Friday, April 29, 2016

0.0.1 Version

 So here we go. This is 0.0.1 version for reasons. Expect a lot of bugs and lot of bad text (although some is arguably good).

Whats new?
- Redone/updated many core systems (namely spells, stress management, items)
- Farm, as endgame (as of now) facility.
- Main quest is longer, there's also couple of sidequests of varying degree of obscurity.
- Fixed multiple bugs from old version (although I'm pretty sure this version will have just as many).

Whats still not here?
- Balance
- Stability (although I believe future fixes shouldn't affect saves)
- Combat system (will be next target)
- Library and laboratory are not in use

All in all I recommend this version if you are willing to deal with bugs and wait for me to fix them (I try my best to push out fixes as they are reported). Also sandbox mode may act iffy, as there's really ton of stuff to track to give access to on it.

Bugs and suggestions may go in the comment section as per usual!4YsXTDjR!vUK8Qrr7oAO7jj38x4KL4_bMHQ_L6gAXrCS68afL8Fk

By the way, if anyone knows their way around CCS and could add new window to axma to showcase stats, I would greatly appreciate it.


  1. Opened in Firefox, got its fucking nothing.jpg
    Opened in Chrome, got this.
    Is there supposed to be more to the game? Is it that menu that's squished off the bottom and I can't get up to the top?

    1. Actually nevermind that. I fixed resolution problem in 1d version. Grab it in nearby thread. Also please report if it fixes firefox crash.