Thursday, May 5, 2016

Future plans

Sooo we got great mechanical upgrade (or at least I hope it's great). Truth be told, I'm very unhappy that I can't quite think of a great way to improve breaking system, as 'will' looks clunky to me, but I'll leave it for later.

Now, logically, after introduction of new system, which has nothing to do with lewds, I got to add lots and lots of lewds! And that is likely gonna be the thing of next update. My plan is to add new, high danger zone, which will most likely be unbeatable, but enemies there will be having tons of fun with girls you may bring them. Expect lots of permanent transformations.

Oh btw, if you have some idea you deem worthy, go ahead and write a comment.


  1. A few random thoughts and ideas, more or less tied with the skills, that atm seem to be a bit unused:
    Mantion security (tied with the guild standing/amount of girls/gold etc.), people may get envious and try to break in to rob/spy (when you have a well stacked library/alchemy room etc.). Girls with awareness/combat would be needed.

    Tutoring - again, as you get more and more known (guild standing), and amass more knowledge (library/intelligence), you may get offers to tutor (for gold, perhaps abilityto snatch your female pupils? or some rare encounters too - quests or something like that)
    Perhaps using slave with high education/charisma too?

    Something I would call "knowledge of the portal worlds" - an ability to at least try to hunt down a certain race for example, thanks to a lot of time spent on the other side, lots of battles there, a lot of exploration done (something like mini-bosses/rare encounters to get to new areas) + a help from a tracking/awarensess girl?

    Hospital of sort? A place to send your highly skilled nurse to earn money / learn some special skills (which in themselfs may be an addition - something you cannot learn in the training facility, but have to aquire by other means), also a place to get quick perk-up for the heavily injured slave (below 5-10% health would need a hospital visit and then rest at home?)

    Something extra for your house perhaps? Like the harvest skill used to grow herbs (alchemy/sell in town)?

    Some shops/restaurants in town? Generally place(-s) to spend time/money to improve mood/relationship (also, better clothing, suitable for a high lvl member of the guild being at some point needed as a requirement? also slaves in rags wouldn't help your good name)

    I would also like to ask to take a look at the current slave selling system - at the moment the amount of gold you get is just insulting. I made a few tests and it seems like no matter what race, beauty level and skills the slave has, I get peanuts. Like 30-ish gold for an exceptionally beautiful exotic race slave, that I had tought a few skills. It makes no sense to take girls to jail in order to "rear" them and sell. Best option is to quick sell, as you won't get any return from investing time and gold in your slave.

    1. I will take care of servants occupation after sometime. Right now it's pretty low on priority list. Same is honestly regarding clothing/capturing on their own system. I'll probably make priority list in near time judging how everyone agrees to wait for updates.

      You should really regard normal sell system as a slower version of quick-sell. Repeatable quests are where you would want to give away your girls for cash. Looks like there's a bug with slave sell if their race is above 8 (demons).