Saturday, July 2, 2016

0.6.1 Release!oEMxXAwI!2pcpoLM1f7J_bxGDZBUpB6ZQx7i8kdS2Uns1J_IJEPE

Added changelog to the game
Added headgirl assignment (can be accessed at 8+ maximum residents)
Added sex button in population screen and shortcut with cumming inside\outside
Added races, futa gender and surname to player character
Added new starting girl generation sequence
Added Apiary for passive mana generation (requires lab and assistant)
Added option to remove surnames on Rename button
Added experience system (exp rewarded for any tasks and fights and allows to learn skills)
Added couple more options for cheat menu
Renamed Oblivion Potion to Amnesia Potion and added Oblivion Potion to reset resident's skills

I'll try to make version with cross-version save system in this build, but not entirely sure if it will work out.  Anyway, enjoy.
Edit: won't actually happen. Next version will feature 'save to string' option tho and won't be save compatible with this one.


  1. Bug: When you check a girl in the jail, you cannot click on any buttons in the main screen. Even when you return to the mansion, it does not clear the screen first, and puts the mansion text underneath. You have to go to the mansion a second time to reset the main screen.

    1. Sounds unlike what I get, but I found some problem with it.

    2. I use Firefox, so it might be a browser difference that is causing the discrepency.

    3. Personally, I just get bugs when trying to do anything with prisoners.