Thursday, November 10, 2016

So far things go pretty well (development wise at least) and I finally got out of mansion. It seems semi-playable version will actually be released by the end of month, but you probably shouldn't expect too much from it (it IS semi-playable and if anything, my early versions tend to be quite buggy).

What's working so far?
Character creation
New slave generation
Save/load system
Various options
Slave interaction save for dating (its somewhat different mechanically now though) and group sex
End of the day mechanics
Alchemy, storage and potions
Jail (somewhat bare bones but I guess jail has quite limited use anyway)
Few spells
Exit button

So for next weeks my main plans are:
1. Polish out (or at least make better) origins/backstory and trait systems which will probably be biggest difference from original game
2. Fill up spell list, finish major town points and hook up few quests
3. Slave pregnancy stuff

Then, if there will be more time, I'll try to implement farm, laboratory and exploration (with exploration first, since its pretty hard to acquire new slaves otherwise) but that may take quite some time, especially since there's been no work on combat yet. I also want to work on repeatable quests as I have quite few ideas about it, although that still will have to wait until exploration is back.
Visually, I still find game somewhat revolting, but I guess its hardly a big deal when compared to predecessor.
Speaking of predecessor, here's one of the major reasons which forced me to switch (yeah, I was not very good at planning I suppose).

Anyway, expect from earliest version to be more of showcase of changes, rather than being same level of game, as content wise there's still quite a lot to transfer. I'll obviously make another list of absent features at the day of release.


  1. I can't wait to play the new version!
    and a question are you planning to change the images of the species in the game?

    1. No, not really. They might not make it into new version at all though, as popups will be structured differently.

  2. Do you still need additional stories or questlines in the game?

    1. Assuming you are willing to write entire questline from a to z on your own (with optional choices, dialogues, etc), on decent level I can include it. Although, preferably let me know what sort of stuff you are planning beforehand, just so its not completely out of my range of implementation/taste.