Thursday, October 27, 2016

My GPU had died.

Well, thats unfortunate turn of events as now I'm limited only to scripts. Replacement gonna take few days so this time no visuals...

Lately I've been rewriting punishment, training and praise parts of interaction system. Punishment and praise systems are slightly more complex now: you get a verbal option which will put slave onto 'warned' state, which will positively affect their behavior for next few days. Alternatively, if you punish them physically while in this state, it will be more effective and less agonizing to them (as long as they deserve it). Effectiveness is also affected by their courage/confidence.

On the positive side of interaction system you get 'praise' and 'gift' options which will improve morale, as long as its not used too frequently. If slave's behavior does not actually deserves the praise, instead it will improve their courage at the cost of further worsening their behavior. I also have some plans for making more diversive job-oriented events, which will provide other reasons for these actions, but for now this at least makes more sense. On the negative side, I've disabled 'date' option as it really needs more work on it which I can't quite afford right now.

To counterweight new complexities, training system will be simpler, at least initially. As willpower stat goes away I basically removed 'potential' limits. Now slaves just get skill points as they levelup (1 skillpoint initially). From level 1 to 5 they get skillpoint every level, then for 6 to 15 every 2 levels and so on, capping at 1 skillpoint every 5 levels. This does not account for new planned combat system so it might not be final. And as a slight improvement (which took few damn hours because math) you'll be able to issue training from novice to master in 1 action, assuming you have enough skillpoints, gold and required stats. I still have some considerations how to make some sort of queue for laboratory, when I get there.

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