I also wanna make more job related small events (like getting more/less income, finding something unusual and so on) so jobs will be somewhat more interactive as well, but I do realize its not very fun to keep eye and maintain 20+ workers 1 by 1.