Thursday, October 20, 2016

Been experimenting with some alternative GUI textures and fonts plus developed new 'popup' and 'dialogue' windows, but anyway here's everyone's favorite parts revamped.

Here you can see basis of new interaction system: lewdness, lust and obedience/loyalty being core stuff in unlocking more actions and variations. Speaking of which, lust plays somewhat different role now: it won't go away entirely but rather only decrease from some actions and increase from another. High lust will allow more consensual sex if obedience/loyalty is too low, so often you'll be able to 'drug your way through'. Speaking of various actions, I have bit of an idea to make them serve different purposes - some would give more lewdness or build up lust, some relieve stress (like massage kind of stuff) and some will build up loyalty for higher mana production perhaps, or allow to develop new traits. While I might have lots of enticing possibilities in mind, I plan to keep it simple for now (although there's already stat changes on every action + forced variants...) and refine it further after release.

After I finished basis for this system, an additional idea occurred to me: to make sex interactions flow entirely through dialogues so you'd only initiate it some way and get randomized options based on how much you've unlocked making it bit more of exploration kind as some options will unlock depending on anatomies and stats. But then that may be way too much work to take care of right now, so I decided to settle for current 'pick your action' system, as it shouldn't be hard to redo it into mostly dialogue-based system later on.


  1. Looks nice, new to the game seems like picked perfect day to start playing. I got ask does the libary ever up their wits? I get heir being caps to everything, But I can't seem to get one with half a brain wich I need for most the good skills, with out lacking confidence or willpower.