Friday, July 22, 2016 Release (download for pictures)!dMd1iTQR!q7O0UwMwVdjMPmuuD354ghpF_SPsxZdAvfLyHYSux1o
Added protection for unique characters from renaming
Added more descriptions and bit of depth to some normal intimacy scenes
Fixed children looks bug
Fixed toxicity save/load string bug
Fixed alchemy room equipment not saving
Lab Assistant requires Management instead of Service now
Fixed loading from string breaking toxicity and looks
Fixed Sebastian not fulfilling his deal on rare species
Fixed toxicity applying to the wrong resident on lab modification
Fixed buying snails option.
Fixed pregnancy not advancing if servant is away
Fixed Builder shop in Shaliq not triggering as it should!VYlljYBD!Q4v_bEOLmb6OM6U8Lk3SMcrl_qOaihhbis1YYbiwd1o

Redid main quest line to fit more with future plot direction
Added more starting character options
Added help sections on many screens explaining game mechanic
Added some dynamic text to generic sexual encounters
Added dick shapes to residents
Added toxicity effect to the residents. Toxicity builds up on potion and modification usage and may have detrimental effects
Added 'Mutate' spell as showcase of mechanic
Added descriptions for spells and potions
Added option to sell prisoners to the slaver's guild
Added option to show/hide resident's description on their personal page
Added an option to buy rare race high willpower girls at market's encounter
Brothel-related assignments build up stress
Highly stressed girls will complain by the end of the day
Library upgrades are saved and increase amount of XP received by girls assigned there
Doubled exp received from combat
Pregnancy cause drop in combat characteristics and additional stress build up
Coward trait also makes physical punishments more effective
Mindread will display mental traits and mental characteristics for non-captured girls
Reduced occurrence of virgins
Face beauty is now a dynamic stat instead of static, and can be improved or damaged
Fixed servants getting 'pliable' trait when they shouldn't have gotten any
Fixed slaves bought from auction not being branded to you
Fixed issue with racial traits reducing stats when it was too high
Fixed advanced branding not transferring on string load
Fixed Dream spell causing instant stress removal instead of lowering it and prevented certain abuse with it
Fixed child growing option not costing any gold
Fixed some bad logic on the 'end of the day' which ignored some pregnancies and failed with prisoners


  1. Oooo shiny!

    Thank you for a new weekend toy!

  2. You should share Strive on git!

  3. cant seem to get the event in Shaliq Village to upgrade the house. did i mess something?

    1. Oh.. it seems I actually screwed up on this as quest line was changed. Will make a patch in a bit.

  4. Currently toxicity mechanic have a clear bug - when you have a large amount of girls, almost full prison and working apiary - often one of girls receive a major toxicity value from nowhere.
    Currently I don't found a precise way to reproduce this bug, sorry.

  5. "Fixed loading from string breaking toxicity and looks"

    Looks for all my girls even in Jail turned to Ugly still.

    1. Curious, pass me your save?


  6. Found a bug I think. If you ask the snail event girl about snails before you have a farm or farm equipment installed she won't give you the option to get snails on follow up visits. I think at the time I had bought the renovations but not the equipment.

    1. Yup, didn't even see 6.3.2 up, I'll start a new game and confirm it's fixed.

  7. Two issues with pregnancy right now.

    1. I had a girl give birth to the wrong race. It was the same race as a pregnant girl who I had just sold while she was pregnant.

    2. Every child I had was born with an ugly face regardless of the mother's face. I was the father each time so I think the player-character has some stats (including face) that don't get set to anything during character creation, and they're being taken into account with child generation.

  8. Loading from string seems to remove the Alchemy Room equipment. It also resets the "interact with girls 2 times per day" counter.

    (Tested with Firefox and Chrome; several different saves. It happens with every 0.6.3.x version.)

  9. how the hell multibeasts taourus quest even possible to complete ????
    laboratory,mutation,potions does not affect them and there no other way AFAIK. maximum what you can get is "smaller ripe tits" i wasted a hour of my life to be salty and tilted.not cool.

    1. also,to milk someone she need to be experienced in management.
      ???????? for what ? managing her excess of free time while being milked ??

    2. There may be some issue with laboratory some people reported, I'm looking into it.