Tuesday, May 31, 2016

0.0.4 release


Hotfixes(take normal version for illustrations)
Fixed couple of bugs related prisoners-servants movement and made few things clearer.
Also please after save-load go to the main mansion screen (or just save there) to avoid possible gamebreaking bugs.
Fixed refined brand saying it's someone else's brand
Fixed dragon race skin coverage
Fixed illustrations for locations not showing them
Added traits and cleaned up a bit starting girl screen
Added more options for first girl generation
Fixed something... I think
Fixed shop assignement money gain
Removed Irene shaliq
Fixed all events related to servants removal
Fixed shop assignement
Fixed max skillpoints bug
Energy restoration fixed


- Obedience/willpower system completely redone. You can put servants into prison or release them but keep in mind they can run away
- Ancestral screen to see relatives
- New occupations in brothel and some changes
- Branding and rules system

Notable changes
- Tons of bugfixes
- Irene main quest part replaced with small quest of different kind to fit into willpower system.
- Overstress causes significant stat drop instead of a complete breakdown

Btw I also holding a poll regarding future of story/PC customization in previous thread.
http://www.strawpoll.me/10356279/ vote here

Monday, May 30, 2016

So I just realized custom starting servants is a pretty bad idea...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Current state

It's really curious thing how every time I think about what was done since last version, I discover how much wasn't done...

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

So as 'obedience' rework' going on I wanna give some info on the future changes as they will involve most of the stuff involving servants.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Magical Branding - lore piece.

So lots of stuff happening and changing.  As you may know, at first prisoners and servants were 2 completely separate entities. Reasoning behind that was pretty vague and mostly related to how residents would mostly do anything you tell them, and prisoners would have to be disciplined first. Now, with new 'disciplining' system I don't feel like this is necessary and I redid most of it. You would be able to put residents into prison and vice-versa, and residents will be able to try escaping or refuse to work, so you will have to pay attention to their behavior.

Now it's reasonable to raise a question, how exactly slavery holds in the fairly open world? With this I introduce new concept and mechanic : Magical branding.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

0.0.3 Hotfixes


0.0.3d  I wont likely release any more bugfixes for this version as I gonna start revamping obedience system.
- Fixed spell usage in combat (except for naming)
- Added notification when you need lab assistant on progress
- Added quest note to return after your capture Irene.
- Maybe something else
- Werebeast special attack should work as intended
- Prison expansion should work as intended
- Minor interface changes
- Tracking solo finally fixed
- Age alteration potions added to alchemy room
- Offspring can be assigned to following
- Tracking won't give blackscreen when there's no companion
- Plant encounter leading to forest instead of grove
- Fixed irene quest bug

So lets talk speculatively here... because really at best only half what I say actually ends up to be completely true. I guess my thoughts pretty often differ from my words and then they also tend to change when I actually start to work on something... Well whatever, words can't convey truth anyway.

0.0.3 version release

New stuff:
- Basis of PC customization
- Pregnancy system (currently only for you and your prisoners/residents) 
- Undercity as a new dangerous zone further fleshing out future combat system. 
- Laboratory to change and enhance your residents to your taste. 
Notable changes:
- Shaliq is unlocked by progression of main quest
- Fights will end with companion's death upon defeat by normal damage. 
- Sandbox mode should be bit stable-er 


Please note, that lore/plot-wise things are very discontinued to me and new zone is pretty context-less right now(well its not like other ares are any better though...). I will be getting to it probably around 0.0.5 version though. 
I kinda wanted to push this version slightly earlier, because my next plan is to redo old prisoner->resident system to make it more coherent and meaningful. That will also allow me to focus on combat balance and gameplay balance while letting player to have more fun with actual training... Anyway I will give more information on it in next post. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

I thought it would be better to inform players, as in next version I decided that your companions will actually be able die during fights, instead of just being gravely wounded. Reasoning for that is pretty simple. At first I didn't want to let something, what you spend lots of time on, to be completely lost because of miscalculations and stuff, so I made fights non-lethal. Now as my sadistic nature took over, I realize this is a huge problem when considering how it strictly limits me from using all sort of cool(read depraved) stuff I would love to implement. I'm not big fan of guro, but death and similar irreversible occurrences like transformation, corruption, petrification and vore (actually love slow seriously taken vore, lethality is not mandatory) quite entice me. But you can't do that in combat if player either gets teleported back to base when girl is defeated or can just hit 'escape' button when such problem rises.

