Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Important update

So, there's some ongoing work with recreation of strive on new flexible engine, thanks to certain person providing much needed help on programming department. After few experimentation with new sex sentence building, I decided, that there just would be far more opportunity on the received offer, so if nothing changes, I'll be working together on Strive adaptation since there's plenty of stuff to implement and change.  It will likely still stay web/html/javascript application, but with many new assets which should make both performance better and easier to add more different features.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

So I wanna make few comments on the latest revamp of alchemy and few other stuff.

Monday, August 22, 2016 Update

I had my doubts making this release, as it's still 0.6.6 and has some bugfixes, it's not 100% compatible with ingame save system as you'll get some of your alchemy stuff named wrong, so I advise using string save if you transfer data from Anyway, I'll be going to add more stuff in next version, so I wanted to get these bugfixes out of my way, but new alchemy system made it here as well. I'll make another post on future plans in few days. (install over!gAU1gQIZ!Ptru3UebM8XTdN_ot86urpnpgdYaDNZLKNN05eLnC6o

  • Fixed elixirs not being brewable
  • Fixed sex related issue
  • Sebastian will provide ingredients for his quest!pVcEVAZD!Itx3HmCmvb_g9cOBOQd_T9N2za11QM_YeBwjXcr-0A0
  • Possible potion reward from clearing zone decreased from 1-3 to 1-2.
  • Alchemy revamp
  • Added Wisp encounter to ancient grove as a source of magic essence
  • Girls in lab shouldn't act disobediently while there
  • Mutation won't grow balls or penis if related options are turned off
  • Fixed current stats not displaying companion stats correctly
  • Fixed lab assistant not triggering elf's trait
  • Fixed few other pregnancy issues

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

0.6.6 Release

Important fixes and some quality of life additions.!sJN3GYhB!4tkPRSJyt5NTE_QIbikON33rBpheKcVpvXDXzDMOCSQ
  • Increased main window size to adjust for longer population screen
  • Added window to check on personal room/your bed occupants
  • Fixed some more threesome pregnancy related bugs
  • Fixed save related to personal rooms
  • Fixed navel/nipples piercing description
  • Fixed bug preventing you from getting any rare and special encounters at high survival skill
So I've noticed performance drop on the new image addition. This version tries to address some of those issues, but it seems, that axma is not very suited for multiple image usage... Also, slave piercing and some bugfixes.
  • Added option to switch population page to no image version and hide icons for specific residents there
  • Added option to add custom description to slaves
  • Added piercing options for slaves
  • Fixed Dolin's quest resolution
  • Fixed undefined races showing in some places
  • Fixed brandings when sent baby to the growth
  • Fixed slaves not actually getting pregnant on the prostitution assignments

Monday, August 15, 2016

In all honesty this version should've come out bit sooner, but I was kinda stuck with revamping population screen interface and adding option to boost girls' willpower stats. I was thinking to making it to 0.6.6 with bunch of other changes, but then decided I could get some actual response on new elements. Anyway, I'm still all in on balance and polishing. Alchemy system comes next.
Hotfix on prison issue.!8YFR2KRT!bN7h5jgRq0EUV-_12SwIKT_SSVLWJr0P-wR9I4oqdcY!MEciTL6I!Qz7NWj2Xp9hm7NthWkAhTkW5bs0BOqOa3Jbu0nOIacw

  • Threesome scenes will reflect if girls are relatives
  • Added cheat function to unlock all spells
  • Added servant's willpower stats to the training screen for easier reference
  • Added option to train willpower stats
  • Monster girls can't be released from jail before branding and can't be unbranded
  • Grove plant and Lis encounters moved to the grove screen, so they can be accessed with weak girls
  • Bears nerfed a bit
  • Fixed slavers with girl encounter not being capturable and not allowing to cast mindread
  • Fixed halfkin custom player images not showing
  • Fixed some incorrect and blank screen encounters
  • Added tooltip function
  • Made it impossible to put lab assistant onto modifications
  • Made population screen more user-friendly

Sunday, August 14, 2016

If we had an actual engine...

(also has tooltips)
Too bad it's really laggy with all small calculations javascript has to do on every girl's status. Will try smaller number of details on next update and see how people will react.

Humble reminder, that supporting me on patreon goes long way on helping me afford qualified assistance and make huge progress.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Truth is, I'd rather not spend time dealing with anything unrelated to pure game design, but in reality I have to deal with multiple obscure problems, like learning programming, working in graphical editors, advertising, managing resources and interacting with others, heck, even figuring out how to make this blog better. I mean, making up of a decent, working system is already pretty time consuming...


