Sunday, May 1, 2016

So, the basics of new combat system are set and going. As per usual I wasn't exactly accurate with my previous statements... That's a funny thing, because I theorize about something going one way, but when I work on it, I realize, that it won't be exactly like that. Or like that at all.

Anyway, encounters are changed a lot. Roughly they will be separate on 'capturable' and 'just fight'. When it's capturable, you'll get a girl in result, although there's 4 different things you will be able to do with her. 1. Take her to your jail - works same way as right now. 2. Rape her for mana. This is basically your 'on go' refill option. You won't be able to use girl after this option for balance purposes. 3. Move to town and quicksell her for cash. This option is basically alternative to when you have no room, or when you want get some quick money. Her looks and face will play major role but naturally this won't give you as much as you would get from training and selling her on your own. 4. let her go - saves you time moving back and forth. When it's just fight, it may be some quest, or basic rewards or stuff like that. You can guess.

I like it as being simple to understand and easy to pick.

Now combat itself will require at least some basic guide which I for sure will include, as it got slightly more complicated, than what I described.

So you still find a target and decide to engage. If you don't have a companion, there's only 1/3 chance to capture really crappy girl (oh yeah, girls will be scaled down in looks/stats/etc as there will be progress now). For better girls you won't even have an option to fight her. Of course you may try casting a spell, if you know one.

In fight your follower will play as your weapon (or rather shield, as there's no real damage involved from your side). Survive enough turns - get your rewards. So every turn your companion takes damage. Sometimes it can be mitigated by skills or your commands, sometimes not. Damage will differ and that's about it. Naturally you want your girl to be as healthy as possible, as her health reaches 10%, you lose fight and escape with her, followed by stress penalty and long recovery. Now there's another 'lose' condition which you can meet - if her lust reaches 100. After that she orgasms and is in no condition to fight. This won't be common occurrence though and only few enemies will be able to use lust inflicting attacks. And she will still receive penalty in stress, albeit smaller, than if she's beaten to near death.

Now stress plays third major role. It builds up every turn and if girl has no fighting skills, it will build up significantly faster. If stress reaches 100, girl will go through a mental breakdown and fight will last far longer than it normally would. On top of it, you won't be able to issue any commands/skills. Same applies if girl is already broken, so please take care of your servants as spiritless slaves make for poor soldiers.

Biggest issue for me now is to balance whole health/stress system so numbers make sense, which means arghhhh thinking


  1. Hello,
    That sounds interesting.
    Do you plan on implementing some sort of punish/reward system for working slaves? At the moment there seems nothing I can do to remind girls who refused to work on a given day, that the are, in fact, slaves.
    I would also welcome some more info about how to go about getting, for example, some traits on my slaves (how do I go about training her to be frigid, or any other of those?)
    At the moment I also couldn't find a way to whore them (except the brothel, where they only want an elf, which also seems to bring me no profit even when I give them one) - I could swear I saw this option somewhere in the game). Money atm. is just a very limiting factor and the prices for captured girls aren't even sometimes enough to make up for food spent while getting them house-broken. If it takes, say, 2-3 days to prepare her to be sold (not counting even training her, as that is a money-sink) anything that isn't an exotic race with great looks, you're in the red. Randomized race/looks + randomized chances of a portal event sometimes equal no catch for days (and if you have a few girls in your mantion already this means you bleed money for food like crazy) or very little return. I'm either bad at money making or the balance is a bit shifted towards "hard grind" just to stay afloat.
    I've also found another little bug - when buying food, it says "20 units for 5 gold", but you're charged 20 gold for 20 units.

    1. Right now slaves won't work only if their resist is higher than their loyalty. You can punish them (torture) until their resist falls down, but as I already said, balance not really tweaked to any sort of perfection.

      I will be adding whole lot more info about all shady aspects of the game. IIRC sex after deterrent potion will cause girl to become frigid at some chance. Not every trait is achievable right now though.

      After you give elf girl to brothel you get an option to send girls to brothel same way you can send them to forage. Amount of money they would get is based on loos + sexual proficiency + I may add more stuff in future, but they should be able to make decent amount. Again, balance is not set into stone and now with combat/encounter system I'll be redoing most of it, including rarity and money generation.

