Saturday, June 11, 2016

Upcoming changes

So before I finally move onto expanding setting (adding new areas and stuff), I decided to indulge into my favorite thing.. redo what was done some time ago and does not quite fit now. Namely, skill system.

Skill system was pretty early development and looks really rough as of now. I planned to use it as a girl's potential to merit lategame girls with better production and stuff. Idea still holds, but we have lots of pretty vague stuff plus stuff not quite fitting anywhere (like endurance). So, firstly, maximum skill capability will be measured by wit instead of willpower (really should've considered this right when wit was introduced). Secondly, skill number will be reduced to 8 somewhat broad definitions. Basically of old skills only combat, allure and sexual proficiency will stay. Thirdly, there will be requirement to learn skill. For example combat and survival will require considerable courage or wit to go all the way to Master, however some races will be spared from these requirements as part of racial traits (another stuff I'm working on).

Assignments will require skill levels right on the start, instead of just checking how much cash you generate (similar to how manager/lab assistant works right now) and that will take some work on my part as I'll have to redo most of the old assignments. Willpower stats will be able to grow (at least some for some races).

Now about some changes on residents related stuff and stuff.
'Spend time with' option no longer raises loyalty insanely quickly.
Disobedient servants will raise disobedience among other servants (can be prevented by enforcing silence)
Disobedient servants may cause resource lose.

You can punish servants publicly (showing it to other servants). This will increase obedience and stress of viewers but also may damage courage if punished wasn't really deserving it.
Overstress will trigger instantly on day's end, instead of building up a limit (since stress break is far less severe now and just drops your stats instead of outright render servant useless). 
Going out to dangerous places checks Willpower instead of Courage. 
Body control (new skill) provides dodge chance against standard attacks (if not grabbed).

Most of the stuff is already done, so now I'm gonna focus on redoing and adding new content. There's also one (dirty) thing I wanna give a try.

My general response to 'males/PC customization when' is 'soon'. But then I'm kinda discouraged to do it and switch to other stuff because it does not really appeal to me. So i'll make a goal at patreon, when it hits, I'll start working on it right away so that will act as motivation. If it won't... well no worries, I'll still have to do it at some point anyway.

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