So I received plenty of interesting thoughts and opinions, and since I can't kinda answer everyone personally, I wanna make a post regarding some of the more usual requests/questions.

I'd prefer more homosexual content
Strive originally was made as purely M/F (and some side F/F action, not mentioning futa). I did add male slaves and option to be female PC only due to popular demand, but I'm not going to go heavily out of my way to focus on M/M content variations. If there will be more stuff provided from submitters, I might include it, but otherwise you shouldn't expect much.

Add more pictures/images/illustrations to girls/events/scenes
I can't really do that, because I'm not an artist. The small amounts of stuff you see in game are what come mostly free/really generic. When I decided to make this game, I knew it can't depend on art, because then I simply won't be able to sustain its production on my own. On the other hand, I can't really use random art on the internet and expect to get far with it (copyrights), plus I want to retain overall consistancy in style. Ideally, I'd be able to switch engine, implement dynamic image for characters and hire a full-time artist. But currently that's simply not an option, as project is very young.

How do I raise girl's willpower stats? 
There's a few minor ways to boost them slightly, and I plan to add a bit more, but I don't really wanna make it easily accessible. The point where you can easily turn every girl into 'all green' superwoman, they also lose any individuality. It also makes pointless to capture and train high willpower girls, because you can simply train weak girl and then boost her willpower (and it's harder to build obedience and loyalty with stronger girls).

I want more niche details for characters/Free Cities have something I want here
Let me say first, Strive is not a fantasy themed Free Cities. It may look like one, but if I liked free cities, I'd settle with couple of fantasy themed mods for it. My inspiration from free cities stopped at the point where I took multiple pregenerated slaves and made it so you can assign them to various jobs.
With details, I'll only say, that tattoo/piercing will make it into the game, but you shouldn't expect much of everything else. I prefer not to know how many freckles on the girl's face, her accent or areola diameter. You can fill it with your imagination, or maybe i'll add a function to enter whatever custom description you would want to fit there.

I want to upgrade my mansion/more slaves/prisoners
You have to advance through main quest for now. Once you get to meet Sebastian, follow his sidequest to unlock shop in the Shaliq. (will probably ease it in next versions)

I will likely add more stuff to this list later on, but for now I also gonna make another post addressing some specific requests and my next goal.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Survey.

So here it is. Basically looking for any sort of feedback you are willing to provide. What you do, how you play (although comment section or image boards are probably better choice). Anyway, this is sort of a prelude for balance and perhaps focus changes, also gonna help me track down weak parts.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

So wanna talk a bit about current release. There's stuff being worked on which didn't quite made it there and I have relatively small idea on when it actually will, such as Cali's quest line. Then I kinda wanted to push bit more of alchemy and spells in it, but both require quite some work and this update took plenty of time already.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

0.6.5 Release (grab for images first)!0dd23LrB!9HU1iH-L7uLYqldYfwQKTczKSqZSpqpQA_fpzl0pri4

You should use this version with save to string function if you are planning to keep your saves, after loading it from inbuilt function, as it will transfer your spells correctly.
  • Added option to buy food in bulks and raised its price
  • Added numbers on the training list
  • Fixed bunch of typos and misspells
  • Repeatable quest reward buffed
  • Chef will purchase food for mansion during work day if it gets bellow 200
  • Fixed children getting no body shape and some other pregnancy related bugs
  • Fixed save to string not saving known spells
  • Added option to select prisoners for laboratory modification
  • Fixed undercity progression
  • Fixed slavers encounter
  • Fixed afterfight rape (this time for sure)
  • Fixed laboratory confinements affecting other residents and progressing in various deeds
  • Fixed slaver guild giving bugged quests and added few more races which they can ask for
  • Fixed Dolin's quest alchemy part

  • Fixed afterfight escapes 
  • Fixed afterfight rapes
  • Fixed bug where you'd get stuck on screen after losing energy


  • Added new races, body shapes and features
  • Dolin's quest line expanded.
  • Changed many old race traits
  • Using portal costs energy. Advancing through zones will take energy once for numerous encounters.
  • Encounters work differently, added couple new areas
  • Laboratory subjects can be selected now
  • Removed hunting bows from the game
  • Capturing prisoners now is a chance and based on your companion's body control and willpower of capturee
  • Lab assistant will receive exp from residents stationed there
  • Added 3 new spells and buffed some of the others
  • Nerfed fucktoy job income
  • Fixed couple of threesome pregnancy bugs

Monday, August 1, 2016

End of the month, New races and changes

So, firstly, this was my second month on patreon and I want to thank everyone for support, you are amazing and I'm really grateful to you, to those, offering help and to those who are interested in my work.