    2. And thanks for the bug report

  2. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I don't see any better place for it.

    Seeing as how this game is so early in development I doubt if I should be posting suggestions. I think it would be a good idea to have an email address for suggestion and bug reports.

    It would also be nice to see a list of features you intend to add to the game. At least features you plan on adding in the near future.

    That said, I'll just belt out some of my requests and hope you don't mind.

    I'd like elfs (and other races) not not have a "human pussy".

    How many fantasy races do you plan on having? I'd like to be able to kill orcs and trolls, alongside furries.

    Plans on pregnancy? If yes, how about the ability to control our fertility? Like a toggle in the menu. You'd this sex fueled mages would be able to fix the problem of unwanted children.

    Any plans on magic surgeries? How about finding men on the other side of the portal? Turing a proud orc chieftain into the brothels main attraction sounds fun. God I hate orcs.

    How young is "young teen"? Is there plans for loli? Is it already there but the description is vague?

    Having a list of things you refuse to include would be cool.

    Also, I just made an elf prisoner into servant and she refuses to work. Her assignment was rest.

      I guess i need some better blog organization...

      'human pussy' will be changed, no worries.

      You want to specifically kill orcs? As there is orc race right now. Not sure which kind of trolls you have in mind.

      Regarding male slaves.. I don't really wanna touch them right now as currently game thinks, that all servants are ultimately female (at least in term of addressing). I'd rather not touch them at all, but considering audience I will have to do something about it eventually.

      For loli check settings after you start game (or when you generate your first girl).

      Thanks for your input.

    2. What I was thinking when I made the comment about orcs and trolls was having slaves I wouldn't feel bad about mistreating. I suppose male slaves also fall into that category.

      I didn't have anything specific in mind when I said trolls. I just lump them together with orcs and other creatures of that sort.

      I would like to see race specific interactions with slaves. De-fur a furry. Clip and elf's ears. That sort of thing.

      Maybe I just didn't see it when I was reading, but why is it we can't collect the pain/torture mana?

      If everyone can use mana and cast spells then why is the brothel unchanged?
      Wouldn't it be like a mana factory? Something more important to society. I don't know.

      How does your games society perceive the value of an orc slave vs a human slave?

      Would you consider adding head pats to the intimacy action menu? Its the best way to heal broken slave girls.

    3. Race specific interactions will probably go to the laboratory and such. Not really sure how would you 'de-fur' a furry without transformation involved and I don't wanna touch maiming yet.

      Pain/torture mana was supposed to be alternative starting feature, but then I realized, that it would be too tedious to work in 2 directions in same time and most people prefer sex anyway. I will do something about it later on perhaps.

      For steady mana collection you would need lots of specific tender devices. Brothel is there for common folk to have fun, mages prefer to keep their own harems.

      Society is ambivalent to other races. Either they threat every race differently, or don't care about them at all, depends on where you live. May not transit to personal level, but it's the second for center town.

  3. Thank you for the answer.
    Since you've mentioned the redoing of thinks, may I ask if you have any plans to adding extras to the current build?
    As I played I got thinking and some wild ideas poped into my head, like using the mage guild to have your slaves "lended" to magical experiments for gold with a chance of them dying or being changed (race? appearance?), racial bonuses to certain skills (cat/dog girl better with tracking, ork/demon girls better with combat etc.) to either make them cheaper/faster to learn (as they tend to be better at those), or give a small chance to trigger crit success when appointing them with a role that feats them.
    To name just a few.

    1. What do you mean by adding to the current build?

      Also thanks for the suggestions. Magical experiments are somewhere on the list of stuff I'd like to include at some point.

    2. My bad, perhaps I should have worded it differently.
      By "current build" I mean the layout and options we see and may use at the moment.
      And as you plan a lot of changes to some of the systems running the game you may also think of re-planning the layout and whatnot - so you may either go "ok, I got what I want to do/how I want it to look now" and make a total overhaul with a bunch of goodies for us, or simply add one - test - add one.

    3. Layout is not mine, it's one of the things of Axma program. It won't change much as long as I keep using it. I would like something bit more flexible to fit my taste on GUI, but I'm no real coder.