Friday, April 22, 2016

When I realized, that my latest version came out like over 2 weeks ago, that made me feel like I didn't really do anything for so long time... Although that's not exactly true, and I redid like alchemy, spell, race, description and some other systems, but that still not justifying general lack of content.

So I get some ideas on fight system and I can tell, it gonna be pretty easy to grasp, probably turn based and won't involve tons of number crap like 'intuition' or 'accuracy'. That said, I won't be working on it before this release for obvious reasons. That will sink even more time into mechanics without giving out any reasonable content.

So I switched to main quest, developing it further and integrating farm system into it, so main quest purpose is to be like tutorial, which gonna teach player basic stuff slowly unlocking more and more, then maybe actual epic story, conclusion, etc.

I should probably also mention, that I found really a lot of bugs in previous version nobody reported (basically half of the optional stuff wasn't working at all) so that also got fixed.

I guess I'll be planning release on the next weekend, as it also takes most attention at that time, when most people check for new stuff for entertainment. Anyway, thanks for your attention.

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