Tuesday, July 12, 2016

State of things

So far, the biggest news to report are: more tutorial/gameplay info option on many important screens explaining many mechanics and addition of few modular generic scenes (really few), which are gonna account for residents' looks, mental condition and so on.

I've also added few more description/parts pieces on main character and penis types for all residents (although not quite sure how actual change will make it to the game). Really trying to focus on the main quest line for now.


  1. For awhile now I've been meaning to request more feedback about the various effects of actions/potions etc. so it's easier to know what does what without a lot of saving and reloading.
    Keep up the good work!
    Also, for those of us who might want to assist when we have some bits of spare time, can you post the original .sm file for each version?

  2. Ditto, spells need a description/tooltip, instead of being intuitive/casting it to see the effects.

    Also, would like a way to bulk buy.

  3. Tried playing further, noticed two problems with day-end progression:
    -During the sleep location effects, the game goes as far as the first slave that is away/asleep and ceases to give bed/private room effects to anyone after that.
    -The cap for gaining skill points seems broken. I had a slave with maximum 17 learned skill levels who was stuck at 12 trained with one extra skillpoint, and unable to get more skillpoints. I also had another with a maximum of 9 that had 12 unused skillpoints.

    1. Could you pass me save/debug info on the sleep problem?

  4. Hi, I really enjoy the direction of your game. Wanted to point some stuff.

    1) I like the breeding mechanics, but not everybody is into futa. For that purpose, male slaves/babies would be better than laboratory futas.

    2) Your sex action mechanics are sort of shallow at the moment. I'm hoping for something like "custom redio V" mechanics, but I'm not sure if that's a direction you'd like to take.

    3) Mobile/touch ui needs bigger buttons, main issues are:

    "save" menu is hard to click, always hit other menu option.

    "save/load" items are too near of each other.
    choosing the attack & spell on combat is not very responsive.

    On combat, the button to escape from battle can be mistakenly clicked as it's too close to the action button.

    1. Hi, glad you enjoy it. Regarding your issues
      1. Males are somewhat in plans, but its a bit of low priority as they would require basically twice of the game when you consider description scenes.
      2. Haven't really played it so I can't tell what exactly you are asking for.
      3. I'm not exactly responsible for this engine. I can only suggest you to increase text size (in the menu) which should make buttons bigger.

  5. Hey, I just found your game and it's really good! but I can't seem to get the images to work? In all the posts it says to 'download 6.2.0' but i can't find a download for that anywhere.

    1. Nevermind i found it! Sorry to bother you!!