Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stress and new stuff

As I started to implement dairy (sorry everyone who i ripped that off) I quickly realized, that I should add multiple breasts since we can do magic stuff and more tits = more milk = more cash. This is how I got sidetracked for a whole day of work on how multiple breasts are function.

Dairy was implemented though so then I got sidetracked by another feature I mentioned earlier which I gonna just call 'stress' and 'spirit break' (or perpetual depression or w/e, I suck at english and don't know more fitting name). I want to talk about it, since this is gonna become a core mechanic since day 1. I generally prefer not to introduce players with unneeded complexity but right now training parts are lacking a lot.

Basically we had resistance/loyalty system previously. Resistance shows how much girl despise you, and loyalty shows opposite. They are not opposite though, and girl may despise your actions yet stay loyal. You'd want to think about loyalty as a long term built relationship while resistance is easily correctable (spells and pots may come in hand too). Now, with introduction of tasks, which may lead to (seemingly)permanent changes to bad side in girl's behavior, I needed a parameter to track how bad girl's feeling and resistance is not fitting there. For example tortures supposed to reduce resistance since its a punishment, while rape would increase.

To put it shortly, I made new stat called 'stress', which would act as a preventive punishing mechanism against players who will abuse slaves way too hard and still expect them to endure everything. After certain threshold girl will flip and will acquire 'broken' state, after which many activities will cause penalties or will be completely unavailable. This is also a generic state on which girls on various farms will function.

All in all I think this gonna make pretty balanced early game experience as breaking girl in submit may become an actual challenge instead of 'poor shit on her until she complies'.

Now, few words on next version: I hope, that Axma creator will release new version which I look forward very much because of some obnoxious bugs not allowing me to optimize some parts of a code + probably better interface. Naturally that will happen by the time I'm done with DS3. I may just realize new slightly optimized version with new features prior to that though. Anyway, thanks for your attention.

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