Wednesday, May 18, 2016

0.0.3 version release

New stuff:
- Basis of PC customization
- Pregnancy system (currently only for you and your prisoners/residents) 
- Undercity as a new dangerous zone further fleshing out future combat system. 
- Laboratory to change and enhance your residents to your taste. 
Notable changes:
- Shaliq is unlocked by progression of main quest
- Fights will end with companion's death upon defeat by normal damage. 
- Sandbox mode should be bit stable-er!xMEmBYpI!I5269l16rSg4hDt_BhDVqgYmh9bLOoQAu5kXc1YmGz4

Please note, that lore/plot-wise things are very discontinued to me and new zone is pretty context-less right now(well its not like other ares are any better though...). I will be getting to it probably around 0.0.5 version though. 
I kinda wanted to push this version slightly earlier, because my next plan is to redo old prisoner->resident system to make it more coherent and meaningful. That will also allow me to focus on combat balance and gameplay balance while letting player to have more fun with actual training... Anyway I will give more information on it in next post. 


  1. Woo! Nice to see some player character customisation in already. TBH I didn't expect to see any for awhile yet. I would like to see male/futa option in there too, but things are vague enough for it to not matter that much.

    Having played a bit more since 2.0, A couple of quality of life things I wouldn't mind seeing is:
    -A "Return to Mansion" on every page (with exceptions eg: in combat) to make returning to the mansion really easy. Not that it's difficult now, but less clicking is good imo.

    -Hotkeys (1, 2, 3 etc) for the options on the left side panel (ie: "Personal Info", "Visit Library" etc. Being such a mouse driven game, having that left panel with hotkeys would help a lot in reducing the amount of clicking. I have no idea how doable this would be in the engine you're using.

    And a couple for skills;
    -Coming from "look for tracks" being unlimited in 2.0 to restricted by energy in 3.0, I'm wondering if there's anything in the works for increasing this. Idle thought I had was +1 look for tracks per level of awareness and/or tracking skill your current follower has. IE: follower with poor awareness would add +1 look on top of how ever many energy you have available. Higher tracking skill could also increase the occurrence of rare tracks.

    -Between the added lethality of combat and the long training times, is there any chance/plans to include a small chance of combat skill (either just combat, or all the combat relevant skills) increasing when you win a combat? Perhaps even a sliding scale of chance depending on current skill level and what you're fighting.

    1. I thought return to mansion is already nearly on every page?
      Hotkey are not available on this engine sadly, so maybe after we move to the different one.
      That's not a bad idea regarding tracking skill but rework of obedience system may affect skill system heavily. I'll take a note on it anyway.
      Thanks for your input.

    2. I feel a bit stupid now. I went back and had a look and realised that "Return" when in town isn't just a back button and does take you back to the mansion.

    3. Good point though, I will rename it :D