Anyway, fights will be more staked and dangerous. Ofc nobody will keep you from save-scumming, but overall couple of bad moves may easily cost your follower's life. I also gonna introduce concept of 'grabbing' as you won't be able to escape with your follower if she's held by enemy. If you find yourself in such situation though, new spell will break grasp. Anyway, I believe more dangerous combat will be more interesting and versatile.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

I've mentioned multiple times how I'm not exactly satisfied with current 'prisoner to servant' mechanic right now. Whole will break thing been my pain in the ass for quite some time now. As a side idea, I considered making 'half-servants' which would act like a pets or cattle for the most of it, requiring no actual break but that idea, while attractive as a objective, does not really solve any of the current problems.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Some info on progress and future of project

So as I was working on adding pregnancy and planning around offspring, I realized, that if I gonna anyhow work with turning offspring into your next slave generation, I would need to add some look to the main character (because ya know children inherit appearance of both parents etc), so I came up with little pregen menu one of the players also asked.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I didn't actually expected full laboratory setting to become such a clusterfuck it's going to be... I guess not a very good idea to fit everything in very few passages, but anyway...

Yeah, this is somewhat slows me down and full race alteration won't probably happen in next version, as I also would want some fluff with it. Another terrible thing, is that decent amount of time goes into considering game design, like what would give player a pass on this kind of researches, whats the price and so on. In same way I want to redo many of old things related to main quest line, but I still haven't decided on most of those.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll start working on preg system, and boy do I love adding more variables to characters on axma... not.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

0.0.2a and some plan for next weeks.

(get 0.0.2 version for pictures)
Fixed slave sell screen
Fixed slave sell price for rare races
When recruiting prisoners their stats will be checked instead of your servants
'Search for tracks' not taking energy everywhere
Fixed healing and added sedation spell in fights
Emily shouldn't refuse to work after her recruitment
'Mind read' cast in the forest won't prevent you from starting a fight.

Meaningful poll

There was a break at some point for month, when I redid half of the systems between 1 and 2 unnamed releases (or was is 2 and 0.0.1 version?). I'm always in the position, when I want to add more and more stuff, but if I keep going, we may not see any new versions at all for months. Anyway, help me out here. Which you prefer to see?
1. More often updates, less changes and new content between versions
2. Less often updates but more content in them and global reworks

Right now we are talking in terms of weeks. Like first would mean an update every few days up to week (even if its mostly bug fixes). Second would be up to a week to month, depending on how much stuff I wanna get done until next release. My general content is how satisfied are people with replaying small amounts of same content to ask for constant updates. Feel free to comment.


Friday, May 6, 2016

A minor disclaimer

So as I working on new zone, I decided, that actually I have to work out lore a bit. As some other questions regarding main quest line raises, I just wanna remind to everyone, especially those, who tries to follow the story, that most things you currently see are not canonically solid or anything. Most of the stuff was done (and still somewhat influenced by) to see what sort of stuff I can do with engine, and to give overall idea what to expect of future game.

So, said that, don't be surprised if main quest line will receive major changes in next version. Thank you.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Future plans

Sooo we got great mechanical upgrade (or at least I hope it's great). Truth be told, I'm very unhappy that I can't quite think of a great way to improve breaking system, as 'will' looks clunky to me, but I'll leave it for later.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

0.0.2 is out


Combat system comes out
Prisoner break system revamp
Multiple bug fixes

One word to note, don't take whatever happens in combat system too serious as it is more of a proof of concept and showcase. Enemies and rewards will vary later on.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Next update coming soon. Perhaps tomorrow. Now, there's not going to be tons of new content (if any at all), it will make game very different (at least to me). To core mechanics involved will probably become face of the game. I already explained my view on combat in few posts, so that shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Second one though is a prisoner breaking.  To put it simply, you will have to think about your prisoners and take risks, or you will be facing lots of mental breakdowns. It's not that bad actually, as you can slowly grind their resistance, but most of fun stuff will build up stress really quickly.

It's not going to be the end of both systems development, and likely I will return to prisoner break some day, since 'will' stat looks bit weird to me still, but the basics will likely stay same. All in all expect game to get much harder. Also will come new 'Help' info, reflecting actual gameplay better.

Btw, fuck me, since I just discovered Math.min function...

Monday, May 2, 2016

Working on new aspect is like trying to follow one of your thoughts.You start trying and after sometime you have no idea where the hell you are. So after combat system got mostly figured out (that is also some fun stuff as I also had to consider stuff like effects/spells/order/etc) I figured, that I have to redo most of the stress/health recovery system... well, that's nice, but then I have to start with prison, as stress mostly accommodates there. And now I understand, that will breaking system has to be revamped...

Sunday, May 1, 2016

So, the basics of new combat system are set and going. As per usual I wasn't exactly accurate with my previous statements... That's a funny thing, because I theorize about something going one way, but when I work on it, I realize, that it won't be exactly like that. Or like that at all.